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Name: Download I love prosecco
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Pecorenzo
Version: 25-May-2019
Released: 25-May-2019
TMX id: 7442978
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 38,059
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:56.93   nwt'Sadh+ 0:00.0038,059
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:57.20   kYOSHI!+ 0:00.2736,976
0:58.06   wormi+ 0:01.1333,526
0:58.09   grobec+ 0:01.1633,406
0:58.49   Pecorenzo+ 0:01.5631,801
0:58.54   DSC Musti+ 0:01.6131,601
0:58.75   seb.esu+ 0:01.8230,758
0:59.06   elaus43+ 0:02.1329,515
0:59.53   TiggerVater+ 0:02.6027,630
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Author Comments

I love Prosecco

long time ago i promised to my friend grobec a track with this title ... and now here it is
sorry mate for the delay and because the map is not really creative , it is more a springtime version of "CCP#11 SnowVintage"
scenery and MT as usual

some stats

style : naive dirt
mood : morning
AT : 58.49
cc 4363

big showcase for a masterpiece

Champagne Supernova by   grobec

feedbackreplaycommentsandwhynotawards are very appreciated

User Comments
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  Pecorenzo 25-May-2019
thx elaus
thx Becky
thx Seb
thx wormi
thx Manu
thx Musti
thx grobec
thx oorka
thx Ziro
thx Sadh
thx Arien
thx Fuse
thx !k7
thx Bax*
thx Kyo
  elaus43 25-May-2019
i prefer a cool fresh beer
my best replay before my frames go
  Pecorenzo 25-May-2019
elaus i like beer ofc ,but a good prosecco maybe with some well coocked seafood ...
  elaus43 26-May-2019
You must try a Chablis
It's just awesome in comb. with seafood
  Pecorenzo 26-May-2019
Prefer local products
  grobec 27-May-2019
I hope I will have the opportunity to drink prosecco soon !
  Pecorenzo 27-May-2019
and i would like to have the opportunity to visit a wine route in France

Nice hunt online
NT Sadh awesome replay
  nwt'Sadh 29-May-2019
ty mate
  Pecorenzo 08-Aug-2019
KYOon fire !
  nwt'Sadh 09-Dec-2019
interesting to see that i'm 0.25 in front on the uphill next to that grass and still 0.15 cp7.
I surely have to go back on that one, i have the slowest last part of the earth
  Pecorenzo 11-Dec-2019
Nice to see your rehunt and whattatime
  kYOSHI! 14-Dec-2019
o no ill hunt this later when ill got a pc ??
  nwt'Sadh 14-Dec-2019
np kyo ! i still have a better time to upload

ty peco btw <3
  Pecorenzo 17-Dec-2019
just amazed
never tought that 56 was possible
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   elaus43 25-May-2019
Cool to see a new offroader by you
Why so modest? A good trackbuilding is not forced by showing smth. outstanding new
You made everything right (though i don't like sharp endings) pah'
A nice route with a great scenery arround
I really like the intro you made
User Award   awful maps 25-May-2019
Great dirt map P Well calculated with Very cool modern style scenery too.
User Award   seb.esu 26-May-2019
User Award   wormi 26-May-2019
Cool map, the grass part makes it unique even though the map overall is very classic dirt
User Award   M.a.n.u. 26-May-2019
very nice work man
User Award   DSC Musti 26-May-2019
great map with creative parts. Well done Peco
User Award   grobec 27-May-2019
Totally agree with wormi Fun to play
User Award   oorka 27-May-2019
I agree 100% with grobec.
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 28-May-2019
User Award   nwt'Sadh 29-May-2019
happy that you are back in classic dirt
Nice one mate but i f***ng hate that grass part
User Award   Arien.wp 30-May-2019
Awesome Love the overall design
User Award   FuseTM 01-Jun-2019
Very fun dirt track!
User Award   !k7 04-Jun-2019
Very well crafted in all aspects
User Award   Bax* 05-Jun-2019
Nice map peco
User Award   kYOSHI! 08-Aug-2019
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