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Name: Download Black Cyalume: Afterglow [Trial]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   simo_900
Version: 19-Apr-2020
Released: 17-Apr-2020
TMX id: 8108545
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Trial
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day
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1928:25.52   simo_900+ 0:00.001,000
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Author Comments


Exactly five years ago:

Originally posted by 900 ...
This is a demonstration of what happens when trials reach the limit in difficulty

yeah sure


In 2015 I honestly didn't think anyone would ever finish "Black Cyalume [Trial]". Five years later that track has three finishers, and I even went for it myself finally and managed to finish with a time of 15 hours. It's insane how much the general skill of the community has increased, as that track was definitely not built with finishability in mind. This track here won't stay unfinished for over three years like it's predecessor. Even three days might be optimistic, taking into consideration that even the cursed trial Zurg got finished a couple months after its release, and the fact that this track is 'only' about 25% harder than the original. It's incredible to see the dedication some players still have for this trackstyle. I was thinking of quitting trial after Nine Hundred, but all of a sudden the community is more alive than ever, which is just amazing to see. Guess I'll stick around for a bit
Inb4 BC3 in 2025


10 checkpoints. Nearly every cp has some kind of reference to the original BC cp. Yes, there's an uber again.

Back in 2015 I rated the original 9.5/10. Today I'd rate that track 6.5/10 out of the currently finished tracks. This is like 8/10.

NEONv2, which is an edit/remake of NeonGlowSticks Mod. The mod was made by   paxiuz.

Special Thanks

  paxiuz for the mod!
  Nawk,   Lain.,   Loe and   Nixion for betatesting and giving creative input and feedback! Lain and Nawk also drove replays for the video, so extra special thanks for that


Q: will you try it?
A: definitely
Q: why is BC uncompetitive?
A: good question
Q: what happened to the cat?
A: we don't talk about that

Full Video

Hall Of Fame

Simo - 32:08:25.52

User Comments
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  simo_900 17-Apr-2020
  Nawk 17-Apr-2020
  Loe 17-Apr-2020
hard to believe it's been 5 years since BC. maybe because we haven't heard much from it until that kanapesh guy finished it.
  Nawk 17-Apr-2020
fuck kanapesh
  simo_900 17-Apr-2020
couldn't find anything about it so here it is: nawk seems to have insulted kanapesh with a time of
  Nawk 17-Apr-2020
  MoonShadow 17-Apr-2020, I turned off the computer at something like 1:30 this morning and this wasn't here. Now, it is 7:07 and it has 13 awards!!??....
  elaus43 17-Apr-2020
  simo_900 17-Apr-2020
Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that MoonShadow ambush, same as us, and that RPG builder over there.
  thom 17-Apr-2020
It somehow looks less creative than your recent trials – not saying it is not creative though, only less so
  simo_900 17-Apr-2020
it has more 'classic' trial stuff on purpose
  thom 17-Apr-2020
I see, that does explain a lot c:
  Hardarm 17-Apr-2020
thx for accepting the music suggestion :>
  simo_900 19-Apr-2020

These parts made the experience more random than what I intended. Updating sucks, but original CP7 was just pure demotivation, which shouldn't have slipped through pre-release testing, but it did. CP6 change is a minor quality of life thing that barely makes it easier, I included it as it also helps reduce the randomness/annoyance of that section.
  Nawk 19-Apr-2020
that hall of fame
  Loe 19-Apr-2020
i cri evrytim:'(
  simo_900 21-Apr-2020

It took 2 attempts and a combined total time of 70 hours of driven time, but it's finally over.
~ 32:08:25.52 ~

This run had like 10 hours of wasted time, mostly on CP2, CP5 and CP8.
  Nawk 22-Apr-2020
  Dule 22-Apr-2020
what an absolute madman!
  Loe 22-Apr-2020
well done
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User Awards
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User Award   Mahmut 17-Apr-2020
User Award   Panos 17-Apr-2020
User Award   Pharmacy 17-Apr-2020
User Award   klon245 17-Apr-2020
User Award   oddisss 18-Apr-2020
User Award   csafs 18-Apr-2020
One minute on the stage needs ten years practice off stage.
User Award   Vixen.« 19-Apr-2020
User Award   Joost»LT 21-Apr-2020
If I were to play this...
I would probably choose one of the following:

1. Not download the mod
2. Put my screen on black and white
3. Dress like a mad 80's hippie and take some kind of substance* for the full experience

Haven't made my decision yet. Either way, it's a mad track by a madman.

*not recommended - use at own risk - don't do drugs kids
User Award   Joopie 22-Apr-2020
User Award   oplya 23-Apr-2020
User Award   igntuL 23-Apr-2020
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