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Name: Download The Return
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   HawkGer
Version: 16-May-2008
TMX id: 68776
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 42,826
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Symmetric
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:52.45   B1ts+ 0:00.0042,826
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0:52.47   Trippple+ 0:00.0242,728
0:52.51   HawkGer+ 0:00.0642,532
0:52.80 0:00.3541,111
0:53.26   JumperJack+ 0:00.8138,858
0:53.41   TimeBreaker+ 0:00.9638,123
0:54.37   mr.hubby+ 0:01.9233,420
0:54.39   sk8freak- gone+ 0:01.9433,322
0:55.92   dow|.Dave.+ 0:03.4725,826
0:57.44   mp.Zver+ 0:04.9918,380
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Author Comments

Hey TMX folks ....

I finally decided with the release of TMF to end my long break and start with mapping again So this is my first attempt of mapping in 8 months and I'm pretty happy about the result. I tried to build a pure techtrack at first but that didn't go well with the new blocks. So I made a compromiss and mixed tech with fullspeed and new blocks with old ones
The layout thereby is completely symmetrical. Don't know why I chose that but it made whole building process much more difficult.
Won't do that in my next track Also contained are a lot af reuses and "returns" that make the track look more interesting....
The difficulty is not too high I guess. There are two or three jumps that can be tricky but the rest can be taken with ease.
I hope that I made a good job and the track is pleasant to drive

Thanks goes to *speedy* for betatesting and for giving me help with the trackname
Oh and don't skip the intro, I put some effort in that

Have fun,
Greets HawkGer

Bigger Screenie

User Comments
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  TimeBreaker 16-May-2008
I wish i would be a better driver, then I could attack your time for a little wr fight, hawk
  HawkGer 19-May-2008
Hey, thanks for all the lovely awards and feedbacks I got here It's nice to see some people even know me on this site since I spend most of my time at TMUX. I didn't plan to upload the track at this site originally but I got problems with my account and the track over at TMUX so that this was my last option. Don't want to go in details there but just want to mention it for the info

Thanks for awards:

Seychellen - nice to see you around here, thanks for the great
dow|.Dave. - nice award, thank you very much
JumperJack - thanks for awarding here again, I have hidden the track at TMUX now so that people can't award it over there. Not the best solution but better than nothing Oh and yeah I'm quite proud that I found this trick out^^
o3.CraxX - thanks dude, I really hoped you would like this track after telling you about it online great award, very appreciated.
DerFeineHerr - yeah the track got a little bit messy with that symmetrical style and my heavy scenery I'm glad you had fun at the track after *some* tries
maya1 - oh hey maya, haven't seen you a long time...thanks for taking a stop at this track
o3.Chillmah - thanks, I would also like to see some more awards on here Well who wouldn't
X-MASTER - hehe yeah, seems like my creative thinking just exploded after that break Thanks for awarding!
SapphiroN - I'm sharing your opinion that the layout is one of the most important things and that's why I'm always trying to make it so cool
Sorry for the big coppersize but I'm glad you still managed to finish it Great award, thanks.
Bajs - thanks for the nice words
matto - there's a GPS if you drive backwards at the start. Maybe should have made the warning bigger
D4v1d - great feedback, thanks for the award!
crooms - oh thanks for that extra run in the night just for this track I'm pleased by your words!
Dartz4 - thanks for your award as well, always appreciated
TimeBreaker - how pleasant to read such a nice comment by you. I'm also not fully contented with the scenery but I didn't got it to look better with that layout Thanks for the award!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Edit: Hehe TB, too bad no one's competing with me here... would really like to see what time is possible
For that screenie you were asking in the award: That's an actual ingame screenshot with an original tm skin The only thing I modified was the background and the font...the rest remained untouched What I did was to import an replay where cars would be driving on grass into this track and watched it in the MT editor. Because the cars are driving on water now, they are also producing those water splashes which you can see on the screnie.
Pretty cool I think. The only limitation is that those cars wont show water splashes when they are being played in the intro...that's what I planned at first You can also see some boats in the background when you click the bigger version

  TimeBreaker 21-May-2008
I guess the skin was inspired by a skin of the wipout series, I always have some deja-vu feeling when i look at your screenshot
also I saw the boats in the background, you putted in some nice details for sure
and that ghost importing idea for the waterlines is also a great idea, I remember some weird "splash" effect at some replays too
  CoastKing 29-Apr-2009
I have to say something to this track
At first: Awesome Screen!
And the track is quite nice, but there is one reason that I cant award it: You have to drive it perfect to even finish it! There is just no 'normal' checkpoint! I didnt even reach the first ring CP, and if I would have, I'm sure I had to respawn after a time, and then I would have to drive the track from the beginning, thats just what I dont like!
But except from that the track is awesome

Cya CoasterKing
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User Awards
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User Award 23-May-2008
This map is one of the most special ones I'v ever played!
Fabolous work and also an awesome author time
User Award   fastforza 30-May-2008

Nice map HG
User Award   Hitchy 17-Aug-2008
User Award   fOoliSH 02-Sep-2008
very nice symmetric track
User Award   Trippple 02-Sep-2008
I dont award this track because is espesially good, but it is bigtime addictive.
The start is horible, the sign is wrong placed, and i hate randombooster, which i took advantage of and later lost in at slight crash.

The rest og the maps is in general good

And BTW:
It is possible to drive this track maybe a half second faster than my WR (52:47)
User Award   Elite.Air 01-Apr-2009
Wonderful track m8!!
grear ideas
wonderful idea in the intro
let cars fly, thats just awsome!!

User Award   janeca69 01-Apr-2009
realy good track !!!! Just amaysing!!! i love it!!!
Beau boulot mec !!! it s for u..
User Award   Masta_Chilla 23-Apr-2009
Nice track.
User Award   comedY_xT. 23-Apr-2009
Nice, and very good ideas

How did you do that intro??

>> -co-
User Award   mr.hubby 06-May-2009
damn nice hawk
User Award   B1ts 24-Feb-2010
awesome combination of tech and fs
User Award   sw 11-Sep-2011
Great map!
here an from me
User Award   aiden.KraL' 14-Aug-2015
Difficult but very good symmetrical track
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