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Name: Download DTC6 - In Dirt We Dust.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sky&fredair
Version: 25-Mar-2017
Released: 25-Mar-2017
TMX id: 6866134
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,196
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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1:59.47   Switch+ 0:00.0026,196
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1:59.68   grobec+ 0:00.2125,919
1:59.87   Sky.esu+ 0:00.4025,669
2:00.12   MR+ 0:00.6525,340
2:10.04   LeTrefleNoir+ 0:10.5712,290
3:14.82   shortz.esu+ 1:15.350
5:19.10   Razo.'R |R4a+ 3:19.630
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Author Comments

DTCVI - In Dirt We Dust

Today we, Sky & fredair, proudly present you our entry for the Duo Track Contest VI. The idea for the name is by Sky & I really like the adaption of In God We Trust into the TrackMania offroad style.

You can expect almost two minutes offroad full of action. Sky actually had the idea of building a endurance dirt map for this edition - I really liked the idea, as long as it doesn't feel too forced, boring & simple. & I got to admit, we really managed to avoid these factors & created a great offroad / endurance map.

So everything about the trajectory is said, but what about the scenographic layout & some chill atmosphere? Coming up next, the scenery & MediaTracker. We planned to split up both. Each of us took care of the scenery for the sections we built, so I built it for my parts & Sky for his sections. The overall result of our scenery is a rather heavy & constructive theme in a dirt layout. Now to the media tracker: We implemented some fancy cams & texts for the intro & a navigation run to help players finding the path. Our initial plan was that I create an intro & Sky works on the media tracker, but sadly sky didn't have much time at the end, so I took care of both.

We have also rendered the navigation run & intro of our map. The video can be found here. The screenshot is pretty simple, we only used the Trackmania FX, but I think it’s good enough.

Thanks for spending your time reading this author comment & playing this map. Write whatever you think in the comment section & if you had a sick run, feel free to upload & share it with us.

Sky & fredair

User Comments
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  Sky&fredair 25-Mar-2017
  iHq/fredair.esu 25-Mar-2017
  Sky.esu 25-Mar-2017

I'm looking forward to every submitted time. The map is difficult, a real challenge to finish, but with a bit patience everyone can do it
  apX.Magik :3 25-Mar-2017
  Razo.'R |R4a 25-Mar-2017
super easy track.
  Sky.esu 25-Mar-2017
  MR 25-Mar-2017
I like the replay. Its so goooood .


btw: i found a cut
  iHq/fredair.esu 25-Mar-2017
If I can finish you.. everyone can. Sky can confirm my pro dirt skills
  MR & Hitchy 25-Mar-2017
ups wrong account xD
  MR 25-Mar-2017
cmon guys. just fix the cut
  Sky.esu 26-Mar-2017
Where is it?
  MR 26-Mar-2017
watch my replay? xD
  Sky.esu 26-Mar-2017
didn't notice the new one, thanks haha
  MR 26-Mar-2017
Its still the same cut, just a less noobier
  grobec 26-Mar-2017
Nice fail at 1:55 MR
  MR 29-Mar-2017
failed a 1.57 run...
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User Awards
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User Award   MR 25-Mar-2017
Great Job! I like it really much, especially the sculpturepart and the respawnopportunities
User Award   One. 25-Mar-2017
When I see the difficulty set at "expert" I always pray that the author is just wrong, but this is! Tbh it's not really too hard to drive it, there's only a few transitions that need a more precise driving on the turn before.. Anyway, I think you guys did a great job, as MR said I like the respawns (even if some of them don't work 100%) and the use of the sculps.. Also the scenery looks really good! GJ!
User Award   HardDance 25-Mar-2017
Good job! Very creative and fun.
User Award   Pecorenzo 25-Mar-2017
a lot of good job here
User Award   Hitchy 25-Mar-2017
User Award   grobec 25-Mar-2017
Nice long dirt !
Quite varied, even if you don't use at all the dirt inclined blocs. Some parts are sometimes a bit frustrating : the part with the ramp (where you put a respawnable way, fortunately and where I often fail ) and the part 2 or 3 cps after that, where you need to jump through the hole (I land on the border ). The cut is also a bit frustrating (just 0.2 faster than you Sky with it )

However, this is brilliant Very creative, smooth and well-done
User Award   Levon 25-Mar-2017
User Award   peekingduk 25-Mar-2017
Very creative
User Award   simo_900 25-Mar-2017
User Award   xxlr8 25-Mar-2017
User Award   vneck 27-Mar-2017
User Award   !k7 28-Mar-2017
You guys awesomely deal with so many transitions.
The run is smooth and it appears even smoother when watching the Youtube video with the song
It is very varied and packaged gracefully.
Keep on duo-ing
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 01-Apr-2017
This one astonished me.
This is the first time i don't get bored by a long dirt track : you made all parts respawnable by taking another way, it makes this track really easy to finish and i enjoy it very much!
It's quite hard to don't do any error on the normal route but i don't think it's annoying cause of those alternal routes.
All transitions are nice, we have the time to be prepared to them.
Your scenery is one of the best i ever seen.
This awesome long dirt track deserve it for sure -->
User Award   meNtality.wp 02-Apr-2017
sick one tbh
User Award   Switch 19-May-2017
This is just so so good, I love it. Never gets boring. Great variety from the beginning to the end. Everything feels so natural here, the track just drives by itself once you know the way. It really does. It's not even hard^^ Only a couple random spots but what can you do, it's a dirt track. Big big award from me, you two deserve it. Splendid track
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