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Name: Download DTC9 - Mudslinger
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   elaus43&pascow
Version: 28-Apr-2020
Released: 28-Apr-2020
TMX id: 8142110
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 31,128
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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1:11.19   Arien.wp+ 0:00.0031,128
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:11.65   pascow.esu+ 0:00.4629,921
1:11.68   ArmNawaphatTH+ 0:00.4929,842
1:11.85   grobec+ 0:00.6629,396
1:12.22   'Twister+ 0:01.0328,426
1:12.33   wormi+ 0:01.1428,137
1:12.85   elaus43+ 0:01.6626,773
1:13.69   threading+ 0:02.5024,569
1:13.84   shortz.esu+ 0:02.6524,175
1:14.04   Lovva+ 0:02.8523,651
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Author Comments


today elaus43 & pascow proudly present their entry to the 2020 edition of the Duo Tracks Contest. It's an around 1:13:00 long offroad track for every kind of skill class. The track is easy to finish, but some tricky places make it an interesting track to hunt after all.

Let's go on with some words by   elaus43:

"Working with pascow was an extremely positive experience. He always showed keen interest when it came to optimizing sections of the route, even though his surroundings required a lot of time. We didn't just build two or three versions to finally find a decision how to continue the route, no, it was probably more than we got fingers on our hands 11
All in all, the effort was worth it, I think.
The beautiful scenery was made by pascow - I only told him where to place a tree ^^
The MT is also made by pascow, just like the screen.
Hmm looks like I hardly contributed anything.
Pah '
We wish you the family all the best and have lots of fun on our first Duo Map."

Followed by some words by   pascow.esu:

"I can just agree that working with elaus was extremely fun. I tried to contribute in a good way to make the experience and work-flow for elaus as good as possible, although he often had to wait for my opinions or continuations for much longer than I would've liked him to wait. That's where I wanna thank him again for his massive patience, without him pushing me a bit from time to time we definitely wouldn't have made it on time. The millions of edits we had throughout the track where mostly initiated by my partner and after all I agree that it was definitely worth it and I'm happy elaus has always been telling his thoughts, no matter how often we had to change something ."

Now get your tires going, we hope you like the track, have fun!

User Comments
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  'Twister 28-Apr-2020
track looks great, but you have to fix a cut at the start
  elaus43 28-Apr-2020
thx twister - protection on the run
  pascow.esu 28-Apr-2020
It's updated.
  wormi 28-Apr-2020
Or is it? My start wasn't too good but maybe a perfect grass slide could make it?
  brainhead 30-Apr-2020
talking in 3rd person is fun
  threading 30-Apr-2020
is a pleasure to play this again and again im trying to improve my time
  ArmNawaphatTH 30-Apr-2020
I Lost Author :'D
  elaus43 01-May-2020
@thx for comment Sky
those mixes were necessary otherwise we had to choose between different route or/and more ungentle dropping.
You can believe in me that we tried hard on the best solution here
anyway i like it that you took a closer look on what we did
P.S. thx for updating personal account
@Arien you once again confirm your excellent driver Quality
  ArmNawaphatTH 01-May-2020
VNT Arien GG Boi
  Arien.wp 01-May-2020
thanks elias
  pascow.esu 01-May-2020
Sorry for the GPS trigger Arien.
Nice time!
  elaus43 01-May-2020
@Arien ok^^
@MR // without any astonishing scenery
we should agree on different architecture ^^
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   'Twister 28-Apr-2020
really nice duo, did not expect too see this (wasn't aware of the upcoming duos in the DTC thread)
great trackroute, scenery and it's fun to play
so yeah, take my award
User Award   Pecorenzo 28-Apr-2020
User Award   wormi 28-Apr-2020
Cool map, fun to drive and smooth as hell!
User Award   threading 28-Apr-2020
great track perfect for this days of quarentine, like the finish and the begining and the entire track is so smooth

User Award   simo_900 28-Apr-2020
User Award   krocix29 28-Apr-2020
User Award   Vixen.« 29-Apr-2020
Straight up fire boys! Love this colaboration
User Award   meNtality.wp 29-Apr-2020
User Award   Joopie 29-Apr-2020
User Award   stefan_markus 29-Apr-2020
What a track You two did a splendid job
User Award   grobec 29-Apr-2020
User Award   ArmNawaphatTH 30-Apr-2020
User Award   Sky.esu 30-Apr-2020
Nice map guys! It is always a good sign if it is not directly obvious in a duo who built which part, because that means that the mappers managed to blend their styles really well into one coherent track, as is the case here. Well done
great flow and a nice scenery, only the occasional ugly blockmix throughout the trackroute could have been avoided.
User Award   Joost»LT 01-May-2020
Great duo!
Drove it just for a bit, so will add a nice time later.
But I really enjoyed it! Just as Sky says, it is unclear who built what! It doesn't feel like an elaus or pascow styled track, but rather something different. A combination of both

Personally I'm not really a fan of some blockmixing here, especially at the start and finish. That's all preference though and it doesn't make the track less fun
And boy, the flow and fun are there for sure

User Award   Arien.wp 01-May-2020
Fun once I figured out the start But I have to mention, the GPS trigger should have been elsewhere
User Award   MR 05-May-2020
It is really cool that you made this duo-map happen!
We can agree that elaus strength is building fun and addictive maps, without any astonishing scenery, MT-work and so on.
And with pascows scenery- and MT-skills, this map is almost a 10/10 regarding the evaluation sheet
User Award   Lovva 06-May-2020
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