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Name: Download CCP#06 - Mentalsleigh.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sef.Paras!
Version: 06-Dec-2017
TMX id: 7062838
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
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Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 45s Diffic.: Expert
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1:47.38   SF - Dule+ 0:00.001,000
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1:49.49   JFF - Drpzor FST+ 0:02.11882
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Author Comments

Christmas Calendar Project 2017


- a tribute to   meNtality


Happy Saint Nicholas day! Yes, our wonderful Christmas time isn't just for our beloved Santa Claus. So I hope you got some nice presents in your fresh sneakers and be ready for this map.

The Name

When I was searching for an original name I took a look on older Calender Project maps. Finally I thoured about 'Santas Ride' or 'Christmas Sleigh', but to make it a little more fancy and creative I decided to honour my favorite mapper, who always makes his map feel inovated.
This guy can only be the one and only   meNtality. I hope you will like this piece of art I tried to craft. Anyway, I wish you already a merry Christmas and a great time with your friends and your family.

The Map

Since I drove "[FS] Frustrated Squirrel by   maartenvv94" I really wanted to create a map which is similar to this, long creative and nice.
Well I tried and I guess its long enough for the most and propably hard enough aswell.
Anyway, the idea were to make it smooth as always, using dirt so your sleigh makes sence, no blockmix which ruins the nature and without using reversed booster, and I think thats what I did and what ends quite solid.
As this is a Calendar Project map I tried to keep it as easy as possible for a smooth fullspeeder by Paras as possible.
But I think its still quite challenging but dont judge me.

The feeling

To get the maximum feeling for this map you should dowload the mod at first.
Next step you should download Santas Sleigh for TMNF.
And last you should get a hot chocolate and get chilled.


Lets come to an end. I wish all of you who'll read, who'll play, who'll award and ofcours every other girl and guy a nice, friendly and lovely Christmas time with your friends and your family.

Screenshot made by   sef.Basti!

- Bigger one

Video made by   shortz.esu

- Enjoy yourself

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

ur Paras.

User Comments
Showing 7 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  meNtality 06-Dec-2017
  SF - Dule 06-Dec-2017
dat overview doe
  der_dinkel 06-Dec-2017
helleis parasalphelsche and everyonetriotzt reading thisiotzt
sadlend, I cant awardalapheisheit ur maptzt because I cant valid8osteronalapheisheit my TMU accountzt, but pls considerotzt this commont as an awardalapheisheit, ths maptzt is greatest. And the screensheis too
  sef.Paras! 06-Dec-2017
damn thanks a lot @Dule
HAHA @Dinkel, thx mate
  SF - Dule 06-Dec-2017
Take my award with a pinch of salt and try to improve such spots in the future, and I'm sure we will see great things from you!
  elaus43 06-Dec-2017
Not my level but definatly worth an
  MoonShadow 07-Dec-2017
...gde nadje bas .99?...
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User Awards
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User Award   ArmNawaphatTH 06-Dec-2017
User Award   sef.Basti! 06-Dec-2017
nice map parasalph <3
User Award   Vixen.┬ź 06-Dec-2017
Really good, even tho the dirt-jump-loop combo doesn't work all the time xd
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 06-Dec-2017
User Award   SF - Dule 06-Dec-2017
Oh boi...

It's been a while since I wrote an actual award so I'm a bit lost as to where to start from.
From a builder's perspective, the map is a HUGE wave of freshness. Very slick transitions, tight corners and that mix of slow/fast parts is just super refreshing for nowadays traditional speed sliding madness. Some parts are pure genius, while some spots feel a bit empty; o, o , they are completely overshadowed by the spots that really highlight the map from a builder's perspective. I don't know if the subtle increase in difficulty was something you aimed for but I really love that aspect of the map! The longer you drive, the map progressively becomes more and more transitional and difficult.
The start is great, though a bit tight, with some practice it can be mastered in a matter of minutes. Lovely drops from the start into a turn that is really interesting. I was expecting a speed slide into a wall but I was pleasantly surprised, very well done there! Standard dirt-loop combo that looks very nice with the mod and well placed scenery, into a turn-drop that really grinds my gears, that really spikes my coffee, that really ramm-bugs my road blocks, if you catch my drift. The drop is really, and I mean, really badly calculated. You need to be fast and you need a really specific line with no drop-tilt, which is very hard to do because you just exit out of a turn and aiming for a drop without tilting your car when dropping is gonna be impossible for unskilled players. Going fast there wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't used that small dirt part which is the reason for speed loss/gain. I'm pretty certain this spot is gonna give people trouble as it gave me about 1/20 chances to pass it smoothly, which was very frustrating. Coming up is a hill entry that I absolutely love how it looks. Sure it's tight and could be one block wider, but who cares, it's sexy and I love it. Some wall riding and speed sliding later, we come to the second empty spot I mentioned. That small road part works nicely but can also kill runs if you attempt to sloppily flow-trick it into sliding. The drop is nice as well as the super nice wall exit solution after that part. Smooth drop-to-hill and nice hill exit. The dirt drop into the loop is a bit wonky. I personally didn't have much problems with it but I did crash many times into it as I attempted to do a flow-trick. Not really a friendly spot but not bad either. One monotonous speed slide into a loop later, comes a sweet drop to the ground which brings great variety into the map. Mad props for pulling that one off! Smooth sailing all the way to the finish which felt a bit empty, as it is a straight line to finish drop. Some more creativity there would be nice, but after almost two minutes of driving, I wouldn't want anything crazy to crash my long run.

Overall, I really like the map, currently my favorite one from this CCP edition, has some nice and creative spots and good balance of a traditional speed map and a transitional map. I will rate this a solid 8.5/10 on my "Cured my cancer!" scale.
As for the hunting aspect... yea... gave me terminal 4 cancer - really good but also I want to kms.
Well done!

~ ~

User Award   apX.Magik :3 06-Dec-2017
Awesome! There's some empty spots in the map which could have been filled with scenery for sure like at the start for example, but i love how the map has slow and fast parts, some slides and right corners and a lovely Christmas atmosphere.

nice one
User Award   link` 06-Dec-2017
huge work
User Award   meNtality 06-Dec-2017
oh god, thank you very much for that trubute i really appreciate that and feel so honored now, you made my day <3
as for the map, its really amazing how you managed to build such a smooth and fast fullspeeder with that length. it never gets boring and the quality is very high throughout the whole map. other than that, it has much hunting potential, which is really nice too. as for the atmosphere, it really feels winter-ish, although the scenery could be a bit empty at some spots. but overall i see some beautiful block combinations and i really like your scenery style :3
all in all i think it is one of (if not) your best map, as well as best of maps in this ccp yet. keep it up m8 and thank you again, you're getting into my list of favourite builders
(ikr im a poor essay writer unlike Dule but hope you're okay with it Xd)
User Award   elaus43 06-Dec-2017
User Award   ┬╗Paulmar|35| 06-Dec-2017
User Award   DDR.Buddha 06-Dec-2017
Absolutely no way I'm finishing this, but: Great work, dude!
User Award   JFF - Drpzor FST 07-Dec-2017
Took a finish just for the sake that people don't flame me for awarding beforehand. I could write a paragraph about how my PC can't run big maps, but that's only my problem xD The only problem with you map was the first wall entrance, I don't like it. Other than that, the map is pretty flowly, very fun to play, unbelievably intuitive for its length and the hunting factor is pretty huge as well :3 Everything works just as supposed. Talking about the scenery, I actually love it how lightweighted it is, even the empty spaces look great to me ^^
User Award   SunBeam 07-Dec-2017
Nice one
User Award   InfernaL 07-Dec-2017
User Award   xeqzion 07-Dec-2017
you may not see it, but i am drooling over this
User Award   grobec 07-Dec-2017
I can do the first 35s, but the tight turn after is just impossible for me. The transition where Dule has problems works fine for me

Anyway, great work
User Award   zr mat 07-Dec-2017
User Award   sr.Drover 10-Dec-2017
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