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Name: Download Noobs must die ! II
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   »RtA«wally
Version: 07-Jan-2019
Released: 07-Jan-2019
TMX id: 7304017
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 29,841
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:22.61   »RtA«wally+ 0:00.0029,841
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:26.55   wormi+ 0:03.9421,301
1:26.75   shortz.esu+ 0:04.1420,868
1:29.45   le gigantesque elephant+ 0:06.8415,016
1:33.05   Quat+ 0:10.447,213
1:37.55   MR+ 0:14.940
1:44.98   grobec+ 0:22.370
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Author Comments

This track is a highly difficult Speed tech map

Hey there
This map was made in april 2017, don't ask me why I didn't release it sooner, I don't even know

Obviously, this map is inspired by the great   DeFacer , whom is the author of ''Noobs must die!'' on TMN exchange.
Not gonna lie, it's a tough one. Pretty long as well.

The map itself is pretty smooth.. ( if you get it right haha )
Author time is 1:22.55 .. can't remember if it's a decent run.

I don't have much else to say.. Have fun I guess, and good luck hunting it if you're courageous

...I wanna thank   shortz.esu for the SS, I appreciate it buddy.
...Check out his last map:

CCP#10 - F a l l s by   shortz.esu

Take care guys

User Comments
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  »RtA«wally 07-Jan-2019
Replay incoming
  legigantesqueelephant 08-Jan-2019
i think i dont like the name of this track even if i think i am a pro in trackmania in i think any environtment in i think any style include trackmania 2, because i think pro player need respect the noob and i think i am a pro player and i think i respect the noob,i think we should respect them i think because i think maybe they just not have the skill for perform, i have see player play trackmania since over 10 year and i think they not as good as me and me i play since less than 7 year so i think the skill is something maybe just talent i think not sure but i think that some people no matter training or not they wont reach as much as pro player , i think i respect the noob because maybe they just try the best but they can't do better than the pro player,think about it its probably not funny for the noob to see this name of map even if i think i am pro player so i think you should change the name for i think i respect the noob they just noob not their fault if they try to be the best but i think maybe one they day gonna be strong,i think that i think this.
  »RtA«wally 08-Jan-2019

It's only a track name
  legigantesqueelephant 08-Jan-2019
ok so its fine wallouf i think im gonna try the map later lets see my time i think that i dont think im gonna beat your time but lets see my time this year i think i can beat at least wormi time any map , i have award the map because i know you made good map, even if i think i didnt have test the map i think right now but i think i know i think you do very good map like i think esl quebec³ and i think stc7/nc6 kodex map and i think other map like i think yout eswc map on tm2 and i think other map also by you so lets see later this year how i think how good your map is and im gonna tell it you it if you want after i test the map
  »RtA«wally 08-Jan-2019
thx elephant
  legigantesqueelephant 08-Jan-2019
i think thank you i think i always like when you do a new map
  wormi 08-Jan-2019
beat my time on any map made me sad stop this game now bye

jk jk
  legigantesqueelephant 10-Jan-2019
well wormi finally not sure if i beat your time on any map sorry to have tell this,i finally think i probably not beat your time on any map wormi,i think you closely as good as me and when i try beat your time on some map its take me always some time, there is some map you have i think very good time mean maybe that i cant beat your time on that map,for example the ccp map karjen did in 2017 i think symbiose have the wr on it,this map "CCP#25 - Polarsoul by   karjen_sand_wormi" i think you did a good time on that map and you did the map also, very good map and i think sander did the map also, dont worry wormi i know you good player because if you close to my skill maybe you even better mean you very good, and you do very good map also not only wally map that are good i thought i was better than you because of my 59.22 on esl nutcracker video on my youtube account and i have beat your time on some map but there is some map you beat my time also so its not mean im better than you wormi and no matter if im better or no than you wormi i think you very good player you close of my skill wormi i think you maybe as good as my friend funnyraceman maybe better than him even if he very good player also ok yo see you later and sorry again for said that i thought i was better than you , you i think a nice guy wormi and a very good player ok yo see you later
  Flyps 12-Jan-2019
you think a lot.
  legigantesqueelephant 13-Jan-2019
i think yea
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User Awards
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User Award   wormi 07-Jan-2019
Awesome map! Though I must say that the jump around 1 min is too difficult for me to make smooth ^^ Nevertheless it is a cool map with a couple of lovely noslide turns between speedy drift action. Great flow and all corners flow nicely. Usually in speedtech I am just scared and feel like there is no room to drive at this speed, but here I felt comfortable all the time.

Nice nice
User Award   Amaterasu! 07-Jan-2019
User Award   zexo /aka ZechoX 07-Jan-2019
User Award   Sparco 07-Jan-2019
A KarjeN map and a wally map in the same day in 2019? Unbelievable!

Hard to get a good time but fun in casual level, too much speed and space for meme hehe. I prefer the first half who has more changes and diversity but overall a very nice speed-tech like we don't see often, good job mate
User Award   Sky.esu 07-Jan-2019
Great job mate! Flow is great once you get the hang of it (which takes quite a while on this demanding map). Will leave you a nice time after the weekend or so - for my skill level. Cool to see you sharing a map here again
User Award   inf. 07-Jan-2019
great speedtech, some nice wide curves and challenging jumps.
User Award   legigantesqueelephant 08-Jan-2019
User Award   kiMi! 08-Jan-2019
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 08-Jan-2019
Great one, i like the atmosphere
User Award   Quat 12-Jan-2019
.. no noobs or noslide will occur
User Award   Flyps 12-Jan-2019
wow, this one is my definition of speed-tech ^^
cool stuff, and stunning replay
User Award   ZoggeR 13-Jan-2019
Cool map, I love it when jumps and drops work perfectly in this kind of map
User Award   jakub972 18-Mar-2019
User Award   .nixx 27-Mar-2020
this is insane
User Award   Cesmaster 12-Apr-2020
Great map!
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