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Name: Download Nadeo Diss Track [Gs]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ViN <3
Version: 01-Jun-2018
Released: 01-Jun-2018
TMX id: 7175805
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 7,317
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: LOL
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:20.00   xXx The Rain Machine+ 0:03.550
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Author Comments

I will not wordy
!UPDATED! The "problem" with the servers was solved, but do we believe in Nadeo that it was "another" coincidence? we'll see..
As we all now TM online servers was closed between May 24th-28th

Quote ...
This weekend we are doing a special operation to make you discover Maniaplanet, Trackmania² titles and players’ creations.
From Thursday May 24th to Monday evening May 28th (6PM CET), Trackmania Nations Forever online servers will be closed only for Nations accounts. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, yet we hope you’ll take this as an opportunity to discover Trackmania² games and the great content created by players and creators.

you can read the news and comments(hot as always) here
BUT what do we see now? after that tmnf players can not play/log in to TMU servers, nadeo once again trying to kill TMU community to promote tm2[what a smart idea greedy nadeo yeah? no no no,not to make tm2 better they will just forcibly destroy another game,if imagine with what enthusiasm and desire they are trying to harm their own game - you can go crazy , because nobody will believe u as it most defies logic stupidest dumbest s-hit which you can ever imagine in your head](half a year or more also were problems with the servers and after that many of they didn't resume and etc.)
and this is only which I remember, write in the comments if you know something else
what's next? thats the limit man..and it does not matter whether you have TMNF or TMUF it will damage online anyway

Since we are dancing on the bones here the second side of this diss-track is about their politics(very trivial opinion what u already heard for sure): We all knew(if you do not live in illusions),TM Turbo will be fail before the release u don't need to be a genius for that, same sh*t in a less degree happened to Valley and Canyon or you enjoy a small community?(
their logic is simple:Let's create a game in a hurry and earn fast $$$$.. what? What do you say? originality? community? How long will this game stay afloat? LUL we don't give a [censored] ezz $ ezz Life OMEGALUL ... check it out new nadeo anthem
I bet you, you also thought "what it" would be if they had a full tm2 game and they did not split into separate parts
IMHO>for tm , stadium environment foundational basis without it everything will collapse,and time has shown that this is true,SO! that guy who drops the ideas in the nadeo/ubisoft office:like yo madafakas! i have a mental idea!!!11! let's split the game on single parts,it will be so cool and success!!!!! - now sucking [censured] #SadButTrue

Award = support

since I'm not a real map builder, i don't care about awards ,and unbelievable but this is actually my first(and probably on... 3... 2... 1.. 99.9999% the last one,that's how my hands look like after building you know that feeling when you tried to build something for the first time) ...track is horrible as hell(or no ) but still this shit probably can be called a track somehow in some kind of universe xD ,and somehow huntable i hope created it only 4 diss as you see
but still will be cool smash it 69 awards ,
¿can we do this ?
¿can we smash that sh!t?!!!111!!11!
wait a minute.. ,i'm not a PewDiePie.. oh F#%K...

P.s when someone asks my opinion about MP4 -
P.s.s once again no one is looking for war, but it's just ridiculous already
P.s.s.s can i get more p.s ?
MemeTrain - Nadeo logic

User Comments
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  ViN <3 01-Jun-2018
P.s your feelings when you downloaded my track and realized that I did not lie and he really is *Most Uncensored World*
P.s.s that feeling when even against you "The comment can contain a maximum of 4000 characters ..."

take it easy it's just a song
!read only with music!
See-see-come on
[censured] the Nadeo, they can [censured] my balls
They look like the dogs that hang out at the mall
Hilys can [censured] it, so can Alinoa
They can [censured] each other just because they're gay
They can [censured] a [censured], they can lick a sack
Everybody shout, "TMNF's back!"
Death to all but TMNF!
Death to all but TMNF!
Death to all but TMNF!
Death to tm2
All those [censured] pussies sounds like doggy-doo
Wearing baggy pants, spiking up their hair
They're not worth the crust on my underwear
Where is Oldschool? Where is Raw Passion?
We don't give a [censured] about plastic casual [censured]
Why do all my lyrics sound like stoopid excuses nadeo?
Death to all but TMNF!
Death to all but TMNF!
Death to all but TMNF!
Kills those [censured] [censured] who programme MP4
They can [censured] my ass with all the record companies
Death to designers, kill the little [censured]
Kill all these [censured] too and then [censured] her in the butt
[censured] ZRT, death to Pussy Crowd
They can kiss each other on the camel toe
so let's repeat
Hilys a [censured], so is Friends
Shooting hot [censured] on each others' chest
Death to all but TMNF!
Death to all but TMNF!
Death to all but TMNF!

Hey   Sky.esu,is everything fine?Now this thing is more censored than every Japan-X video that even exist ,or you can still find something?
  Arien.wp 01-Jun-2018
wtf ok
  elaus43 01-Jun-2018
Duck this i am out - very nice song
Agree at several things you mentioned about nadeo/ubisoft or the practise they use for their newys.
But you could try to comment it more diplomatic
  Zombie.PT 01-Jun-2018
All you wrote is true, unfortunately, I hope they really fix this, it will be VERY VERY bad for people who don't have the full game, they just want to make you play tm2, game is so bad, it looks like a LEGO game, the dirt part no words... after their bad update it's pretty much the worst 10 euros i've spent on something.. As much as they want to put us down, TMUF/TMNF will remain alive, no matter how much they step on us.. they use excuses like keeping the servers up so it looks like they care.. and then.. just forbid access to Nations accounts, I am so disgusted and frustrated with this, not because of me but because of a lot of my friends.. rip
  alex_2009 02-Jun-2018
Nadeo ducks !!! why they force us to play that TM2 duck that ! TMNF is the best !!!
GJ bro ! BIG support !!!
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User Awards
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User Award   kinGs'Stewie. <3 01-Jun-2018
ok,it's true
really nice Grass slide map especially as for very first track from you, didn't disappoint me when you told me
User Award   Zombie.PT 01-Jun-2018
User Award   alex_2009 02-Jun-2018
User Award   «LP» Arre 03-Jun-2018
duck nadeo
User Award   Redsoft.wave 06-Jun-2018
possible low 1x?
User Award   xXx The Rain Machine 08-Jun-2018
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