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Name: Download 256³ ~ Apathy.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   One.
Version: 19-Mar-2020
Released: 19-Mar-2020
TMX id: 8013090
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 2,849
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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1:42.50   xeqzion+ 0:00.002,849
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1:42.53   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.032,844
1:43.50   AR »Trex+ 0:01.002,682
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Author Comments

Hallo !

Finally, after around 8/9 years of editor's openning for this track (first version is on beta area since 2014 lul), that I gave up several times because of too many things to fix, lost progress and a really slow editor, here we are. This is my first 16777216 map (yes I used calculator), even though I don't use half of the space. I think my goal when I started this (obviously after playing those 256 maps from freak, shox, etc) was to make an easier map as I always struggled on this kind of maps. So that's the reason of the slow start, but then I realized I wasn't using the space I should and there was no reason for it to be in a 256 map, thus I gradually started to build up the speed until it wasn't needed to add any boosters.

For the trackroute itself I tried to make it as huntable as possible, but it's very hard to be consistent and risk some parts just because of its length (~1:45:00) and the precision you have to have at high speed to make some transitions, but still I think if you are not addicted to wiggle your car to get sds as I am, you have a very high chance of finish this track!

The scenery is pretty simple - light shiet. I planned to add an intro, but when I clicked on MT for the intro the track crashed, don't ask me why...


Now if you're going to play this and don't want to be frustrated, here are some tips:

- First watch the GPS;

- The start (~40 s) is pretty straight forward (pun intended, actually the whole track is ), just some common jumps and drops that you have to be a bit precise;

- Just before the second wall there's a drop which you can overspeed if you sd the hill, so I added 4 signs for you to aim depending on your speed on the last checkpoint (<800 - aim for the first, no flow trick; 800-810 - aim for the second; 820-830 - aim for the third or flow trick to the second; 830+ - aim for the forth or flow trick to the third);

- After the tube+wall combo it's pretty hard to get the right trajectory for that jump. What I found to be consistent is once you touch the quarter pipe don't move the car, it should be already the correct angle (at least that worked for me xD);

- One more hard thing I had problems with was the drop before the last wall because you don't have too much time to react to your line, so what I do is get out of the wall in a diagonal line (\) and then correct it to the right adding a flow trick after;

- The last 20-30 seconds are just like the start, you have to be precise, but there's space and time to correct your line.

And lastly, a much obliged to my beta testers of 6 years ago, wherever you are now, I love you <3:
-   AR »Trian;
-   worm.apx;
-   apX. agent;
-   adrijk;
-   ben3847;
-   apX. Phoenix;
-   zr mat;
-   »nator.;
-   Perish;
-   vencju;
-   blublu;
-   Razo.'R |R4a;
-   .Wiinty;
-   AR »Trex.

GL & HF!

User Comments
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  One. 19-Mar-2020
There's some tips in Author Comment

Thank you:
- Mathway
- xxlr8
- mentality
- elaus let's see if it can reach 19 then ahah
- Quat rofl
- xeqzion nt man
- Trex thanks for feedback aswell
- Vixen <3
- agent
- Sky dat cup is amazing
- Freak still around, damn
  hcthepro2020 19-Mar-2020
very cool would love too play but my pc is bad
  apX. agent 19-Mar-2020
damn..I saw your message and was like..wuut?? me testing a 256 map?? You joking?? Deleted unlimiter in early 2015
Now..I see that you had it in beta in yea..good chance I did test it

Though..without a video I cant see it now
  One. 19-Mar-2020
I'll see if I can make a video of this, meanwhile you can reinstall unlimiter!
  apX. agent 19-Mar-2020
uhm..doesnt work
  One. 19-Mar-2020
Here is the video. Sorry for the low quality but I think it's the max I can do because high quality shoot wasn't working. :/
  AR »Trex 21-Mar-2020
I was very surprised by your pm too, don't remember testing this map. It's too long ago
You had a lot of beta testers
  One. 21-Mar-2020
Yeah, I had very versions of it ahah
Xeqzion, could you upload your replay? Just to be fascinated of how it's possible to be almost 1 sec faster xD
  Kumpelblase 22-Mar-2020
  One. 22-Mar-2020
Damn, I feel like uploading it now... :/
  Kumpelblase 22-Mar-2020
had some .3x runs but some spots just keep fucking me up ^^
  xeqzion 23-Mar-2020
Yo sorry about the late upload, I see Kumpel already did it but added mine too now
I would've gone for more, had some -.1x runs at cp4 but this kept happening if I did sds on that hill :/ Besides that tho, it's a nice map, could have benefited a little from some fine tuning at some spots but in the end, it's still nice. Also really cool to see some 256^3 action again
  One. 23-Mar-2020
Aight, thanks for the feedback boys! And sorry about that, I was much more concerned on other spots tbh, like that drop before the second wall and wasn't expecting that, that sd you and kumpel mencioned would be possible, as I can't do it myself. ahah Anyway, if you had fun that's what matters, thanks!
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User Awards
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User Award   Mathway 19-Mar-2020
User Award   xxlr8 / bye TM 19-Mar-2020
User Award   meNtality.wp 20-Mar-2020
Finally one more 256^3 map!
Great one, definitely underrated right now.
User Award   elaus43 20-Mar-2020
Great you made your Dream come true
"Your" 312 block drop usage^^
Awe visual panorama moments especially at the end
A big milestone in your career
Everyone is talking about covid 19 !!!
It's the 19th of march you released !!!
Deserves atleast 19 !!!
User Award   Quat 20-Mar-2020
I don't even bother to try this track. Awarding it is thereby illicit according to the guidelines
User Award   xeqzion 21-Mar-2020
User Award   AR »Trex 21-Mar-2020
stunning map
The only drawback I have is the end, it's not really spectacular for such a map and you can hit the platform border before it very easily as well
User Award   Vixen.« 22-Mar-2020
I LOVE IT <33333 Superb job
User Award   apX. agent 23-Mar-2020
nice map mate, though I can't really remember testing it
User Award   Sky.esu 25-Mar-2020
User Award   C4 Freak 25-Mar-2020
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