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Name: Download cityscapes.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   .reality
Version: 31-Jul-2019
Released: 31-Jul-2019
TMX id: 7522255
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,488
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:39.16   'Twister+ 0:00.0026,488
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0:39.46   dawson0810+ 0:00.3025,270
0:39.49   .reality+ 0:00.3325,148
0:39.52   ~dynamic.+ 0:00.3625,027
0:39.57   TiggerVater+ 0:00.4124,824
0:39.58   Tarkkh+ 0:00.4224,783
0:39.59   elaus43+ 0:00.4324,742
0:40.16   Ziro_der_hutt+ 0:01.0022,429
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Author Comments


This is my brand new map.

Little prehistory (not so):

I started building it like 3-4 days ago, i made first 7-8 seconds and and forgot about it. But later, my team lords decided to do some recruit maps for our team. Ma boi   ................................, made a tech recruit. Here it is: "»Lotus.", try it. Ma boiz   Druzle and   J.Ricsi11 made some lols, and ma boi   Nalax made dirt. And of course, this piece of shit ->   .reality of course made fs - cityscapes. Map made in "gun" shape (or hot dog). Also no scuptures today, later, ok ? if you are suddenly interested to our team, you can easily join our discord server (we accept everyone).

If you are too lazy to read text above, here some information about map:

Style: competitive fullspeed.
MT work: GPS, Intro, In-game and a little bit Outro.
AT: 39:50 (i think 38 is max).
Coppers Count: 6000 exactly.
Screen: by me.


Good Luck and Have fun!

User Comments
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  MoonShadow 31-Jul-2019
...nothing without friends....
  .reality 31-Jul-2019
  MoonShadow 31-Jul-2019, in this community, nobody knows what a good map is, except friends ofc!! Don't pretend that you( and every other member of this @#$#@#$ community) don't know what I am talking about! Awards doesn't mean that the track(any other) is good, cause it's personal. Awards attract ppl( that's where friends appear as soon as the tracks is uploaded - in many cases without replays) and the rest is pure inertia. if you have only 1 friend, you will get, maybe, one more award, 3=5 or 6, 6=10+(if you are lucky).....and so on....'s not drama, I'm just stating the obvious
  .reality 31-Jul-2019
  norlly12 - .
  meNtality.wp - needed some dilution of hard transition sculptures fullspeeds thanks!
  elaus43 - generally map a bit rushed (very little bit) thanks! (guy above u like big scenery ). Also i think that if map have gps, signs are not so needed =)
  Arien.wp - big thanks to you, Arien. Finally a someone, who understands me
  'Twister - thanks
  J.Ricsi11 -
  ................................ -
  Nalax -
  mata - many thanks!
  Ziro_der_hutt -
  derrapador -
  Arien.wp 31-Jul-2019
I mean, Norllys track was worthy of criticism as I have explained last time. But with you Reality, there is far more effort and talent behind you building and the numbers you get are more deserved compared to Norlly in my opinion. Your main routes and some of the blockmixes could be improved, but the outside perspective on this map here is great. Sometimes there might be a friend award here and there, but it's not as noticable as on the previously mentioned track by Norlly. So there is no need to start this discussion in here, at least from me. And please, enough of that meme
  J.Ricsi11 31-Jul-2019
I want see a arien.vs.reality.vs.norlly.vs.shadow
mapper event
  Arien.wp 31-Jul-2019
  .reality 31-Jul-2019
actually good idea
  frev. 31-Jul-2019
oo part 2
  J.Ricsi11 31-Jul-2019
+elaus, frev, karjen
  norlly12 01-Aug-2019
U will be have 200 awards, Moon Shadow "Friends awards"
  MoonShadow 01-Aug-2019
So, let's go community - show your true faces!!
  J.Ricsi11 01-Aug-2019
So i can making a disc community serv?
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User Awards
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User Award   norlly12 31-Jul-2019
User Award   meNtality.wp 31-Jul-2019
friend award

for real tho, not your best map imo, walls don't feel that good and it lacks some creativeness imo. but scenery/screen is gucci
User Award   elaus43 31-Jul-2019
All in all
Screen - nice imagination
Scenery is real good except a lot of annoying spots
Those sharp cutted endings by a lot of blocks are not nice to see. flicker mixes etc.
Signplacement could have been more better (for example jump after last wall)
Unfinished looking part left side exit of the wall
Trackroute is quit simple but not bad at all - made fun
So if there weren't these mentioned things i would call it great
User Award   Arien.wp 31-Jul-2019
Mental scenery, keep on going
User Award   'Twister 31-Jul-2019
something longer this time route is a bit lackluster, but it was fun enough to hunt. nice scenery from above, but if you take a closer look you see some ugly bm (road block at last wallride for example)

paid award btw

User Award   J.Ricsi11 31-Jul-2019
Nice Screen and Decorations
User Award   ................................ 31-Jul-2019
wateraward I this intro
User Award   Nalax 01-Aug-2019
Map is good, but next time make this longer
User Award   mata 04-Aug-2019
just a very good track
a bit of repeating patterns that dont really make any huge difference
but its a great map overall
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 07-Aug-2019
User Award   derrapador 05-Sep-2019
User Award   Marlon 20-Dec-2019
not bad
User Award   rogurgo 02-Jan-2021
scenery is sick
User Award   luckypech 02-Jan-2021
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