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Name: Download Remastered
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   HardDance
Version: 26-Feb-2017
TMX id: 6844495
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
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Author Comments


One month later i give you Remastered. In the same style of Restrung,but even more of the oldschool feel and smoothness. I got lucky and made a start i really liked by accident, i kept building and had a server to test it.... they hated it! The track was a mix of speedtech and fs, with huge platform parts and speedy turns. Anyway, i removed 95% of it and started over again, and this is the result!
Its rather big in sice, over 5100 coppers, the scenery is tight and heavier than my previous track. It's pretty close to what i think its reasonable when it comes to scenery, a few hundred coppers more and it would've been overdone. If you liked Restrung, i think you will come to like this one even more, i had more betatesters this time to be 100% sure everything works as it should.

Big thanks to   SapphiroN and   AR »Trian for helping me out with testing. Constructive and reliable feedback at it's finest.
Also a big thanks to the guys at the JFF Hunt & Chill server for testing, online testing is really where you get honest feedback. This is also where i tested the first version, and like i said, they hated it, and actually said it!

Once again i asked   .Ornaiim for a screenshot, and he delivered! It's amazing how you're able to make a screenshot exactly how i want it, without any specifications! Thank you!

I hope you all like the track, every replay and feedback is much appreciated!

Restrung by   HardDance

User Comments
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  HardDance 26-Feb-2017
Thanks AR »Trian! You've tried it, thanks again for the help
Thanks MR! Thats awesome!
Thanks xxlr8!
Thanks xeqzion! Impressive time you've got, thanks again for the help!
Thanks Sky.esu! Thats great to hear!
Thanks brysoN! 3x! gogo!
Thanks uetzer|R4a!
Thanks Ravenwest! I've always loved oldschool fs track! Impressive time!
Thanks GoW|R4a!
Thanks oddisss! Thank you, glad you liked it
Thanks Triple.shoot! Hehe, yes.
Thanks Spunki! Thank you, looking forward to see what you can do!
Thanks unholy79!
Thanks .Ornaiim! Well that dosent make any pressure!
Thanks MoonShadow!
Thanks gianco!
Thanks Hitchy! Glad you liked it
Thanks One.! Go for it!
Thanks elaus43! Glad to hear its easy to finish!
Thanks SapphiroN! It's true, isn't it? Proper feedback is waaay better than "its good"
Thanks Paras.! Hmm... didn't think such a small part would be able to do that, but thanks anyway
Thanks OLDA_X! Awesome getting award from one of the true old schoolers
Thanks Silver°!
Thanks ZoggeR! Yea im very happy how that drop turned out.
Thanks AR »Rockz.! Nice time!
Thanks letreflenoir! Glad you liked it
Thanks apX.Magik :3! Haha
Thanks Quat! Hmm... Strange, I'v never really had any problems with it...
Thanks meNtality!
Thanks Socius! Thats perfect!
Thanks GR.! WOHOOO, getting an award by one of the few that shaped the fullspeed style is amazing. I know what you mean, next one will be more like that. Thanks!
Thanks KarjeN! Damn, sick time! Thanks a lot for the nice words
  Hitchy 26-Feb-2017
Restrung II Tech
Remastered II Tech

Good idea?
  HardDance 26-Feb-2017
Haha, maybe! I have a different plan for now
  ben3847 27-Feb-2017
sick screen orna
  xeqzion 03-Mar-2017
gg Spunki, 3x
  HardDance 03-Mar-2017
Awesome time Spunki!!
  Spunki 03-Mar-2017
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   sef.Paras! 28-Feb-2017
Great work, but the start isnt the best for this one, ruins the oldschool feeling
User Award   OLDA_X 28-Feb-2017
Great full-speed track. There is a great feel old nation style. Really thanks for this map. I was pleasantly surprised
User Award   SunSurfer 01-Mar-2017
Very nice one
User Award   ZoggeR 02-Mar-2017
Not a fan of the start, it is just not that reliable. Apart from that, I love the track! Great jumps and drops, esp. the one through the road CP, gotta love that stuff.
Also good work on the scenery.
User Award   AR »Rockz. 02-Mar-2017
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 02-Mar-2017
Amazing smooth FullSpeed!
Easy to learn, flowy. Nice scenery.
Good job!
User Award   apX.Magik :3 02-Mar-2017
The Oldschool feeling is strong in the this one
User Award   Quat 02-Mar-2017
the start is on the line of being too random for my taste
User Award   meNtality 03-Mar-2017
User Award   Socius 04-Mar-2017
I love it, just the right difficulty to keep you trying
User Award   GR. 05-Mar-2017
Whohaa tmn vibe all the way. Thanks for keeping oldskool alive. Just a shame that you chose to use id/def's static style. Nothing against it but I challenge you to next time make a dynamic oldskooler instead of need for speed. Great fun though.
User Award   KarjeN 16-Mar-2017
Love the oldschool feeling of this. Reminds me a bit of maps like Moving Power
A few transitions are a bit random, but overall it's a great track
Failed a low .3 by messing up the end x(
User Award   AR »Liszt. 31-Jul-2017
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