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Name: Download Reincarnation
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   HardDance
Version: 05-Jun-2017
TMX id: 6926057
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 50,181
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
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0:38.93 0:00.0050,181
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0:38.99   Switch+ 0:00.0649,717
0:39.08   xeqzion+ 0:00.1549,021
0:39.17   Life.Ayato+ 0:00.2448,325
0:39.31   Nad+ 0:00.3847,242
0:39.41   fredair.esu+ 0:00.4846,469
0:39.55   One.+ 0:00.6245,386
0:39.58   MR+ 0:00.6545,154
0:39.65   Quat+ 0:00.7244,612
0:39.81   unholy79+ 0:00.8843,375
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Author Comments


Finally im able to upload this last track in the Re serie. I started with a track in mind i wanted to make, but after some days i saw this:
Originally posted by GR. ...
Nothing against it but I challenge you to next time make a dynamic oldskooler instead of need for speed.

I thought about it, and iv never made a dynamic fullspeed track. I dropped the first track and started a new one, i quickly realised that it was much harder than expected. Making it easy to finish, yet fun and huntable. I had some bumps along the way, got stuck with some sections that didn't work the way i wanted. After having a complete track, i contacted GR. and asked for a test, that's when the track got where it is today. He made some big and a dozen small changes to the track which made it run so much smoother than previously. Thank you   GR. for all the help, it was impressive seeing how you solved this "puzzle" so fast and geniously.

This is by far the easiest track of the serie, there's no smooth jumps or drops to get right, transitions that might not work etc. It will be interesting seeing how far you can push the time on this one, beeing such a straight forward track.

  .Ornaiim is again the man behind the beautiful screen. Thanks a lot for your help through all the tracks.
I would also like to thank everyone playing the tracks, uploading replays, awards and comments, its all very much appreciated!

"Restrung by   HardDance"
"Remastered by   HardDance"
"Reinforced by   HardDance"
"Reincarnation by   HardDance"

User Comments
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  HardDance 05-Jun-2017
  elaus43 05-Jun-2017
feels a bit straight & light versioned - why not / pah'
Ornaim again made it look like it isn't your track - more like from another galaxy
  HardDance 05-Jun-2017
The track itself is kinda heavy, so i didnt want the coppercount to go way off
  wormi 05-Jun-2017
YAAAY HARDDANCE MAP BOis ohHHh it's fullspeed okbye
  HardDance 05-Jun-2017
Hahaha, its you and quat! Everytime
  fredair.esu 05-Jun-2017
If this map had have less bugs, I would have hunted it. Sad that it has quite many landings that are prone to bug or just are overall random
  xeqzion 05-Jun-2017
lol what are you on about freddy.

.0x is in, surely 38 possible
  Sky.esu 05-Jun-2017
  fredair.esu 05-Jun-2017
> freddy
  apX.Magik :3 06-Jun-2017
> freddy's grammar

  fredair.esu 07-Jun-2017
> Seeing that the T in triggered is a capital letter
  HardDance 08-Jun-2017
Hahah Quat This is the last one, got some tech's coming up
  One. 09-Jun-2017
Dafuq, what are those times?
  Lovva 09-Jun-2017
jump before finland is somehow cutable or something?
40.23, did beat AT but no clue how to 39
  Kumpelblase 10-Jun-2017
god damnit switch practice that s4d already xD
  Switch 11-Jun-2017
who needs that
  Danzor 12-Jun-2017
Lowa? Cant do 39? Ask Switchyboy for simple 38.. problem solved 12-Jun-2017
i came close^^ .8 is 100% in, probably .7 also
here is one spicy fail:
it's compared to my .93 time ^^
  HardDance 13-Jun-2017
That blows
But still a very nice time
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   elaus43 05-Jun-2017
old school
User Award   Maineye 05-Jun-2017
Nice one

User Award   Loeb 05-Jun-2017
very nice fullspeed track ! good old feelings
User Award   unholy79 05-Jun-2017
User Award   xeqzion 05-Jun-2017
dude this is awesome. easy smooth map with decent lenght, some neat sds and a great hunting potential. absolutely love it and it's oldschoolness. very well done
User Award   MR 06-Jun-2017
Great job!
User Award   apX.Magik :3 06-Jun-2017
unfortunatly, i agree with fredair, only to an extend tho I dislike the first road transition because it can be very bumpy, it would be much better if there wasn't a road hill piece thing at the start, but despite that, you've made some really interesting parts because you can easily create sd lines along the route which made me happy. I love the first inflatable part too, this feels really cool. And the wall and the TO aren't as annoying as you would expect to see within a typical old school style either. Really enjoyable map, good job
User Award   GR. 07-Jun-2017
The track ended up as quite an addictive hunter. Glad I could help out. Dynamic FS FTW! Edit. can I even award since I did quite some changes? Oh wuteva.
User Award   Switch 07-Jun-2017
The infamous inflatable loop killed me a couple times, but really that's the only thing that bothered me. Great job, straight out 1987
User Award   Quat 07-Jun-2017
rip old HD
User Award   TipNationsCreator TH 08-Jun-2017
HardDance is cool tracks
User Award   Life.Ayato 09-Jun-2017
User Award   JooR 09-Jun-2017
Nice track mate!
User Award   MoonShadow 09-Jun-2017
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 09-Jun-2017
I like thid old school style, go on building this way
User Award   One. 09-Jun-2017
This is awesome! For me it felt really smooth and flowy.. The scenery looks pretty good too! Overall a funny hunter but as switch said the loops are a bit annoying.. Good job!
User Award   ZoggeR 11-Jun-2017
So much oldschool nostalgia
User Award   xxlr8 12-Jun-2017
User Award   Jamal Rudd 19-Jun-2017
User Award   .Ornaiim 25-Jun-2017
Oops it seems I've completely forgotten to award this one
Anyways this might not be my favourite one from your serie but it's the most oldschool one so it's still a great job. In addition it's pretty much awesome to hunt and well it reminds me TMN so everything is fine for me. Can't wait to see the next ones haha
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