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Name: Download Lost in Translation
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Metal_Snake
Version: 08-Jan-2009
Released: 08-Jan-2009
TMX id: 772364
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 43,232
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:49.66   KarjeN+ 0:00.0043,232
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0:49.74   mX.Hayabusa+ 0:00.0842,814
0:50.11   Cayman.+ 0:00.4540,881
0:50.24   Metal_Snake+ 0:00.5840,202
0:50.31   GSA|dynamYte+ 0:00.6539,836
0:50.44   DiArt+ 0:00.7839,157
0:50.50   aQ » Alba.+ 0:00.8438,844
0:50.54   TheLeon1897+ 0:00.8838,635
0:50.55   Racoon+ 0:00.8938,583
0:50.91   Cyrus_17+ 0:01.2536,703
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Author Comments

Hey folks !
Today i'm glad to present you my track, which this time is a speed tech ! I think the flow is good all along, at least, i put a lot of effort in searching the best possible flow. This is the 1st time i use a dirt block by the way ^^' Alsot, there are some smooth jumps/drops, and a natural speed. I chose this name in order to refer to a movie i totaly loved, named Lost in Translation of course, and realised by Sofia Coppola.

Track Infos
Style : Speed tech
Mood : Day
Copers : 2600
Author Time : 51.11 ( i think a 49.xx is possible for some freaks ^^' )
COmplete MT work : intro, ingame, outro
Natural speed
A lot of slides and curves.
1 offroad part
2 smooth jump and drop
Some transitions
2 dirt part
A lot of fun imo !

I made a video of the track :
And here is the high quality video made by my friend kiko, thank you so much !
TM-Tube HD

Bigger Screen

I think i said everything, enjoy and post your replays please !

And please, try this superb track !
[bad track link]

User Comments
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  Metal_Snake 13-Jan-2009
Good edit of your time Haya
The top 2 is really awesome, you're crazy guys =)
Thx again, and i don't think it will be a classic, because it exactly follows the same way as Karjen masterpiece -> quiet low LB, like on all my tracks
Again, congratz for your awesome times dudes
  mX.Hayabusa 14-Jan-2009
KarjeN is crazy guy not me
Np Snake I thank you for all those tracks you built ^^ whereas I haven't got many records on them because of KarjeN xDDDD

Your tracks are so good and I hope you will continue to build ^^

Yep LB rate low but why not if we give some thousands of coppers (KarjeN how many coppers do you have ? xD )
  HardDance 14-Jan-2009
And what will that help?
  mX.Hayabusa 14-Jan-2009
Create compo for exemple
  Metal_Snake 18-Jan-2009
He he thx Haya, but i'm already very honoured with all these lovely comments already =)

Continuing the thx list
Thx a lot Peteypablo7 for this great award full of awesome words ! I feel really honoured mate
Thx a lot ChAmp for this awesoooome award So much honourific words to read in read some words like " epic " , or " top 5 speed tech track " from you is really awesome..i feel so honoured my friend I'm awesomely glad you loved the track
Thx a lot Racoon for this very nice award !
Thx a lot wantedboii for this nice one =)
Thx a lot rocket for this great award
  peteypablo7 20-Jan-2009
XD I was in a hurry mate
I'll try to write it longer tomorrow or one of these days
keep an eye on it mate
  Metal_Snake 20-Jan-2009
It's already very honourific to read
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User Awards
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User Award   HardDance 11-Jan-2009
Fantastic track mate
The flow is brilliant, so well made. Combined with the speed its awsome. What i really like with the track is that its so many different styles If you know what i mean. Its not just slide and drifts. You got many drops and jumps. The dirt parts are brilliant. The first one is the best imo. So smooth and well calculated. Feels awsome when you make it The scenery is also very well made. Not any ugly, big blocks. So great job
The mt work is also great Really liked the intro
So well done mate, and sorry for no time. Have a huge hang over atm
User Award   streetwar9 11-Jan-2009
this is just another great track from you
the flow and the smoothness is great all along

i love it
User Award   Showtime 11-Jan-2009
MY GOD this is really awesome!
User Award   ZoggeR 11-Jan-2009
User Award   KarjeN 13-Jan-2009
Yess yess finally another track from you Metal !
I'm so glad to see that you still build
And i absolutely love this one, really well flowing and soo awesome slides
Grats for another masterpiece mate

User Award   mightywhite 13-Jan-2009
I'm sitting here speechless after watching the intro, and also the GPS. Dude hats off to you, the track is awsome, it will take me a long time to get near your time.


Play this if only to watch theses.

User Award   janren 14-Jan-2009
great work for a great track
User Award   *Niño.F®* 14-Jan-2009
Wow snake !!

This track is so nice
I saw the video and i've to say that the flow is terrific and the slides are awesome !
Keep up the good work m8
User Award   simpson 14-Jan-2009
yeah cool... amazing ideas
User Award   t00bstAr 14-Jan-2009
I'll update award later
User Award   peteypablo7 18-Jan-2009
Don't know what to say on this
it rocks so much man
great and awesome slides
the flow is just perfect, will there ever be a track that has even a better flow? don't guess so
amazing and very nice jumps and drops
nice ending aka Pete
User Award   Champ 27-Jan-2009
Metal Snake.
Today.. we talked together for the first time in a few months, btw lovely to do again. & suddenly i discovered that you had made a new track. There were no doubt that i had to try it. I couldn't wait, which mainly causes that you may be my favourite mapper.
So as you may realize my exspection were pretty much above the sky.
The first thing i saw was the introcution, which shows an overview and a great look thorughout the entire track - great. Second i saw the GPS thing come up, and got damn that was ugly - because of that i decided not to watch your gps.
Well i started my engine and began my race, which later should be one of my most enjoyable races for good. The starting part is sooo much appriciated by a guy like me, because of the technical style! These days there is not much of that on tmx, but you really effected me there. To be honest you didn't only suprise me on the start. Everything, and i'm clear when i am saying EVERYTHING is soooo well-done?! So well-calculated.. it's kinda epic. I watched my first run and learned alot from it and i raced it again and agaiin for about 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes were so incredible relaxing. & the fact that it is relaxing is kinda amusing, thinking about how the layout is and how the tracks is filled with new ideas. So it keeps on being epic xD <3 Yeah also i gotta give you some credit for the lay-out and the scenery. Very well made parts of the scenery, also some places where i could've need some more advertice, but well i'm still alive.
All in all i'd like to raise a toast for maybe a track that ripes it's way just into the TOP5 of the best Speed-tech tracks in for good. Congratulations for this track, that just gets more and more wicked the more you play it.

Thank you.
User Award   Racoon 05-Feb-2009
very nice track, metal_snake

Nice ideas combined with well-used elements. Great Job!
User Award   wantedboii 17-Nov-2009
User Award   'nwt' ®ocket 02-Dec-2009
great track man !!!

User Award   Snicker... 29-Jan-2010
Awesome track!
User Award   waldfee 08-Apr-2015
User Award   TheLeon1897 17-Jun-2018
Awesome classic
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