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Name: Download Evolution of Kong
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   elaus43
Version: 05-Nov-2019
Released: 05-Nov-2019
TMX id: 7618562
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 82,373
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:43.95   kiMi!+ 0:00.0082,373
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0:43.97   Amaterasu!+ 0:00.0282,148
0:44.16   Sundive+ 0:00.2180,012
0:44.20   'Twister+ 0:00.2579,562
0:44.28   Boeny+ 0:00.3378,662
0:44.34   |PT| CakeyFA+ 0:00.3977,987
0:44.52   seb.esu+ 0:00.5775,963
0:44.68   Dubby+ 0:00.7374,164
0:44.77   stefan_markus+ 0:00.8273,152
0:44.78   grobec+ 0:00.8373,039
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Author Comments

I tried my best. But if it suits the pros, I can not say.
Therefore please have indulgence if it does not feel perfect.
Made about 1001 test runs - but often my FPS made testing me to hell.
The theme is about a character that I found exciting as a child and even today, as you can see, there is still a certain fascination for me.


So I tried to integrate elements of the jungle into the track. Builded two different hights for the lakes
As a small surprise, I also placed a prehistoric bird. I hope you recognize him as such.
The track is riddled with many drifts and jumps, some of which are not so easy to take.
But with a bit of practice and patience it should work.

Construction time about 1 week
Coppersweight 5555cc
Length ~ 45sec natural
Difficulty - intermediate
GPS - press backwards
Well, I do not think there's anything else to say except ...
Have fun
Your elaus

Thank You
  Lady Sweet
  |PT| CakeyFA

User Comments
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  elaus43 05-Nov-2019
AT i kept because it's very rare^^
Will hunt later for a more nice time - btw. GPS time 45.15
bananas i had in mind
thx stefan - reading your comment was pure fun
  stefan_markus 05-Nov-2019
Driving your track was pure fun Thanks for making this.
  threading 05-Nov-2019
Tomorow i will play this

EDIT: just a quick run, now i have to go to work

improve my time

great track
  elaus43 06-Nov-2019
.99 again^^
  Joopie 06-Nov-2019
my run is horrible but still cant inprove somehow

much more possible
  elaus43 06-Nov-2019
@Sorry for the wacky^^ (never heard before) part - i really like your constructive critic Twister btw. very nice time
After watching your replay again and again - i feel the prbl here is the 553 i should have used a more open entrance instead
This part wasn't easy on the turn cause i felt forced because of the ending "door". It should be placed between those big blocks. It should represent the door of the KONG area. Hope you know that movie. Nevertheless you are right
  Sundive 12-Nov-2019
I really enjoyed the first half, but the amount of bugs i got in the first corner really killed the experience for me. While you can't remove the bugs in this game, you could have gone for a different route before the first jump, which i think would have made the track a lot better.
That combined with the "wacky" second half (as Twister describes it), unfortunately does that i won't award it.

The platform part before the second CP was really fun hunting, and i loved the flow on the first drift. There definitely are some great parts.

PS: 43.xx is definitely possible if you get a lot of speed out of the last two drifts.
  elaus43 12-Nov-2019
@ Sundive thx for your reason - i really like that
always nicer than a "bad map" or smth. like that.
Thx for your replay
  kiMi! 19-Nov-2019
easily improvable run with better end
  elaus43 20-Nov-2019
awe run - sorry for my wacky b. skill
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User Awards
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User Award   stefan_markus 05-Nov-2019
This really feels like a true elaus map!
Very wisely chosen block mixes, especially the white roof in the beginning. Just so smooth and perfect.
This track has a very strong first half with not too tight corners and good speed. Stunning visuals and overall nice looking scenery!

ps: i love the these banana inflateables
User Award   Speedracer| 05-Nov-2019
User Award   threading 06-Nov-2019
good work elaus
User Award   krocix29 06-Nov-2019
Keep your style
User Award   Bobo954267A 06-Nov-2019
User Award   Joopie 06-Nov-2019
User Award   'Twister 06-Nov-2019
interesting track here^^
i really like the first drift with the ramp drop here and the first half in general
the second half is.. weird, the platform turn is quite wacky to drive because it's so wide and with the speed it feels a bit out of control
still had a lot of fun so
User Award   Pecorenzo 06-Nov-2019
fun track
like the scenery
User Award   grobec 06-Nov-2019
User Award   Lady Sweet 10-Nov-2019
User Award   Lovva 10-Nov-2019
User Award   ZoggeR 10-Nov-2019
Fun map, rly enjoyed it
User Award   Arien.wp 10-Nov-2019
User Award   candidatus 11-Nov-2019
User Award   |PT| CakeyFA 11-Nov-2019
Nice ram bugs at the beginning
User Award   kiMi! 19-Nov-2019
cool map apart from the last drift
User Award   Mathway 08-Feb-2020
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