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Name: Download Nine Hundred [Trial]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   simo_900
Version: 21-Feb-2020
Released: 21-Feb-2020
TMX id: 7691746
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,233
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Trial
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise
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584:45.09   simo_900+ 0:00.001,233
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Author Comments


That's a lot of checkpoints.

900 individual checkpoints, zero rings and no double/triple checkpoints. Around 2-3 hours, 10-15h firstrun for any trial/rpg player. Author time is 4 hours.

45570 C. It's a lot, but also inevitable.


Building time:
40 hours for route.





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Special thanks to Loe and Nixion, without them this project wouldn't have happened. Even I thought that making a 900 cp track just for the sake of having the number in my name is insane. However, they got me to realize it's an actually realistic project worth making, so thanks for motivating me to make this happen.


User Comments
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  simo_900 21-Feb-2020

Simo 4:10:55.63
Kitty 5:56:46.34
Lain 6:33:03.47
Rybiak 6:35:00.00
SkandeaR 6:45:05.98
Mayhmeme 7:58:00.41
Korch 8:00:00.00 (est)
Draggy 8:12:34.46
Wirtual 8:49:20.07
McPlaya 8:49:20.81
Hoffman 10:12:36.24
Matt 9:44:45.09
szentvik 12:59:26.10
jo la taupe 42:09:59.95

If you have trouble opening the track, try PC3 low and NoShadows
  .reality 21-Feb-2020
  szentvik 21-Feb-2020 pc gonna explode...
  Loe 21-Feb-2020
  Kristina 21-Feb-2020
  Sky.esu 21-Feb-2020
what was the idea behind the last checkpoints just going over the blue border?
  elaus43 21-Feb-2020
@simo - one point missing in the AC
you only need to count them briefly
  simo_900 21-Feb-2020
a good idea sky
  Loe 21-Feb-2020
no matter what i tried i can't play this map... my pc is such a toothbrush.
  elaus43 21-Feb-2020
hopefully this site stays alive till filling up the replays list
  simo_900 22-Feb-2020
Huge respect to matt skandear and lain for finishing it day one, amazing to see a track like this getting actually played
  Loe 22-Feb-2020
thanks =)
  jo la taupe 23-Feb-2020
what a fantastic map!
fitting 900 cps in this 32*32 (mostly 30*30) is really insane and its not even repetitive. could have gone for 900 more
and the last 100 cps are even better, when things speed up

truly a masterpiece
  McBain 07-Mar-2020
jo la taupe 42:09.59.95
  simo_900 08-Mar-2020
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User Awards
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User Award   .nixx 21-Feb-2020
You could have put for effort into the track. Route length is kinda disappointing. Also quite disappointing that the last cp is not a uberbug and unrespawnable.
User Award   link` 22-Feb-2020
User Award   Pi malun 22-Feb-2020
User Award   igntuL 22-Feb-2020
24 is my favorite number
User Award   MR 22-Feb-2020
Would be a sick last project to end the tm-career of simo_900
User Award   szentvik 24-Feb-2020
3.5h needed to reach cp180 < insert overly dramatic darts screaming here > ...
I would really love to finish this map now, but sadly its already past midnight and I'll have to leave for work in about 8h. I don't think that time would be quite enough
Thank you for creating this map, which makes me re-evalute the gaming experience on 20fps...on this monster that was already felt like a blessing.

Oh and it was without watching the gps...there was a few close calls where I almsot skipped a dozen (or 113) cps

E: I think the cp-counter trigger is misplaced on cp111...literally unplayable...

E2: Finished on 03/01...wholesome 13h
User Award   Muffeyo 24-Feb-2020
User Award   knoxville_nico 24-Feb-2020
Very fun map! Especially the little references at some of the CPs give it a very nice extra touch.
Very cool to drive, just be careful that you don't take a wrong CP by accident!
Amazing how you can build such a fun long track in TM.
User Award   Arien.wp 24-Feb-2020
User Award   xxlr8 24-Feb-2020
User Award   ragasto 25-Feb-2020
User Award   csafs 25-Feb-2020
I just wanna say
Are you a real human,simo?
User Award   McBain 07-Mar-2020

i know what i can do next christmas
User Award   GodofWar 07-Mar-2020
User Award   Ryba. 26-Mar-2020
i guess i forgot this, im sorry (((
User Award   SpiderX22 15-Apr-2020
This is a masterpiece! Just...incredible!
User Award   Wirtual #mot 15-May-2020
Amazing journey, if you got a few friends to play with then this is an adventure for sure
User Award   nod32 09-Sep-2020
this map is a lot of things
User Award   rogurgo 09-Sep-2020
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