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Name: Download Crater Lake
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Grondo
Version: 04-Aug-2018
TMX id: 7207364
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 21,750
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Beginner
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0:32.38   Creep'+ 0:00.0021,750
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0:32.84   HEAT shell+ 0:00.4619,896
0:33.47   I'm out, bye+ 0:01.0917,357
0:33.55   Delirium93+ 0:01.1717,034
0:34.49   krocix29+ 0:02.1113,246
0:34.50   elaus43+ 0:02.1213,205
0:34.84   !k7+ 0:02.4611,835
0:35.27   RobertKlon+ 0:02.8910,102
0:35.47   Grondo+ 0:03.099,296
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Author Comments

Finally it's done. Driving on water.
I had the idea for Crater Lake quite a while ago, but the effort held me back so far. I moved about 1500 individual blocks with ChallengeEdit counting versions 1 + 2 of Crater Lake. Luckyly a macro recorder helped.

Track Info:
Style: Normal
Size: 2195
Mood: Day
Author Time: 35.47
Intro: with sound - load the map a 2nd time to hear it.
In-game: (GPS)
Outro: -
Mod: my own little creation

The music I used in the intro has a Creative Commons 4.0 License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0
So I guess this map now has the same license too.

I wanted it to look like an old pulp fiction magazine cover. Here is a bigger version.

Comments welcome.

Have Fun.

User Comments
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  Grondo 08-Aug-2018
@!k7: a big smile and yes, I saved the map often during editing.

@Michaelangelo: splitting the water would also be cool.

Moving blocks e.g. like a revolving door, would be cool to have in TM.
@Rieusuaseric: yes, I can understand. It's sad the both ways can not co-exist. The cut and the uncut.
@SpiderX22: Thx, TrackStudio ok.
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User Awards
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User Award   I'm out, bye 04-Aug-2018
Awesome track! Very creative
User Award   krocix29 04-Aug-2018
sick map dude
User Award   Creep' 04-Aug-2018
User Award   SapphiroN 05-Aug-2018
Cool concept track. A bit hard to navigate, a bit bumpy, but still cool nonetheless.
User Award   elaus43 05-Aug-2018
I really like your mod creation
The intro looks very nice and has a perfect cam speed imo funny end
The track feels rough at those road into water connections dat 334
For me the importance goes to the optical fact // and here you made a real good job
I can imagine how many work you had on this one - what i really appreciate is that your work is playable for all !!!
I am really happy about those guys like you here in the community
Keep it up
User Award   Delirium93 05-Aug-2018
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 05-Aug-2018
User Award   Pecorenzo 05-Aug-2018
User Award   JFF - Drpzor FST 05-Aug-2018
Just the fact that you did this with ChallengeEdit and didn't give up... Love the screen too ^^
User Award   Quantum» Lewis 06-Aug-2018
Big thumb up for your creation!
User Award   !k7 07-Aug-2018
+ interesting creation
+ cool atmosphere
+ resilience with Challenge Edit
+ racing line
+ intro

- a little too bumpy at 2 spots
- cut

Nevertheless a beautiful track. It's always a pleasure to see author pushing the envelop like you did.
Keep on creating
User Award   Michaelangelo 08-Aug-2018
Nice idea
User Award   HEAT shell 12-Aug-2018
I really love the track itself (uncutted). It feels so smooth when driving and the scenery is spectacular. I like very much the combination beetween the bumpy sand and the smooth solid water. Unfortunately (for me), this cut was discovered and I had to also do the hard cut in order to keep my second place. It made me dislike a bit the map. Maybe if you want you can update the map and put a black screen in front of the third CP, where is the cut, so that people won't cut the map anymore. But nevertheless, I really enjoy playing this map (both cutted and uncutted) and this is why I award your map.
User Award   SpiderX22 02-Nov-2018
Driving on water is so much fun, but you're right, it's so much effort to build! Map is fun!

P.S. Try TrackStudio. It's like ChallengeEdit (which I used to use), but shows you the map you are editing (also saves copies in case you mess up).
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