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Name: Download Saturnus [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   simo_900
Version: 01-Mar-2019
TMX id: 7332705
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
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Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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Author Comments


Welcome to the official SaturnUS™ tour through the layers of the planet of colorful rings. We hope your travel has been pleasant. The tour management wants to remind you that our 5-star rated gas planet tours are completely safe* and in no way associated with any past possibly dangerous situations.

*In case you can't find your way out, get stuck, experience unexpected mental issues, death or meet other emergencies feel free to contact our management.


Saturnus is the follow-up to "Neptunus [RPG]", my second overmixed map released in 2013. The style I picked for this one differs from its predecessor noticably. Here the planet's shape is smaller, much closer to an actual sphere, hence the smaller rooms and tighter route. The lenght however, is pretty identical. I also chose not to make any ingame mediatracker, as it would interfere with the style of the route in my opinion. Maybe that's a bit of an excuse...
I hope this track will please you few overmix lovers!


    oo                o                                Style: overmixed RPG
o            o                  o                      Lenght: 20min / first run 2+ hours
    o    o                          o                  Distance: 50 cps (10 rings)
        oo                            o                Weight: 11940 IU
        o      o                      o                Mod: FullSpectrum by popgun
          o            o            o    o            Mood: day
              o                  oo          o        Screen: bigger
                        o                oo            Mediatracker: intro


Neptunus [RPG] by   simo_900





User Comments
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  Loe 01-Mar-2019
the author comment is absolutely satisfying to look at
  Pi malun 01-Mar-2019
  elaus43 01-Mar-2019
just watched the vid and hey i can't see much because of the darkness the mod provides
sure it's an awesome work again - only sad point is - that if i cannot drive your creations (because of (-skill)) it would be nice if i could watch the vid atleast
awesome sceen - seems saturn isn't stable anymore - it's because of space scrap
  thom 02-Mar-2019
Taking the Hobbits to Saturnus
  paxiuz 02-Mar-2019
can't wait for venunus

  Loe 03-Mar-2019
kepler 452bnus when
  Xerox. 04-Mar-2019
Some feedback: 1st CP-miss, 2nd CP-miss (which would also be a cut).

At the 1st CP-miss, I went under the curved platform, 180º and went fullspeed against the dirt bump, which leads you above the CP.
At the 2nd CP-miss, after landing on the blue wall, I fell to the left because of turtle, landed on wheels and then went backwards on the dirt gap. It also works as a cut for the next CP.

The 1st one felt like normal route, even though the jump was random at times, but I probably could have avoided the 2nd one. Worth fixing though since it also creates a big cut^^
Anyways, the track is amazing
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User Awards
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User Award   Loe 01-Mar-2019
looks cool but overall very mediocre...

sure i'm just joking around (hilarious laughter). apart from the great ideas this map throws in your face, i don't understand how you manage to build on such a tight construction zone. also the way this map looks like plus the mod is really astonishing to look at and really can put me in a trance.
User Award   Nawk 01-Mar-2019
User Award   Pi malun 01-Mar-2019
Very sick
User Award   fleshback 02-Mar-2019
in space, no one can hear you scream
User Award   Arien.wp 02-Mar-2019
Crazy stuff...
User Award   Vønix!« 02-Mar-2019
the part i enjoyed the most about this map is the Vsauce reference in Fleshbacks award here on tmx
User Award   Nixion #mot³ 02-Mar-2019
nice author comment
map is also ok
User Award   charn 02-Mar-2019
User Award   meNtality.wp 02-Mar-2019
uranus next?
User Award   Reahx 03-Mar-2019
User Award   GodofWar 03-Mar-2019
User Award   Xerox. 04-Mar-2019
Amazing map, great ideas all around and the map is very well built. Some of the CPs are truly original and enjoyable, and there are barely CPs that are troublesome or too hard. I missed twice but the map was really fun overall^^
User Award   Sky.esu 15-Mar-2019
love this type of overmixed map
User Award   Zipperke 01-Apr-2019
What's this award doing here? is it april fools or something?
saw the video, what a maze ing track
User Award   kiliku 06-Apr-2019
Masterpiece !
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