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Name: Download CCP#03 - Wiinty Morning
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   meNtality
Version: 03-Dec-2019
TMX id: 7651479
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 7,121
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:52.69   Switch+ 0:00.007,121
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0:52.81   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.127,023
0:52.89   pascow.esu+ 0:00.206,958
0:53.12   meNtality+ 0:00.436,772
0:53.14   Vixen.«+ 0:00.456,756
0:54.20   SPN'«+ 0:01.515,896
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Author Comments

W i i n t y M o r n i n g

DEDICATED to   .Wiinty
VIDEO by   seb.esu

Here it comes, my newest creation after a long time. I wasn't spending as much time in editor, as in previous years of my tmx career, but I didn't want to miss such a special event for the whole community (especially when I kind of convinced shortz to host it, so thank you   shortz.esu for that).
This track is special for me and there are several reasons for it.

First of all it is a tribute to that one guy called Bogdan, or   .Wiinty. Why did I make it? Well, I always felt like his maps were underrated, especially considering how much effort he put into them. I can only be jealous of his imagination and creativity, the ideas that he is realizing in his tracks. They were often a great inspitation for me, both scenery and route wise. His unique style of blockmixing things, while keeping them clean, smooth & different from others. I just wish he could be more active these days and please us with his tracks a bit more often. So yeah, if you read this Wiinty, then I'm waiting till you start the Silent Morning 4 shit.

Second of all, it is my birthday, so I'm a bit more happy today, than the other days, though CCP brings some joy to every december day anyway. Also that's why I've chosen this date for my own track.

Now let's jump into the map itself. It is a fast, but transitional speeder with a lot of dirt action, some walls & sds here and there. I also applied simo's snow mod (thanks for helping me out,   simo_900), it should load for you after a short amount of time and create a nice wiinty atmosphere. I used some ideas that I never did before, like the second wall entry or the finish line, so hope you like them. Dunno what else to say, just go and play already, lol.

Also I want to give shoutouts to people who tested this track (there were some, you know who you are ).
Thanks Benni or Jay or   ---- or whatever for gps run. xd
Screenshot is made by   Dule, if you want to see it in bigger resolution, here you are. Thank you for that, comrade.
Video is made by   seb.esu, good job providing awesome quality and keeping tmx alive.

Showcase section:

Come on to me. by   .Wiinty

Phoenix Breath - RPG by   Dule

Happy christmas days,

User Comments
Showing 13 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  apX.Magik :3 03-Dec-2019
  Kumpelblase 03-Dec-2019
  inf. 03-Dec-2019
Happy birthday mate
  Switch 03-Dec-2019
Happy birthday
  Dule 03-Dec-2019
Happy birthday comrade!
  ZoggeR 03-Dec-2019
Happy birthday
And also sweet screen Dule
  .Wiinty 03-Dec-2019
Happy birthday, fella, wish you the best both in-game and in real life. Gonna ride this babe sooon.
  meNtality 03-Dec-2019
Thank you all guys, means a lot for me
  Kumpelblase 03-Dec-2019
you should have said something yesterday night
happy birthday mate
award comes later ofc

/e: got quite the shitty tube and loop and last wall here so maybe .6x possible
  Marlon 03-Dec-2019
Happy Birthday
  elaus43 03-Dec-2019
@ switch^^20fps and that time
  meNtality 04-Dec-2019
thank you all for the feedback&bday wishes nice times switch & buddy (:
elaus - thanks for you detailed feedback, im glad you like it )
vixen - ty for nice words, it may be buggy but it is definitely possible to get it all clean x)
switch - dat award O.o soo thankful for this, haha too drunk to write something more for you <33
raven - bro, thanks a lot bitch yes maybe i overkilled scenery at some places, but i wanted to make something epic
damn, craxx is here
trex, thankyou (:
  JFF - Drpzor FST 05-Dec-2019
As for the actual feedback, loved the flow, very nice and speedy, I would actually say you are still getting better at building fullspeeds, which I didn't quite expect to be possible, I expected you to kind of get stuck at half-competitive-half-wannabeartistic level, but this appeals to me as an actual fullspeed art
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 38 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   5upernatural 03-Dec-2019
Played it and liked a lot )) happy birthday
User Award   Pecorenzo 03-Dec-2019
User Award   'Twister 03-Dec-2019
User Award   seb.esu 03-Dec-2019
User Award   xeqzion 03-Dec-2019
ay this is great man and happy bday m8
User Award   X3Max 04-Dec-2019
nice one
User Award   Loe 04-Dec-2019
User Award   Ravenwest 04-Dec-2019
Time to break my 666 awards given and it starts with you!
First of all happy birthyesterday
Sorry was tired and busy that time, coudn't award. Now let's talk about this shit track...
I don't play tm that often you know, I first checked gps and thought what the hell so many hard transitions. By the way I have 20 fps too, it's too heavy for my mind and laptop. Then I tried to drive and actually it was smooth as i couldn't even think. Especially I enjoyed transition to second wall. The track is good as always, but I still don't understand you and other guys who make soo heavy scenery! Seriously, you made so many beautiful combinations of blocks which I can see only in intro or flying camera. It's too heavy, it becomes not cool... at least for me... I'm glad Switch has same opinion. You really should make some empty spaces. This is like music: couplets and chorus, maybe some drops. and your scenery is monotonously heavy. Well it's just opinion, maybe it's your taste.
Anyway it's still nice and you are on the top of fullspeed builders nowdays!

Bye bitch
User Award   craxx - gone 04-Dec-2019

great track but my driving line is too buggy to finish with a decent time.
User Award   pascow.esu 04-Dec-2019
Very well built track. The scenery is indeed too heavy at some places for my taste, but all in all looking pretty well. Late happy birthday man!
User Award   Joost»LT 05-Dec-2019
Amazing track!!
Fullspeed tracks are not necessarily my thing..
I usually can't hunt them..
(I barely finish them in case of necessary SDs)
and thus I often find them boring and repetitive..
Loops, wallrides and tubes, kind of stops there to be bold.

However I can't say that about this track.
..Yes I haven't finished it yet
..Yes there are a lot of tubes, wallrides and loops
But it is constructed really well

As said before, this is an artistic track. A piece of art
But it is also a driveable fullspeeder with lots of fun to give.
And that surely is a feat

Wish I could drive it better than I can
Gotta try it later again I'm afraid

Oh and the scenery is amazing as you might know
though I do agree with the previous comments
Even my desktop PC stutters a bit while driving, but I should probably consider lowering the quality of the shadows and stuff

User Award   sef.Paras! 05-Dec-2019


User Award   SPN'« 05-Dec-2019
User Award   AR »Cybernetic 06-Dec-2019
User Award   Speedracer| 06-Dec-2019
this remember me on TURNBEUTELMASSAKER ^^ ... ah nostalgic moments
User Award   C4 Freak 06-Dec-2019
amazing speed, route and scenery!!
User Award   AR »Trex 08-Dec-2019
I can just hook up with the other comments: Fantastic

I'm really impressed, this track has everything a track needs and it's one of the best transitional maps I've ever driven. The map is super smooth, full of great ideas, has a nice flow and is even huntable quite well. Also the entry of the 2nd wall works unexpectedly well. I love the transitions working pretty well in most of the cases and it's just nice to drive them. I guess it's pretty difficult to still find new ideas for transitions because nearly everything has been built already. Anyway, the only downside is the size of the map that causes lags at some locations online. The scenery is pretty heavy, but looks nice.

Oh, and happy birthday from me too
User Award   Kumpelblase 14-Dec-2019

So I guess I haven't awarded this yet, sorry for that.
You've always been one of the mappers I have considered to be oneof the best and with this track you've proven it again.
The Route of this one is diverse and challenging and was not really easy to get into in the beginning. I struggelt with the heavy scenery, which by the way is great, beause I didn't know here to look. But as you get to know it better it actually becomes quite natural and easier to finish.
On the transitions I look with mixed feelings. Don't gt me wrong, I think they´re magnificent and well placed
but they're not really the best for hunting. Especially the combination before the first wallride which is just too hard to get consistent. But I think apart from a few people (yes you xeq and Dubby) actuallly few care about that.
So...banger of a track mate.

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