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Name: Download Psi
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   nwt'Sadh
Version: 01-Jun-2018
Released: 01-Jun-2018
TMX id: 7175824
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 10,276
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:22.33   nwt'Sadh+ 0:00.0010,276
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:23.68   grobec+ 0:01.359,265
1:24.19   GunZ+ 0:01.868,883
1:36.04   Pecorenzo+ 0:13.718
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Author Comments

Hi !

it's been ages that i don't share anything here.
first of all, i would said that i'm really happy to see this community still
active, and builders have still fresh ideas to make that still a pleasure to play that game.

Especially for dirt, cause it feels way better than on tm2 imho.
so, it's a pleasure to see some active builders in dirt scene,
other styles guys making dirt and old dirty builders keeps building,
even if, i miss so many names in that business.

So, here is my humble contribution to keep dirt alive on tmnf.
I hope you will like it.


Style : Classical Dirt
Lenght : < 1:25.00
Coppers : 5152
Mood : Sunset
Sign : TM
Mt : Intro = 40s + Gps = 1:22.60
Screen : Quickly made by myself.


Check out that DTC dirt entries ->

"DTC7 - Sysma by   shadOw-sir_b"
"DTC7 - Poetry In Motion by   3xshoot&king"
"DTC7 Ghost riders in the sky by   Ctd_grobec"
"DTC7 - Hearts of Iron. by   Simo & Dule"

Have Fun !
Love you all


User Comments
Showing 9 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  nwt'Sadh 01-Jun-2018

Thank you   Pecorenzo. I really appreciate.

Dear   shad0w, what a award, thank you so much mate
Seeing words like that, is just the best reward for me.

Yep   grobec, that's exactly why this track is building for.
try to look GPS if you need help to finding lines Thanks for

Thank you   Sky.esu for your nice award.
I'm really glad you like it.

Thank you   King. .
As I said, that's the best reward i can have !

Thank you   wormi for that words
Yeah i know that is not noob friendly, i tried to build challenging track for more advanced players and that make it a bit exclusionary.
I just hope that will help some of them to do better and better.
Sorry For cam 1 btw. I admit that i didn't think about it . My bad

Thanks   !k7 really apreciated words
Yes I know for that tight turn, I wasn't happy of it at the first time, but after some try I found that was really good placed for fitting with the rest of that track that I wanted challenging, and it force a line that i like. btw previous checkpoint is respawnable if you want to finish without retry.

Thank you   GunZ glad you was motivated to find lines and improve your dirt skill.
  shad0w 01-Jun-2018
  nwt'Sadh 01-Jun-2018
I know you were waiting for it. Sorry for my late.
With pleasure if you need some help buddy , don't hesitate to pm me !

Your turn now, i'm waiting for your work too and i'm not the only one !!

we had a great example of that you can do on dtc,
and i'm really hurried to see a new beauty 100% shadow !

Thank you again buddy for that sweet words
  grobec 02-Jun-2018
Not even close to your time
  shad0w 02-Jun-2018
dont worry, i'm going to upload something!
  Dule 02-Jun-2018
Thank you for showcase
  nwt'Sadh 02-Jun-2018
@   grobec : not so bad
@   shad0w : Ah ! Nice to ear that !
@   Dule : Np dude
  !k7 05-Jun-2018
I suggest you put expert for difficulty
  nwt'Sadh 05-Jun-2018
Yep you are surely right
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Pecorenzo 01-Jun-2018
nice one
huge job here
User Award   shad0w 01-Jun-2018
My dear saddie...

you don't know how long i have been waiting for this to come online... and now it's finally here.
the waiting was totally worth it because this is a masterpiece!

I was so excited to see this and had to try it right away... aaaaaaannnd booooooyyyyy...!

First of all: I saw the screen and the track-overview and got hyped to play this. I was expecting the "Sadh quality" that i'm used to, but boy was wrong.
I was allready "shocked" about this intro. Stunning work man! If you got some free time soon, please teach me how to make a intro like this!

The track: 1000% my taste and 100% pure Sadh style. I feel like this track is a great balance between flow, challenge, smoothness and technique. I love how the raceline works out. Some cornerns might be a bit too tight imo but still, it does work. My favorite parts of the map are the drop @ 0:40 and the finish!
The scenery is probably one of the most beautiful scenerys i have seen on a dirt track. it's so lovely and well balanced, well done!

I'm going to cut this down a little now:
This track just entered my "All time favorite dirt tracks list". Track amazing, MT stunning, scenery lovely...... i dont know what more to say. Thank you for this

Hope to see more like this soon!


User Award   grobec 02-Jun-2018
Nice map, with a great flow, a nice scenery and a cool MT However, some parts are hard to drive

The part around 25s is a bit weird to drive at first and very buggy if you don't have the good trajectory. The most hard for me is that drop after the uphill turn. But I now understand that I didn't have the good approach at the end of the dirt road, it works quite ok now All the other parts are crazy good

But don't worry, I like challenging maps Hope that I could upload a correct time

User Award   Sky.esu 02-Jun-2018
Nice technical and creative track
User Award   King. 02-Jun-2018
in love with this map
User Award   wormi 04-Jun-2018
Magnificent track! I love how it flows just perfectly and has clean balance between technical turns, jumps and transitions. I especially like the midpart before drop to ramp block. Also the scenery is very nice, covers the map but mostly helps finding the right way very nicely. Good job!

What isn't perfect is that I can't drive it! I never made the upper finish and I also the ramp drop was very difficult. I guess those work fine with skill, but what I'm trying to tell is that the map could have some noob-friendly respawns or plan b routes. With some rpg and offroad skills it was possible to finish any run though. Another thing is maybe the first turn, it's blind with cam 1 :/

Overall nice map, but requires real dirt expertise and a bit time to be enjoyable!
User Award   !k7 05-Jun-2018
Magnificent choreography of turns, tight sections, drops and scenery but not for the faint-hearted. I really like all those tight curves before CP 5 and the drop at ~40 sec.

The first contact with your track was rough cause I had to fight like crazy to finish one decent run. But with patience and practice, I slowly began to appreciate it.

This is a track you can always come back to fight against yourself and it is a quality I appreciate

On the down side for me, the offroad to dirt road part after CP 5 can be buggy and the turn before the final straight line is way too tight and I can't finish correctly.
Keep on mapping
User Award   GunZ 07-Jun-2018
Really nice and challenging track
As a non dirt player took me around 30 mins to get all the trick
But it's really enjoyable when you pass everything
I'll try to improve my time if i'm not lazy
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