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Name: Download !nTechnical
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Turisimo
Version: 31-Dec-2008
Released: 31-Dec-2008
TMX id: 733724
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 37,997
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:42.35   Habba+ 0:00.0037,997
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0:42.71   xinyong wu+ 0:00.3636,059
0:42.77   Rewen+ 0:00.4235,736
0:42.89   Devy+ 0:00.5435,090
0:43.02   PagH .xT+ 0:00.6734,390
0:43.06   Bronco.+ 0:00.7134,174
0:43.07   GL Notrub+ 0:00.7234,121
0:43.33   aiden.KraL'+ 0:00.9832,721
0:44.01   Tim.Tam'+ 0:01.6629,060
0:44.11   Longi+ 0:01.7628,522
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Author Comments

Yop ! 31.12.o8

!n Technical


Today, Turisimo presents his new technical track. After many days of hard work, i finally got it right.
I maked good translisions, good speed, and some good slides.
i will hope for a good sucess for this track

Why "!n Technical" ?
Well.. the name doesnt say it so much, but this track is a tribute to the one and only PagH, and why to PagH ?

PagH you are a so greart person ! You always is a posetive guy, who awards. and you always wants to help out with Scenery
And second, your tracks are just like.. WOW ! So great flow with a awesome scenery and Screen.
I have talked to you alot the last days, for the Application for zT ofc . You are a so great person, and i hope you will enjoy this .

About the Track
The track is a Tech map, with some smooth translisions and good slides , and also with cool flow. Got a smooth drop at the start, with another one later in it. Also got a ittle Off-road.

Name: !n Technical
Lenght: ~43-44 sec on the first tries. If you are a realy good driver, you can surely beat 42.xx
Style: Tech
Mode: Day
Platforms: 2
Drops: 2 smooth ones
Translisions: Some good ones
Perfect Flow
Good speed, to be a tech track atleast.

Building Time
The building time is around 1- 2 weeks. Im not exactly sure about it, but its around that time.

Maybe not so good scenery, but its my best
Its good for online racing

Coopers : 2657
Times to beat
Bronze ~ 00:50:00
Silver ~ 00:45:00
Gold~ 00:44:00
Author: 00:43:27

Couldt see the times, bacuse i have played it, and got the author time

Intro: Yes A 15 sec long intro from AidenCral
Presens the track, and showing that it is a tribute to PagH.

Ingame: Yes a 3,2,1 GPS.
A ghost.

Outro: Yes, an outro made by me, with some different camera changes .

Made by Turisimo Looks pretty nice
Bigger one Here !

A quite good one, on Vimeo

Beta Testers

If i forgot someone, just tell me

Please download it, and give it a try

Comments are always welcome

Every replay would be great

Every awards will just be fantastic

Have fun & Good luck

Best regards


A Happy new year to
My goal for this will be 30 awards

(And PagH, i realy hope you will enjoy this )

User Comments
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  Turisimo 31-Dec-2008
Thanks To! Award after 10 secs
2.ZayL Thanks mate
3. Jakub19 Thx
4.darkpuddle Thanks for the inspiration !
5.wethal Many thanks for your words
6.AidenCral~uT' Im not the best at scenery
7.KAKASHI Thanks
8.dec Love you '
9.under Great
10.wilameta Superb
---------------------------------------------> 10 awards
11.Seadevil ~UT' Thx mate
12.Longi Nice
13.Bl@derunner Cool
14.TMV.Bombär Thanks
15.¬asF|TaM Great
16.=]PagH =) Whoah! I know the saying better late then never but I understand that now, you were just typing that huge award Thnx for those increadible words I feel honored. P.s. you are the best! You better know that
17.ziem0n.- Thanks for that long awards and those cool words
18.Rewen Omg Thanks mate
19.Larz Love you mate
20.Jesse You helped me get my goal on 20 awards on one track
-------------------------------------------------------------------20 awards
21.ProDrift | Arctificial
  page.~ 31-Dec-2008
you deserve it
  PagH .xT 02-Jan-2009
- will try tomorrow xD
  Turisimo 03-Jan-2009
No poroblem
  PagH .xT 06-Jan-2009
cuntinue of award

~ MediaTracker ~
We got the whole package. A nice intro which present the track in a pretty good way and shows its a tribute for me, (so thankful^^). There's choosen some pretty nice cams and good effects. The GPS is just how a GPS should be, cant say much about such a simple thing . . well, nice you added one xD. The outro is fine, but I missed to see some more of the track in some of the cams. But its your first, so you get credit for that. So all in all, good . . not really impressive but good and nothing more needed xD.
~ Scenery ~
The scenery was . . ok. Not really my style, but for a start pretty nice. When I tested the track the first time I said that the scenery was awful . . and you added more and change some things so you made it better. And now is it so much better than before. so . . you've created a good atmosphere ^^.
~ Screen ~
The screen is awful ! lol, kidding. Its pretty nice. The custom bagground is a good choise and the text looks good. (van font?xD) well, cant say much about it . . awesome !

Now some votings xD [1-10]

Track [8.0]
Well, im a bit harsh, but the thing there was missing was the new things. But the track flowed nice and hat some good ideas, tho nothing new. But beleave me - I enjoyed my ride a lot and 8 is a high voting - hard to get 10 xD.

Scenery [7.0]
sorry for this, but its good for now I think. If you have kept the old scenery you've got 2 xD. so you've created a good atmosphere and I loved watching is . . to make it clear :7 isnt a low vote !

MediaTrack [6.5]
It was really standard, but hey . .MT isnt the most important to me . . not at all. Its just a sidething and 6.5 is pretty good for standard MT, so congrats nice work! to get 10 : theb you've to build a storytrack like Jack Sparrow xD.

Screen [7.5]
I think it looks good and have some nice effects. The custom bagground is nice used and the text looks nice, well no doubt: 7.5!

All in all [7.5/8.0]
well i didnt used a calculater, but that is the voting that I think it need. I couldnt choose between these two, so you can choose which one you want xD (8.0??) lol. well super track, ok scenery, nice MT and a beautiful screeen.

~ Well now ~
Now I just wanna thank you for this wonderful tribute. It means a lot to me, I cant describe it xD So congrats for this M.A.S.T.E.R.P.I.E.C.E!!


kind and warm regards:

ps. hoped you enjoyed reading
  Turisimo 10-Jan-2009

I realy enjoyed readying
  GL Notrub 20-Jan-2009
Long Award PagH
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User Awards
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User Award   Prequel 02-Feb-2009
User Award   xinyong wu 03-Apr-2011
like this track
User Award   Vai|rambOi 29-Dec-2011
Love it
User Award   waldfee 10-Nov-2016
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