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Name: Download Beyond the Limit
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   PagH|eXtracT
Version: 02-Jan-2009
Released: 02-Jan-2009
TMX id: 747612
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 35,243
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:43.29   KarjeN+ 0:00.0035,243
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0:43.52   GSA|dynamYte+ 0:00.2334,119
0:43.57   SPN'«+ 0:00.2833,875
0:43.59   PN`D4v1d+ 0:00.3033,777
0:43.68   eXtracT+ 0:00.3933,338
0:43.70   Cayman.+ 0:00.4133,240
0:43.99   SapphiroN+ 0:00.7031,823
0:44.36   Rizou+ 0:01.0730,016
0:44.69   PN`Qwerty+ 0:01.4028,404
0:44.96   Vector.-+ 0:01.6727,085
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Author Comments

- 02.01.2009 -

Hey ManiaX

Finaly we finished our second duo . . MT, screen . . all this stuff took us a long time, but now its finished. This time we think we did it even better than our last duo, so we hope you all think the same.

- | Beyond the Limit | -

Again is it a speed-techer. This time with more speed and some awesome jumps and drops. Ofcause are some lovely transition inclueded too . . and everything is smooth as butter.

- | Track Details | -

~ 44 secs . . 43 is possible (AT is 43:86)
~ day mood
~ tmx GD signs
~ drifts
~ smoothness
~ transitions

- | Who made what? | -


~ 1. ~ 0-12 sec, 3. 32-44 secs
~ Author comments
~ Auther time
~ video


~ 2. ~12-32 secs
~ scenery

- | screen | -

AWESOME screen

Bigger one ;)

all made by Tiger . . so grateful mate .!

- | MediaTracker | -

The full package .!
Intro: ~15 secs long . . some diffrent cams and some text.
Ingame: text there shows the way to the GPS.
Outro: some cool cams.
GPS: (ghost)

Intro/Outro is made by AidenCral . . much apreciated mate .!
Ingame is made by PagH .!

- | Scenery | -

Very awesome scenery (we think), and we both love it .!

Coppers: 3377

- | Video | -

Click Here - TM-tube

. . .produced by PagH. . .

- | Times to beat | -

bronze: 0:54.00
silver: 0:48.00
gold: 0:45.00
Author Time: 43:86 (should be easy to beat)

- | Thanks to all beta testers | -

~ page.~
~ Bare
~ Rewiind
~ Hubaner
~ GSADynamite
~ Tiger
~ AidenCral
~ Fitty
~ MrMono
~ Cayman
~ ZayL
~ TimeFound
~ Axis
~ Krow
~ German_Dude
~ DutchLegend
~ Firwarre
~ zeim0n
~ NoAir
~ Fytrim

and more . . cant remember em . . say if you're missing there

- | What we wanna say now | -

Please check it out

Comments are always welcome

Every replay would be awesome

Every award would just be fantastic

Kind regards

PagH & eXtr@cT

ps: we're both members of the trackbuilding team zT (zero Tolerance)

Check out the site here!

User Comments
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  Speedu 04-Jan-2009
20 betatesters.. nice, you get 20 awards for those already
  Cayman. 04-Jan-2009
Lol, nice
  PagH .xT 07-Jan-2009
wiih, first in botw, thanks all
  Dutchy! 07-Jan-2009
tss, write a thanks list dude ...))
  PagH .xT 07-Jan-2009
Later mate, later
  Dutchy! 08-Jan-2009
don't believe you
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User Awards
Showing 59 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 05-Jan-2009
Amazing dup map
Great maper and really nice duo
Map is rocked...
Every thing is just perfect
User Award   SweSebbe 05-Jan-2009
A very nice work guys as i enjoyed alot In the start i thought "am i suppose to take that checkpoint now or not..." I didn't took it the first rounds and i never finished the track either those tries.. Later i watched the gps and thought "damn i was lucky there " and the try after that, i made it .
It is a very tricky track with high speed and alot of tricky jumps/turns but that makes the track even better because it is a challenge in it . Thanks for the wonderful track guys

Here have you a big from me
User Award   Sebi.nGine | off 06-Jan-2009
pretty impressive track guys, and great handling of the mediatracker
the track flows really great and i love the transitions
User Award   Bajs 08-Jan-2009
Magnificent tech track. Cool transitions, nice slide and so much fun to drive.
User Award   Metal_Snake 08-Jan-2009
Fantastic duo my dear mates
The flow is damn delicious all along, same goes for the smoothness
All the transitions work so smoothly O_o I love this one on the dirt !
The speed is really great, quiet high when needed, it's well calculated.
I really enjoy all the offroad parts ( grass or dirt, they are awesome ! )
Great cooperation job, once again guys
User Award   arzga 08-Jan-2009
Great speed tech track

Very challenging, full of nice curves and jumps

Great work
User Award   bubka.~zT 09-Jan-2009
User Award   DenSu | nGine 10-Jan-2009
what a nice map mates.Fantastic transitions and for a duo a
perfect solution.Everything fits perfectly together.The speedy
characteristics of pagh and the tech ones of extract just feel
great together.A realy nice duo and fantastic track.Well done
User Award   franck70 15-Jan-2009

User Award   Champ 19-Jan-2009
Boys what a great production.
User Award   kwyk 21-Jan-2009
sry didnt see it earlier

good track
User Award   timefound WOW Lover <3 16-Mar-2009
Cool dou
User Award   Chazz'.U 29-May-2009
very smooth tech track with original idea's
User Award   PN`Qwerty 27-Aug-2009
Awsome track!

great Flow
Great smoothness!

Realy enjoyed this one;

Congratz ;

User Award   PN`D4v1d 28-Aug-2009
Nice track, at first I didn't like it at all cause I didn't knew how to race it, but after some time on it, it's wicked Nicely made!

Here is my !


User Award   Griff. (giz) 10-Oct-2009
Awesome track here.
Love it.
User Award   risk 27-Mar-2010
User Award   Spiky 23-Nov-2010
User Award   dan!el 11-Aug-2012
awesome <3
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