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Name: Download Good morning Germany
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   gianco
Version: 05-Mar-2017
Released: 05-Mar-2017
TMX id: 6850009
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 55,248
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:44.62   GSA/Joker+ 0:00.0055,248
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0:44.68   xeqzion+ 0:00.0654,802
0:44.82   SR.noobi>inactive+ 0:00.2053,762
0:44.89   MoonShadow+ 0:00.2753,242
0:44.93   WungkongSlider!+ 0:00.3152,945
0:44.94   unholy79+ 0:00.3252,870
0:44.96   Quat+ 0:00.3452,722
0:44.99   SunBeam+ 0:00.3752,499
0:45.00   uetzer|R4a+ 0:00.3852,425
0:45.12   HardDance+ 0:00.5051,533
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Author Comments

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User Comments
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  meNtality.wp 05-Mar-2017
wtf are these ugly bloickmixes, no award from me
  HardDance 05-Mar-2017
Really? Because of some bm's...?
  meNtality.wp 05-Mar-2017
its not the first time ive seen it, and he was told it many times, is it so hard to use blockmixing in a nice way??
  gianco 05-Mar-2017
When I'm going to run I do not care what there is around, I'm interested in the track
This things are spoiled children
  HardDance 05-Mar-2017
I know... iv seen in since 08! When a track is great, like this one, it shouldn't be one bad bm that makes you not award it. Thats my opinion atleast
  SapphiroN 05-Mar-2017
I think it's a legitimate criticism but the way it was presented is not.
  MoonShadow 05-Mar-2017
Sometimes, I think that no one here is above 10 years old!
- elaus thinks that scenery is good...
- Magic says there are some nasty and ugly BM's...
- meNtality won't award the track because of BM's....
Similar things I read for screenshots....good, bad, fantastic, amazing...if the screen is good, the track must be good too....
Hey kids!!! - you are not here to watch films and look books with pictures!!... you are here to DRIVE!!!
  gianco 05-Mar-2017
I think exactly like you, what am I doing in a restaurant with golden furniture and Schik when food sucks?
Better a stable with a good carbonara or a delicious lasagna.
Excuse meN tality, I did not want to be rude I accept any criticism, but the scenery of the slopes is always my weak,
  meNtality.wp 06-Mar-2017
well sorry if i was rude too, but for me the presentation and overall look of the map plays a big role. next time maybe upload it to beta area so we can say where's some ugly bm (if you cant manage it by yourself)
  elaus43 06-Mar-2017
MoonShadow - i didn't say that the scenery is good i only said that he did a lot better - motivation
  MoonShadow 06-Mar-2017
...a lot better=not bad?.....which is closer to 'good' and far from 'worse'?....whatever....
Anyway, scenery and screenshots shouldn't have to be SO important, the ROAD is.
While driving, we can't watch the scenery, cause we'll have bad runs....
Watching movies and pictures, is not the priority here, but as I said, there so many kids here.....
  meNtality.wp 06-Mar-2017
lol MoonShadow, you're acting like kid now, i just told what i think and why i didn't award this map.
scenery always is a big part of (serious) maps, because it gives the track a special atmosphere and feeling, which you will remember coming back to the map more and more.
of course you like the track mainly because of the route, but without scenery it's just waste of a track imo.
i won't argue more on this, but i hope you can understand me in a right way.
  SunBeam 06-Mar-2017
  xeqzion 06-Mar-2017
Sorry but this track made me have a not so good morning, that finish is simply not good and frustrating.. /:
But hey, then again.. That might be because I'm Norwegian

e/ rest is alright tho
  nevier 06-Mar-2017
i dont really understand all the positive resonance on here.
yes the track is really decent and by far better than most of the speed maps i see on these packed af fullspeed servers. (*cough* denders)
but most of the jumps are not smooth at all. and the overall flow of the map just doenst satisfy me.
- the downhill was really random and im sure there could have been better way of doing this.
- the turn to the loop felt awesome but after the loop (the jump b4 the wallride) felt really really forced and weird.
- and i dont think i have to say anything about the end.
i have to admit that im really jealous that a map like this gets 10 awards with people telling it that "this needs to be in TOTW" while im sitting here working days and days on a track spending sometimes hours on only one transition to be smooth af. i also even scrapped maps because there was just no possibility to make a smooth jump.
it still seems like some players enjoy the map and thats the most important thing. just because i dont like it at all doesnt mean you have to listen to me or take it serious. just pointing out my feelings about that one.
cheers guys
  gianco 06-Mar-2017
I do not work days to make a track, I do not have time, between children, shops, and wives, with up to an hour even end up with intro and GPS.
For me are good tracks, it's not for me to judge, everyone has their own tastes, but if we have to see all the little flaws of a track no one would an award. Ciao Bello

Migliora le traduzio
  SunBeam 06-Mar-2017
>>> blablabla... blablabla... >>> wives ... hahaha
Go on Gianco, this one is not perfect, but really cool one
So you got 3 from me again
  elaus43 06-Mar-2017
@ if your children are old enough they will find and then they will ask you about your tracks and they will love you+ because of spending more time on them
  GSA/Joker 07-Mar-2017
Hard to get the last turn on point, but i think i got a decent time gogo hunting!
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User Awards
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User Award   HardDance 05-Mar-2017
Aahh yea! Perfect "Gianco" track. Smooth, good flow and fast! This belongs in BOTW!
User Award   elaus43 05-Mar-2017
Real nice and smooth
This time you worked a lot better on the scenery
Good old gianco flickers
User Award   apX.Magik :3 05-Mar-2017
just a quick finish, the route is nice, especially the start as it's nice and smooth, the following jumps not so much until after the loop. The scenery has some really nasty and ugly blockmixes but the fun is there i suppose. Quick replay for LB
User Award   DDR.Buddha 05-Mar-2017
Great one!
User Award   Pecorenzo 05-Mar-2017
Good track
User Award   MoonShadow 05-Mar-2017
The track is great for hunting, with smooth jumps and drops....interesting finish...

User Award   uetzer|R4a 06-Mar-2017
User Award   Quat 06-Mar-2017
nice one
User Award   SunBeam 06-Mar-2017
Nice one
User Award   Lovva 06-Mar-2017
User Award   GSA/Joker 07-Mar-2017
nice track, even tho its not perfectly smooth
User Award   .Wiinty 08-Mar-2017
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