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Name: Download [1.2 RPG] Yggdrasil!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Fwo Niro
Version: 28-Jun-2017
Released: 28-Jun-2017
TMX id: 6944844
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 12,290
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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30:59.89   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.0012,290
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31:27.62   Matt-LOL+ 0:27.7311,190
35:40.33   Manu.+ 4:40.441,171
38:36.76   oiram456+ 7:36.870
39:00.10   Fwo Niro+ 8:00.210
48:04.98   Xerox.+ 17:05.090
66:02.13   paxiuz+ 35:02.240
120:53.07   Snellejasper+ 89:53.180
132:11.40   McBain+ 101:11.510
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Author Comments

Hey players, mappers and random visitors!
Again, after my last "unusual" map called <[PL] Rotation Curse> i asked myself the same question .. What else can i take to it's limits?
This time i thought about a RPG map, which should be
- Huge
- Special
- Atmospheric

Before you can start:
Rename your Images folder (TrackMania/Tracks/Blocks/Images) to Images_old and insert this modified Images in the blocks folder:
This will give the map a more realistic touch. Don't do this if you want to keep the old minecraft look..

Why the name "Yggdrasil"?
Well, everything started with the concept of an map that should fullfill the first criteria: It should be huge. Therefore i created an out-of-stadium map and with the first blocks i placed, the idea of building a tree came into my mind. So first i started with thinking about 32x???x32 like the normal stadium. But honestly, wouldn't that be something that is already done? It has to be more special....So i chose a size of 40x40 with an incredible height of 250!
Won't that be a huge tree then? Yea, exactly. And what is the biggest tree ever imagined by humanity....Yggdrasil.

Story behind the track:
You are Vali, son of Loki and one of the youngest Æsir.

Years ago, in your really early childhood, you were a witness of your brothers' death. But before you were able to find out who murdered him, you got pushed down your home called "Yggdrasil" by someone. Could it be the same person who killed your brother? And why?

Sadly you can't remember any further things that happened on this day. You woke up in a house far away from your home in a underworlds' village. Grown up by a stranger, trained to have enough power to make your way home all the tree up, you start your journey to revisit your real family and to find the person behind your brothers' assasination!

At first everything seemed to be friendly. Green gras growing around large pools, trees, palms..will this be an relaxed journey?
But soon you realised, that ... [play to see more]

Storymap: "[1.2 RPG] Yggdrasil! #story by   Fwo Niro"

Mapsize: 27.000+
Lenght: ~40 Minutes ( ~33 Minutes for perfect run )
Building time: 01.02.17 - 11.05.17
MT and story: 11.05.17 - 14.06.17
Mod: Forest Mod 2 (ForestMod modified by   popgun)

Version history:
01.02.17 Let's do this!
02.02.17 Gonna be huge...
10.02.17 Outside part done, let's build the tree.
01.03.17 Puh, built so much and only 3 minutes playtime? Meh :c
23.03.17 Reached height of 100!!
01.04.17 First leafs incoming.
10.04.17 One round around the tree done, now it will continue faster..
01.05.17 Ugh, those big leafs blocks look ugly, do i really have to use the small?
05.05.17 Kill me, this green leafs everywhere....*got eye cancer*
09.05.17 I'm done with my life, but also done with leafs. Worth it.
10.05.17 Go fast! Route done..
11.05.17 Added complete scenery for ground...ugh 8h of nolifing ._.
24.05.17 Intro done...finally.
14.06.17 Story done..let the climbing begin!

Special thanks to:
  popgun - For creating a new better looking version of the forest mod. Good job, thank you a lot!
  Xerox. - Every track needs at least one betatester.. Thank you for correcting all the mistakes i did and thanks for the patience. I appreciate it a lot.
  Tomek0055 - Making all this possible. Without you there wouldnt be the possibilities for this and without your help it would be way harder to learn scripts. Keep going on with your great work!

Special giveaway!
MT Scripts:

For more information feel free to contact me on discord: Niro#1971

User Comments
Showing 9 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Nixion 29-Jun-2017
  Fwo Niro 29-Jun-2017
  Lapelero 29-Jun-2017
the mod doesn't load
  Xerox. 29-Jun-2017
ArchieJr, better not to destroy the Trackpage, thanks c:
  Archiejr 29-Jun-2017
its still an award
  apX.Magik :3 03-Jul-2017
i want a youtube video...

...before i award
  Konde 05-Jul-2017
iNEED a viDeo
  Xerox. 10-Jul-2017
GPS Video made by   Lapelero. Enjoy^^
  rastaman 10-Jul-2017
I was hopping to see how to pass a cp where i got stuck (half way through) but the GPS video is messed up, check it at 11:50.
He must've added the clips in the wrong order for the final video.

Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   11111001101 30-Jun-2017
User Award   luckypech 30-Jun-2017
What a big tree
User Award   nod32 30-Jun-2017
my pc died gg
User Award   Lapelero 30-Jun-2017
for your massive work and for the great map inside this awesome minecraft tree !
User Award   McBain 30-Jun-2017
Such hard work and not even too bad I hope we will see soon other great 1.2 maps

Edit: now finished. Wow some cps are real bad all in all still deserved
User Award   Matt-LOL 30-Jun-2017
could be slightly more hunt friendly, but a masterpiece nonetheless
User Award   nunni 30-Jun-2017
c fou ca
User Award   oiram456 30-Jun-2017
User Award   NiielMoo 01-Jul-2017
Despite my game crashing crossing the finishline, at cp 50, and after reinstalling the game after every 10mins. And despite some weird ass disappearing blocks. It's an amazing track to drive.

Well done, you deserve this award!

User Award   MonsterOmega 01-Jul-2017
User Award   Futhark 01-Jul-2017
consider me impressed
User Award   Mekh 02-Jul-2017
User Award   simo_900 04-Jul-2017
User Award   sef.Paras! 17-Aug-2017
User Award   jo la taupe 01-Mar-2018
User Award   KyaCeption 10-Mar-2018
A beautifull track by the GOD of Unlimiter. Teleportation and Minimum speed limit are just amazing. Congrats Niro for this incredible map

User Award   Burni 09-May-2018
I thought its anime
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