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Name: Download Spiral
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 29-Dec-2008
Released: 29-Dec-2008
TMX id: 737312
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 35,876
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:55.95   cranberries+ 0:00.0035,876
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:55.96   »RtA«mc.joey²+ 0:00.0135,857
1:56.87   memy+ 0:00.9234,168
1:57.16   GL Notrub+ 0:01.2133,629
1:58.41   mr.hubby+ 0:02.4631,309
1:58.52   diplo|mp+ 0:02.5731,105
1:58.56   [GD]BiLL+ 0:02.6131,030
1:58.91   Slartibartfast+ 0:02.9630,381
1:59.62   cReatiV/off+ 0:03.6729,063
1:59.74   wilameta+ 0:03.7928,840
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Author Comments

hi m8s !

I made this one specially for online
it's a multilap dirt track, and not hard to finish at all
but it gets harder and harder as you'll try to go faster and faster,
well, that's dirt in general
but on this one you'll have to make perfect slides/jumps in pretty tight places
so, it's kinda for dirt lovers only
the track has many different parts and they all need to be played more then once to be done right, so don't expect to make a perfect replay in one take

good luck, if you need it

n!x - thx so much dude I'm really glad you enjoyed it
Hubaner - hi m8 well, you know my tracks: fun but hard ^^
Krow - wow dude so cool of you to drop by, big thanks
diplo - man oh man I'm speechless by your awesome award
Jakub19 - thank you it's so great of you to stop by
TimeBreaker - OMG what an awesome surprise, big thanks
Dartz4 - thank you m8 awesome of you to drop by
matto - my friend I'm so glad you like it, hope you're not upset
homer - thx m8 yes, only dirt now, I think it's so underrated ...
ZverYshka - hey m8 cool and sneaky, as always
------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1o s
wilameta - hi m8 you know me, I try to experiment allot, so ...
Alba - heya dude so glad you played and enjoyed this one
cReative - 10x so much I'm really glad you enjoyed the track
NoAir - hi dude thx so much for your nice award and comment
thedread - thx m8 so sweet of you to drop by
Frx ben75 - hey dude thx so much for this nice award
Takashi - thank you m8 so glad you liked the track
HardDance - wow m8 big thanks for your cool award
wethal - hey dude nice time you have there, big thanks for playing
JooR - wows m8 so glad to receive this award from you
------------------------------------------------------------------- 2o s
Shadow21 - hey you are right about the MT, but I made it for online
lupo - hi dude I'm so glad you liked this one, thanks m8
fish - oh man so awesome to receive this award form you, big thx
laguna - hey dude thanks so much for playing it online
OWN vgr - thanks so much so awesome of you to stop by
Bl@derunner - hey dude so glad you awarded, thanks so much
Sheep - thanks m8 awesome of you to award this dirt track
stamp - wows dude so cool to get this award from you
[GD]BiLL - hi mate you're awesome, big thanks for playing
Zappa_G - wow man so great to hear that, big thanks dude
--------------------------------------------------------------- 30 s
memy - awesome dude big thanks, but the track is so damn compact I had to compromise allot, but I totally understand you point, btw. nice time

if you like off-road tracks, try this one

Off-RoaD by   cranberries

User Comments
Showing 11 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  mr.hubby 29-Dec-2008
where are the warnings ??
they are so funny
  cranberries 29-Dec-2008
no warnings this time ...
I know that only a few guys will play this one
and we all know by now how dirt is

@ diplo: nice time and so quickly uploaded thx m8
  diplo|mp 29-Dec-2008
thx it was my first try i'll put another time soon
  TimeBreaker 29-Dec-2008
maan this is so annoying, my pc always starts lagging in the 2nd lap
  cranberries 29-Dec-2008

damn ...
it usually works the other way around
first laggy .. then smoother
  diplo|mp 29-Dec-2008
cranberries please try my last track
the name of track is: night of madness
  mr.hubby 30-Dec-2008
sry eeeee for bad time but try to get better time soon
  JooR 24-Jan-2009
Amazing screenshot
  Playa-NL 24-Jan-2009
now... i'm not a dirtdriver... but i think it was a very hard map
well, it's a good track but there are no warnings for some tricky parts
  cranberries 26-Jan-2009
thanks m8s
well, I know it's not easy ... I guess it's supposed to be played a while and learned a bit for a nice time and nice smoothness
  mr.hubby 29-Oct-2009
new year old time
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 31 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Shadow21 24-Jan-2009
Wow, as the song says, What a feeeeling !

Excellent track, you simply feel amazed to play it again and again, thanks to your great scenery and originality (for a dirt track) !

However, no intro, and no outro ? (you could have made great camera shots ! ).

Anyway, well deserved (the 21st, lol)
User Award   lupo !mW 24-Jan-2009
nice track.
good jumps/drops and nice offroad parts..
User Award   fish 03-Feb-2009
nice tech track. Ur best one ^^
User Award   laguna 04-Feb-2009
Perfect dirty track!!

User Award   vgr 05-Feb-2009
Perfect, like all your dirt track

User Award   Bl@derunner 05-Feb-2009
n1 dirt track , one of the best
User Award   Sheep 24-Feb-2009
nice speed dirt track great ideas

i see forward to your next track
User Award   Stamp 24-Feb-2009
very nice dirt track
you make them so brilliant
User Award   [GD]BiLL 24-Feb-2009
Nice track, as usual

Lovely tech dirt
User Award   Zappa_G 04-Mar-2009
Great track - I like it very much! Nice scenery!

User Award   memy 05-Mar-2009
Went it many times and really enjoy driving your map cran.
Dont know why i didn't award this nice track till now.
I'm sure 1:55 is possible... but driving 2 rounds gives a lot of possibilities to make mistakes...
Very smooth running map with some interesting corners and jumps.
The uphill jump via ramp for example is really one very challenging part where one can gain a lot of time.
Last jump before finish... with a big speed overdose... maybe it would have been nice if it would be one field longer so that you dont land directly in the corner... !?
I had fun to drive it

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