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Name: Download The Godfather
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Leon & Tomdeos
Version: 15-Jan-2009
Released: 15-Jan-2009
TMX id: 797462
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 15,026
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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0:44.30   paf.bobti89+ 0:00.0015,026
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0:44.71   HardDance+ 0:00.4114,191
0:44.82   LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°)+ 0:00.5213,967
0:44.89   Cw*FaHoFF.xT+ 0:00.5913,825
0:44.90   Krow+ 0:00.6013,804
0:45.00   defrag+ 0:00.7013,601
0:45.38   Leon & Tomdeos+ 0:01.0812,828
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Author Comments

Hey everyone on ,

Welcome to our 2nd duo-track. After "Mindcontroller by   Leon & Tomdeos" we wanted to build another track togheter, but this time it must become a special track. How special? Well, we both thought that our big friend FaHoFF needed some support and decided to give him a tribute.

.: The Trackname :.

When u think of FaHoFF, you're first thought is ofcourse speed-tech and we both love speed-tech(just like everyone else ). For us, and many others, is FaHoFF a God in this style. He also learned us both some stuff to better our tracks, like MT and screenshots. That's why we concider him as "father". So that explains the name.

.: The Track :.
Style = Speed-tech, what else?
Multiple jumps and drops, as smooth as possible
Flow, speedy and entertaining
MT; Intro & GPS
Night mood
3225 Coppers
Author Time = 45.38

.: Who did what? :.
- First part(Leon)
- Second part(Tomdeos)
- Last part(Leon)

Screenshot(bigger version):
Author comment:

.: Go download :.
Now it's time to download the track and tell us what you think of it. Fah, we hope you like it.

Please everyone, upload your replay and award it when you like the track!

Leon & Tomdeos

User Comments
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  Leon & Tomdeos 15-Jan-2009
Have fun!
  Tomdeos 15-Jan-2009
The Godfather, now also on TM-tube!
  HardDance 18-Jan-2009
44.3x should be possible.
  LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 18-Jan-2009
yep should be ...i got on my time - 30/40
  Merze~ g o n e 18-Jan-2009
naah... shame on me forgot this track
will test it now
  LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 18-Jan-2009
yep shame on you
  Merze~ g o n e 20-Jan-2009
lol Syncro doesn't know Fahoff
didn't expect that someone doesn't know him
  LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 21-Jan-2009
lol me to
  Tomdeos 24-Jan-2009
Sweet words Fah.

Hehe good luck with your shop
  Cw*FaHoFF.xT 25-Jan-2009
Tom in which city do you live in Holland? I was in Hilversum 3 years ago and now I was in Amsterdam (gosh I loveeee Dam). Next time I was thinking about Rotterdam or something ...what do you suggest me? Prices for real estates are the same as in Slovenia (that is why I'm thinking about buying one in Holland)
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Natzke 15-Jan-2009
What a brilliant map guys
Every corner is such a master work
Marvelous slides
Magical flow
Smashing and innovative transitions
Awesome scenery
Tremendous MT Tom
All in all astonishing work by two amazing guys who give there best to create this extraordinary piece of technology
You are best

User Award   Gallardo | gonna quit :) 15-Jan-2009

User Award   Krow 15-Jan-2009
SHEEEAAAAATTTTT!! amazing track guys, really nice. Slides are perfect, drops are smooth, very well done
User Award   defrag 17-Jan-2009
what a nice tribute.
really enjoyable ride guys, nice contstruction and ideas, great mt work,...
keep on deliverin` such tracks

User Award   PN`D4v1d 17-Jan-2009
Some really nice slides when taken correctly and a nice speed throughout the track. A cool track for a good mapper!

Here is my !


User Award   ZayL 17-Jan-2009
ohh very nice duo

-cool start

-nice ideas

-amazing slides

User Award   HardDance 18-Jan-2009
When two great trackbuilders make a track together, the track have to be good. And thats what it is. Really awsome speed factor here. Smooth transitions and tricky parts that almost freaked me out Like i said, a speed factor thats pretty high, and the track is pretty compact, so its very well made. The sceenry looks nice, no emty spots. The intro is what it is. Nice and okey. So a great tribute track guys Well done
User Award   SPN'« 18-Jan-2009
This is pure awesomness...

I love everything about it-

+ The Ideas
+ The Flow
+ The Smothness
+ The Drifts
+ The Mt - Work

Definetly deserves my
User Award   _Mono » 18-Jan-2009
Fahoff = the godfather ?

Well call him what you want
Still an awesum' track..

Well deserved

User Award   Merze~ g o n e 18-Jan-2009
Okay guys... Mindcontroller was already a great job... but this one is realy baad... nah just kiddin' it's freakin' stunning
so powerfull turns and realy great mt work (everywhere is fahoff )
I simply love this awsome screeny beautiful colors and nice fonts
huge for ya work! keep it up... at least for me
greetz Merze
User Award   SynCro. 19-Jan-2009
HardDance is right !
When 2 masters of building come together, you get this
......A Technical Wonder
Amazing flow that never ends.....only gets better
Super smooth drifts, with a cool speed
And of course nice smooth transitions^
I don't know FaHoFF, but I can tell you if I were getting a tribute like this, I would be more than stunned and extremely gratefull

Amazing Tribute


User Award   vgr 20-Jan-2009
great track
very nice curves and scenery
and smooth jumps/drops

User Award   paf.bobti89 23-Jan-2009
Yeah really great track !
I like transitions
Cool ideas !
User Award   Cw*FaHoFF.xT 24-Jan-2009
What a surprise fellas

As you know I was in Holland last week, so that is why my response is delayed. Tom, I love your country! One day I wanna have an apartment or maybe a coffeshop up there ... hehe

Ok, yesterday I was online when this track came ...I watched the introduction and suddenly my name appears. I can't tell you how emotional and excited I was. Immediately I went on TMX to check it out ...I started with reading author and then I also saw this screenshot ...I realized what a tribute this is ...lovely lovely lovely!!! Ok, enough of bla bla, let me write something about the track.

I returned to the server where we replayed the track for 3 times and I couldn't finish it. I felt noobish indeed ...this track is hardcore for first time. No, this track is really hardcore in every way ...I had mixed feelings, but it was late and also and don't play that much, so I told myself that I need to try it in the morning. And I did^^ After second try I reached the finish and started to getting feeling that this track gives. As I said, one hell of a hardcore bitch that provides so much greater rush when you reach the end. It's worthy of trying, cause once you know how to drive it, it becomes more challenging and fun to drive.

One hell of a production guys, and all for me

Thank you for million times. You inspired and motivated me in that way, that maybe I'll make some new tracks in the coming days.


User Award   xefik24 10-May-2009
pretty cool
User Award   Dule 13-Mar-2011
Played this a veeery loooooong time ago...still till today...EPIC
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