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Name: Download Just what YOU need!!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   MoonShadow
Version: 17-Dec-2017
Released: 17-Dec-2017
TMX id: 7071101
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,277
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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0:49.53   MoonShadow+ 0:00.0026,277
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0:49.69   Mikha'+ 0:00.1625,767
0:50.02   krocix29+ 0:00.4924,717
0:50.09   grobec+ 0:00.5624,494
0:57.82   »severus+ 0:08.290
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Author Comments

Just what YOU need!!?.....sure
...there is 1 wall in this track and I don't know how on earth that happened......or better to say, who put it there....majku mu....
...btw, use the bug to your advantage....if you can...

>>>>>>> track U P D A T E D<<<<<<<<

User Comments
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  unholy79 17-Dec-2017
Its a little bit too simple. Your cam change after the wallride is badly placed. I often dont get the change. So i have to drive at cam 3...
  MoonShadow 17-Dec-2017
I guess that now is OK - I don't know what was wrong anyway....
Too simple?....well, why don't you try this one "MultiPass needed" ......or, is it too hard???
This kind of tracks usually get 10+ awards, cause they are easy to drive, no complications, almost finished in a 1st try, everybody can hunt it, not only top drivers....

Oh, 'dear', 'dear' severus!!...I'm 'so glad' that I finally got your taste!!
I saw your replay and maybe, you should practice it a little bit more, that last curve - I know you can make it!!
BUT, see what I wrote to unholy79 - maybe you should try that track too and show us all, what is poss there, or!! - read THIS: maybe you should also check this track too "THE Storm is coming!!" !!! - it is my the most successful track so far - it has tons of awards!!! I 'know' you will 'like' it!!!
  Archiejr 19-Dec-2017
i don't get why you're being so mean to severus? and I sense you mocking the "It's too simple" part as well. can you please try to be nicer to others instead of consistently bashing them, especially when they're not going to respond to you? I don't think severus is active right now too, he's busy with life rather than continuing to argue with you... nvm about that xd
  MoonShadow 19-Dec-2017
Before you start advocating for others, you better do some research.
1st - in a forum, he called me an idiot - later, he or moderators changed it.
2nd - see this: "SRHT 2 - Fox on the Run"
3rd - see this also: "Man...What a Track!!"
4th - see his mockery awards to me and his replays
....enough?...and if you see my responds, you'll see how polite I am for the 'too simple thing', ppl are complaining that my tracks are too hard( see my Adrenaline series, or Warm-Up series) and that I should make easy to finish tracks and when I do that, they complain that it's too easy.........MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ppl!! for you - if you don't know what mockery is, ask someone in your family, mother or father, or brother, or sister, to explain it to you....
  »severus 19-Dec-2017
im so done xdd
  xeqzion 19-Dec-2017
@Archiejr, there's a reason why these two guys are going back and forth having their fun "mocking" eachother and whatnot. Should't really defend either of them, just let them keep going for the sake of entertainment for all of tmx. After all, it is (imo) pretty funny lol.

and @MoonShadow, I mean no offense but you gotta be able to understand why severus is acting like he is, it's not for no reason but it can from time to time be unnecessary and excessive. Like, i dont even know where to start, theres so much. You're talking down to people for thinking your maps are hard (this is not about writing with/without your so called "white gloves", you just really make it look like you think you're better than everyone else) and so easy for you even tho you drive in cam3.. Funfact, it's easier driving precision maps like you build with cam3 as you're line of sight is way more centered towards where you're going. You also built the maps, playing them over and over again im sure.
Your maps are also pretty much always the same imo, play one and you've played them all. I'm personally a fan of precision maps and have no issues whatsoever with that being your choice of mapping style but c'mon its nice with some diversity and not just random chicanes in either direction with small to no room for error.
There's also a couple other things, like how you think that every "trick" that has to do with speed gaining is a bug.. When let's be honest, its only SD that is a bug, no? Ride/Flow tricks (lowering your airtime) aren't really bugs, these are just trackmania physics in action so its nothing to cry about. And while on the subject of crying, you're always around commenting on maps, wether it is your own or others and crying "buhu why is this getting so many awards when i get none blablabla", always the same story and same discussion. It's tiring and doesn't make it any more difficult being a subject to severus' "mocking".
Im sure there's more id like to write but i cannot be bothered and i hate being "that guy" so gonna leave it like that lol, apologies for taking off my white gloves but think about some of this stuff. Not trying to be mean or anything, just want to point out certain things that make it easy for myself and others to have a little fun on your expense.

@severus, i know theres no point in saying anything about what you write etc, you just keep being you with maybe a tad less offensiveness in the future. It's honestly nice to have someone that lets out their honest and true meanings about things, be it good, be it bad.

Anyways, im outta here lol, didnt type this much since school so fingers gotta rest. Take it easy boys, smoke some shit to chill out.
  »severus 19-Dec-2017
some wise words ^
  MoonShadow 19-Dec-2017

@ xeqzion present this 'thing' between him and me, on an equal level, but that's not fair from you. He is the rude guy and I never said anything to him, what can be described as rude. When I say 'dear', it is sarcasm, but it's not rude, nor mockery. When he said I'm uncreative old trash, I sent him an instrumental, which is my composition and I play all guitars you hear..... He is a good driver, but when he send a replay which is like 7 secs behind mine and above that, give me an award, what do you think what it is....
Talking without 'white gloves', doesn't mean that you can say rude, offensive things about ppl, or their tracks....
I don't know why he has a pick on me, but that's his problem.When someone is talking rude to you, for no reason, it speaks volumes about that person, if you know what I mean..... for my tracks: there are 25 tracks in my Adrenaline series. There, I use some blocks in a way, that almost no one is using them. For instance: I like S turns, but if you change the blue blocks(which make this turns super tight) with the usual, broad one, you'll get S turns which are the same on thousands of tracks here.
The same is for the loops. On mu tracks, I use super tight approach to loops, which no one is using. Everyone else, use the same broad block, in thousands tracks!! Why I do this?...because that broad approach to loops is not enough challenge to me, same for the S turns, long wide name it.
...cams: with cam2 and cam1, you have a better view of what is behind some curve and with cam3, you don't, because you are law and you see only rims.
I have to remember the track(with all its nuances), to have a chance to do a decent time.On my tracks, it's easier for me, only because I remember them while building. But that is my problem, choosing cam3 for driving(it's so unnatural to me to drive 2-3 behind and above the car, but that is anyone's choice).....
...where on earth did you read that I said that I am better that anyone else?
On several maps you can read that I consider my self as a slightly above average FS driver, who prefer tech to FS maps(cause these FS maps are all the same to me, thus boring - that's the main reason I made this 25 Adrenaline tracks)....
....'And while on the subject of crying' did you read that I said something like: ''this track got 15+ awards and my track, which is way better, got none"? You think that you can read my thoughts? The purpose of some of my comments, is my PROTEST against friendly awards, ''sneaking in the ass awards'', awards without the replay( not here, not on servers - I must say that you almost always support your awards with replays, here or there, which I admire)......what I really want on my tracks, is not awards, but 10 replays per track, ofc.
....but be frank xeqzion - the only reason you quit playing tracks from this series, is Spunki.
......anyway, this has all been some kind of test for me(I hope I'll pass it), which will end on 30th of December track per day and....
...'severus' - be here on that day
  MoonShadow 20-Dec-2017
we want more, more, more....speak...speak....
  MoonShadow 20-Dec-2017
Open yourself lad, spit it all will do you good, believe me...
  MoonShadow 20-Dec-2017
  grobec 20-Dec-2017
I think I have found the soul's music of severus
  MoonShadow 21-Dec-2017
Just keep talking...relieve's a good therapy.
  MoonShadow 21-Dec-2017
Helpless anger is the most powerful enemy, but please, fight it, you might have a chance...
...someone has deleted several posts from 'severus'
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User Awards
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User Award   krocix29 18-Dec-2017
i like it. friendly fs map
User Award   eda..1988 18-Dec-2017
User Award   »severus 18-Dec-2017
User Award   grobec 18-Dec-2017
Fun map
User Award   Mikha' 19-Dec-2017
User Award   EkuRizi 19-Dec-2017
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