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Name: Download MTC - Faded
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Mastermind
Version: 17-Dec-2017
TMX id: 7070594
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 33,859
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:45.30   chrisor.+ 0:00.0033,859
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0:45.42   AR »Clown+ 0:00.1233,320
0:45.45   AR »Trex+ 0:00.1533,186
0:45.58   One.+ 0:00.2832,603
0:45.72   AR »Trian+ 0:00.4231,975
0:45.82   unholy79+ 0:00.5231,527
0:45.93   Mastermind+ 0:00.6331,033
0:46.66   elaus43+ 0:01.3627,759
0:47.17   DDR.Buddha+ 0:01.8725,472
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Author Comments



Finally I got some time to spend on Trackmania and after seeing this interesting and quite challenging MTC I decided to give it a shot. The result is this 45 secs Fullspeeder with a bit more walls and tubes and a bit less speed than my other maps. I hope you still enjoy this one. The route was quite a ride for me aswell. All in all I'd say this map is more a showcase instead of a hunter, so some walls and turns might feel just a tiny bit different than usually so please don't give up on your first try.
The scenery is quite crazy this time. After playing a map by vneck I was very impressed with how well he manages to build his scenery so awesome and I decided to try it for myself a bit. And I have to admit it was really fun to build all of those big structures and design the map a bit more interesting. So thanks for the inspiration, mister.

Enough blabla now.


Credits to vneck for his awesome piece of inspiration:

DeVilish by   vneck


Enjoy your ride and Merry Christmas


User Comments
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  Mastermind 17-Dec-2017
Thank you so much:

Quat -
DDR.Buddha - thanks
meNtality - thanks for your honest opinion. Will work on that for sure
unholy79 -
AR »Trian -
xxlr8 -
elaus43 - thank you
dsc Pecorenzo -
grobec - thanks
AR »Trex - thank you for your kind words, appreciated
One. - thanks a lot
DisGo.esu - thanks mate
ArmNawaphatTH - thanks
chrisor. - I'll try and nt
vneck - thanks a lot
Trickman68 - thanks

  Switch 17-Dec-2017
Props for building fullspeed with that theme, I wonder what you managed to build
  shortz.esu 17-Dec-2017
  elaus43 17-Dec-2017
Hope i am able to finish
tried it a few times but mostly failed at the second diag. drop the sign is visible but too late imo
have to wait a bit till my gpu has cooled down
the scenery looks very nice
  Mastermind 17-Dec-2017
try it again. you can make it
  elaus43 17-Dec-2017
Hi Trian
  AR »Trian 17-Dec-2017

This isn't any sort of comeback unfortunately, just opened TM for a bit.
  DisGo.esu 17-Dec-2017
  apX.Magik :3 17-Dec-2017
Hey there trian
  AR »Trian 17-Dec-2017
Sup magik
  AR »Trex 17-Dec-2017
Hey Trian, great so see you again on even if it's for a short time
  Mastermind 17-Dec-2017
  apX. agent 17-Dec-2017
someone wanna do a video so I can enjoy it aswell?
  WungkongSlider! 20-Dec-2017
Nice Map
So You Like The Music
Song: Alan Walker - Faded
Click The Video
  Mastermind 20-Dec-2017
Yup, was indeed a some of the inspirational music behind the map
sorry agente, dunno how to do videos
  WungkongSlider! 22-Dec-2017
Me Too
  apX. agent 23-Dec-2017
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Quat 17-Dec-2017
great one
User Award   DDR.Buddha 17-Dec-2017
Quite impressive work! Doesn't feel nearly as repetitive as I would've expected from a FS track with these restrictions.
User Award   meNtality 17-Dec-2017
i like it, it's pretty much maximum what you can do with that theme, the route works nicely
but i think that scenery could be done a bit better, there are some empty spots (e.g. at finish) and the so-called sctuctures are not that detailed or polished as in v.neck's maps. it's only my opinion though d:
the intro i enjoyed very much, good to see someone's putting that effort to MT nowadays
so overall decent map, good job!
User Award   unholy79 17-Dec-2017
I like it.
User Award   AR »Trian 17-Dec-2017
User Award   xxlr8 17-Dec-2017
User Award   elaus43 17-Dec-2017
For me the most impressive (FS) track for this MTC so far
Ok there are some parts on the scenery that could be polished a little - apart from that it's really great what you did!
Awesome smoothness and nice wide turns - so it gave me more space to adjust my racing line
The speed is impressive - in fact of that small area - so a very good job here
Maybe i needed some more tries - pah' even after the ~50 run it didn't loose a second of fun
Great one
User Award   Pecorenzo 17-Dec-2017

amazing MT work nice scenery too
User Award   grobec 17-Dec-2017
Nice track, I appreciate the fact that you pass from a part of the stadium to another more than once like in the other maps for the MTC (that I have tried at least), even if the first passage looks like the third one. Hard to make a FS track too, good job
User Award   AR »Trex 17-Dec-2017
Just checked the MTC theme in the forums, though I could've guessed already. I really like this map, it has a great flow and you hit the theme as best as possible for FS considering you only had these two quadrants space. The jumps between the sections are well done and work really good. It must have been difficult to arrange those jumps exactly in this transition spot since you need a lot of space for FS maps. However, the last wall is a little awkward since you have to enter and leave it really quickly. Though, I don't mind about this too much since you didn't have that much space.

Well done
User Award   One. 17-Dec-2017
Nice track man.. Really good use of the theme! Great flow!
Gonna try to hunt a bit more later..
User Award   DisGo.esu 17-Dec-2017
quality fullspeed! just what i expected from you. great to see a map by you again

User Award   WungkongSlider! 20-Dec-2017
Very Good Track
User Award   chrisor. 20-Dec-2017
pls more
User Award   vneck 23-Dec-2017
the track feels quite 2 dimensional but it's fun nonetheless
User Award   Trickman68 24-Dec-2017
Great job ! Very nice !
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