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Name: Download [PF] Prime federation
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Konde
Version: 08-Jun-2017
Released: 08-Jun-2017
TMX id: 6928633
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 29,101
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 3m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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1:55.37   nico-1080+ 0:00.0029,101
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1:57.54   Konde+ 0:02.1725,816
2:11.97   SunBeam+ 0:16.603,978
3:05.82   Edge.Fwo+ 1:10.450
3:05.85   Vønix!«+ 1:10.480
3:05.88   Puzel+ 1:10.510
3:05.89   flipping+ 1:10.520
3:05.91   WhySoSerious?+ 1:10.540
3:05.91   Quat+ 1:10.540
3:05.91   HardDance+ 1:10.540
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Author Comments

Hey tmx!

I have always been kind of a different pf builder. I liked smooth pfs but the landings in my tracks weren't always smooth, I also had a bit too long boosterlines in my tracks... Or at least some thought like that. I had cool ideas for stunts back in the days. Don't really know if those ideas are cool anymore. I always got hype about new pf maps, but couldn't always build the cool ideas I got into my tracks.
Fun fact: I saw one of [PF] Flobomba's stunts in my dream before the track was even released. That is strange, you know, like ok what..? Dejavu?

And also, building a in-stadium over 3 minutes pf is some kind of a cool thing I always needed to do in trackmania, like, I didnt want to stop playing before I have built one 3 minutes in-stadium pf. Building one is like some kind of prove of having patience and being creative. A proof of being a great pf-mapper, a proof of that you you have done something great, something big in trackmania. A proof of being a cool guy, perhaps.

3 years in making, not sure how exact is that, bit over or less 3 years. I sometimes stopped building for months thinking that I will not finish this shitstain. I did... Nice.^^
This also started as a fun track. That is why the two blockmixed sculptures at the start to make that little transition take that filthy ass big room of space. I placed them there because I didn't think I would never make this any longer. I like the transition, I don't like how much room they take, but it definitely makes this track different looking and unique, with the scenery I made of course. I like the scenery, I really do. I made it, as I already said.

The scenery (Is this necessary, no)
And as I am pretty stupid, I was building the scenery while making the actual pf route and the stunts. Why? Because it totally makes very much sense that I get bored of watching the same track and stunts all over again. Overall, I think I did a pretty good job with the scenery, there are some ugly parts but nothing is perfect. Only perfection is perfect but perfection doesnt exist, thats the problem you know?

(Not necessary again)
Also, I hope you dont (of course you do, because I say this) compare this track to (for example) Inertia. (built by some feg called Deodorant... nah, it was Dorian, thats the name) Inertia has the flow. Well, this track has flow but a bad flow. All the stunts arent as cool either. But why? Because Dorian does not have a life, but I do. xd I dont live inside Trackmania. *kisses for dori* <33333 :***
Btw, dori helped me with some little little changes in this track, thanks for that.^^

thunderclap also made the intro. Thank you very much it is coooool!

This track has some stunts that are very unique, different from what you have seen, with strange rotations and angles. I am happy with that, because I always wanted(Not always, but) to build different tracks than I see, and unique, own kind of tracks.

And as it is a pf track, shittons of tea and biscuits was consumed during the building, three books were read, hours and hours of YouTube videos were watched. And that is why I won't make pfs anymore: This sh*t takes time, and I dont like that.
My favourite tea: Greenfields "Green melissa"

Walls of text?

Meek Meek:
cc - 32k (~)
lenght - 3:05.91
cut - cold cuts
daymood - day-mood

mt - DORIAN MADE A COOL INTRO. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! :*** [sorry for not tagging you]

video - yayayay i made a video [link soon]

Thank you sir, for your attention. This will be my last Press forward map. (probably) I hope it will be a good one. I hope you give it a change by pressing the adorable download button up there or even watch the video I made. I would be so happy.

from finland with love


User Comments
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  ThunderClap448 08-Jun-2017
lacks memes but ok

btw u nub drink earl grey. it's the pinnacle of tea.
  Vønix!« 08-Jun-2017
lacks memes but ok

btw u nub drink prime federation. it's the pinnacle of tea.

Too lazy to write a on my own, just like Melania trump, you know
  Ziro_der_hutt 08-Jun-2017
OMG,Thats so nice PF Map Very Funny Stunst Moment´s and nice end with BugFin;) VERYVERYNICEJOB
  Konde 08-Jun-2017
The whole text didn't fit in the author comments, but I think that the part that didn't fit wasn't needed in AC so lets keep it like that.
I will also put bigger screen link in the comments when I come back from Gotland.

Annnd yep, the track has a cut. Not hard to find but fun to hunt.^^
  Kumpelblase 10-Jun-2017
One of the most amusing ACs to read...maybe ever.
Props to you Sir.
  elaus43 10-Jun-2017
  ThunderClap448 14-Jun-2017
severely underrated
deserves at least 2x awards tbh
  Xerox. 14-Jun-2017
Of course there's always "underrated map" comment :3
  Konde 20-Jun-2017
Xerox, sometimes there is a reason why someone commented it.

Bigger screen:
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User Awards
Showing 35 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   SunBeam 09-Jun-2017
Very nice one
User Award   HardDance 09-Jun-2017
User Award   Fwo Niro 10-Jun-2017
There are so much original and good looking stunts on this map and it still feels really smooth. Well done konde
Scenery looks great as always
User Award   FluX. 10-Jun-2017
Sinä olet yksi vitsi. Älä puhu paskaa. Näkemiin.
User Award   grobec 10-Jun-2017
User Award   ZoggeR 11-Jun-2017
Sick work!
Some of the stunts and combinations rly surprised me
User Award   Lovva 11-Jun-2017
User Award   »Paulmar|35| 11-Jun-2017
User Award   Mekh 11-Jun-2017
this PF are PRETTY cool. \ /
User Award   xXx The Rain Machine 11-Jun-2017
User Award   xxlr8 11-Jun-2017
User Award   .Wiinty 12-Jun-2017
The same stunts and combinations that zogger was surprised of surprised me exactly equally..
User Award   JFF - Drpzor FST 12-Jun-2017
Perfection doesn't exist, because it contradicts itself, as it would need to have all the traits you could think of, from which one of these would need to be the fact, that it would have a flaw, but since it can't have a flaw, perfection is not perfect Anyways here's your award Formless stunts are the best The chaos almost made me think you're fighting depression, hopefully it's not the case
User Award   Frx ben75 15-Jun-2017
Very nice work!!!
User Award   Crashtestdummy 09-Jul-2017
sick, a few stunts just feel too weird and unclean for my taste, but most of them are simply amazing
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