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Name: Download DTC6 - invictus
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Chadox & fredair
Version: 20-Mar-2017
TMX id: 6861412
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 2,893
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
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0:55.45   SF - Dule+ 0:00.002,893
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0:55.68   AR »Trian+ 0:00.232,821
0:56.34   FluX.+ 0:00.892,614
1:01.33   xxlr8+ 0:05.88-
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Author Comments

ChadoX x fredair

i n v i c t u s

Welcome to the DTC entry crafted by   ChadoX &   fredair.esu.

Let's start of with some general information for you - what can you expect when playing this map?
Beginning with the trajectory - it was crafted by both of us, with some smaller parts being spiced up and updated by the other one. We didn't go for the usual now you, then me, now you again etc - We just passed it, when we thought it would be good or couldn't think of something better. btw the lovely flow stunt was built by ChadoX.

The scenery was crafted by fredair. What else can you expect than some heavy scenery. 14k should be quite heavy for this map. The heavy & gleaming constructions which is a mix of the ruins & structure scenery inspired by v.neck - typical fredair, so let's hope you like this ambient. Loading the shadows might take a while, but it will surely improve the scenery quality even more.

We also added a MediaTracker was fully made by ChadoX. Some lovely slow cams in combination with FX & replays is what you will see, once you open the map. He even added great navigation cams. An outro is available - enjoy the black/white atmosphere with camera action.

Let's move on to some rather unimportant objects, that don't really influence your time playing this map and are rather an addition. ChadoX crafted this awesome screenshot - doesn't it looks damn sick?. In addition fredair prepared a video, so you can start admiring the beauty of TrackMania 2 graphics of this map. Sadly Nadeo doesn't really care about compatibility, so some features might looks messed up. The inspiration for this map's name was Invictus by Kisnou - a rather unknown song to most of you, but some damn chill EDM.

Nevertheless enjoy this map & all it's features. Everything that had to be said, is said now, so you can finally start playing this entry.


ChadoX & fredair.


FIXED - A platform block was on the trajectory on a certain hill

FIXED - The player couldn't reach the finish properly due to the angle of the road before it

User Comments
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  FluX. 25-Mar-2017
nothing ever in my life made me rage more than this
  AR »Rockz. 26-Mar-2017
54.xx is hard af m8 Xd
  SF - Dule 26-Mar-2017
Low 55 is hard and random, let alone a 54 time xd
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User Awards
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User Award   ThunderClap448 19-Mar-2017
User Award   simo_900 19-Mar-2017

User Award   DustBird 19-Mar-2017
You beasts!
User Award   elaus43 19-Mar-2017
good use of the transitional parts not too much not too less - so it feels harmonic.
that stunt or that small dirt section feels also cool for a special touch on this contest.
yeah and all that wonderful stuff fredair crafted
my comment is only about watching your intro and gps dudes.
i am not sure if i can finish (skill/frames) but will try this beauty for sure
User Award   VomAdminEditiert 19-Mar-2017
nice man, lovely transitions <3
User Award   blublu 19-Mar-2017

.: :.
User Award   Konde 19-Mar-2017
This is fabulous, freaking gorgeous map.
User Award   Zenit 19-Mar-2017
User Award   xxlr8 19-Mar-2017
don't like drop at cp1
much action
1st run uploaded xd
User Award   Paras. 19-Mar-2017
User Award   MR 19-Mar-2017
This map is so epic
Its really tricky to build a transitional map, which is easy to master
Awesome scenery, MT and innovations.
Sick job guys

User Award   AR »Trian 20-Mar-2017
There are some annoying things like the platform block in the middle of the hill at around 18 secs that ruins the driving line and the road before the finish that turns left too early (it's quite tight and I crashed there more than once) and the awkward 3rd wall (you ran out of space?) and thus it took me way too long to finish but overall it's a pretty neat map with nice flow and variety
User Award   xeqzion 20-Mar-2017
Just gonna agree with ^this^ guy. Pretty neat map
User Award   SF - Dule 20-Mar-2017
Outro in 2017
User Award   peekingduk 20-Mar-2017
User Award   meNtality 20-Mar-2017
too buggy and annoying, but atmosphere and creativeness level are on top
User Award   apX.Magik :3 20-Mar-2017
Dafuq is this hill sd doing in a transitional map D: Imo doesn't quite fit with the map at all, but anyway, the map route is creative and you have a few nice transitions and that one sculpture stunt in the middle of the map. Thank God it isn't at the end The Scenery, well, top notch standard

Pretty good entry to your own competition fredair ( )

User Award   Vonix.- 21-Mar-2017
User Award   Bast7moN 21-Mar-2017
thats my style
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 25-Mar-2017
Amazing FullSpeed, the scenery is as nice as the track
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