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Name: Download ¬Indoor Sk¡llz!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   apX. agent
Version: 12-Aug-2020
Released: 12-Aug-2020
TMX id: 8287379
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 25,386
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:42.25   ted_turner+ 0:00.0025,386
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0:42.79   .nixx+ 0:00.5423,439
0:42.82   AR »Trex+ 0:00.5723,331
0:42.84   pugnator+ 0:00.5923,259
0:43.50   elaus43+ 0:01.2520,879
0:44.89   TiggerVater+ 0:02.6415,868
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Author Comments

Hey Guys

Since the boarders opened again, I have barely been playing trackmania and with the new trackmania, this game sadly seems kinda dead.
However, I had this map I started during the lockdown and I also actually finished..and I just had the feeling, I have to release this map since I put quite a bit of work into it.

Now, before I give the usual award, I feel like telling you why this map came to be. So, I had the start from 2015 or so and I planned to build the normal agent-styled map. However, a comment from no other than the great   meNtality.wp on my always-kinda-similar-scenery-style made me rethink (at least I very much believe it was you mental ).
So, I decided to go wild and show him that I can do different and thus, this map came to be. At the same time, since   meNtality.wp encouraged/motivated me to do this, I dedicate this map to you mate
In my opinion you are the best fs builder in the last years this game has to offer and apart from that, I know that you genuinely are a really nice person and I always enjoyed hunting maps with you and spending some time with you ingame.
Furthermore, I feel like I was suuuper annoying during the lock-down, since I asked you way too often for help with moving a map for me xD Sorry about that :*

This map kinda represents how most of us felt during the lock-down..stuck inside. The scenery is made in such a way that basically everything around the trackroute is covered by blocks with only the end having the final escape (you can exit on other parts as well).
I’m 100% that this is the best scenery I’ve done Though this style has much more to offer. During the building process I always found new combinations that made it look even better in my opinion and I feel like there is much more to explore.
But enough talk, take a look for yourself and tell me what you think

Before I go there though, I want to thank dubby for testing whether or not the end is overspeedable and if the general driveability is to his pleasing
Also, big thanks to vixen for checking some of my beta versions

Track Info:
43 seconds long
9386 coppers
morning mood
a really trashy intro - I started it and lost interest in doing it xD
loads of plattform

Finally, I want to thank   .nixx for this brilliant screen

Hypebeast by   .nixx

Now, to whomever is still reading this and still playing this game, have fun and please leave a comment, replay or award


User Comments
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  craxx <3 12-Aug-2020
thumbnail looks promising. if i don't forget, i'll give it a try tonight
  meNtality.wp 12-Aug-2020

  apX. agent 12-Aug-2020

updated, cause I forgot to add cams
  .nixx 12-Aug-2020
Thanks mentality, dubby and vixen for making this track possible
  apX. agent 14-Aug-2020
Thanks nixx, happy you enjoy it that much

Thanks to all the awards, after many years I finally managed to get botw again
Also happy you like it mental, though, the key message I take from your award is the def the last bit
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User Awards
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User Award   nQer 12-Aug-2020
User Award   .nixx 12-Aug-2020
The only bad thing about this map is the first wall and my frames Sick map overall, fun to hunt, great atmosphere and everything
User Award   Quat 12-Aug-2020
you're a gamer. please don't pretend that the lockdown affected your life in a seriously negative way
User Award   elaus43 12-Aug-2020
Creatvity on a high level
The RPG'ish GPS
First wall is kinda love & hate - it looks damn nice but feels not really comfortable (aiming)
Sign right is a way too much covered by the sculpture (exit of the loop)
Apart from those critics you made a real smooth and fun track with a lot of nice variations

User Award   GodofWar 12-Aug-2020
Nice Work. Like this indoor feeling
User Award   meNtality.wp 12-Aug-2020
yooooooo, what a nice surprise!
route is very fun, not too difficult, but actually not easy to hunt with these tight sd's and turns,
really hard to do a clean run without autosliding after hill, for example
now about scenery - it's definitely not what i expected from you
actually with my comment i meant a bit different scenery (with sculptures, like kumpel or fredair do)
but here you created not 'modern', but something else and unique
i still feel your own old style here, combined with "Im not goin' underground" vibes xD
glad someone still tries something new in good old tmnf.

once again, thanks for this 'tribute' <3 means a lot to me, m8!

p.s. i never was annoyed by you asking me to move your maps, so feel free to continue to do so xD
User Award   OneCredit 13-Aug-2020
User Award   xeqzion 13-Aug-2020
User Award   xxlr8 15-Aug-2020
User Award   Simi TM 15-Aug-2020
beautiful map! I really enjoyed it!
User Award   inf. 16-Aug-2020
sweet, nice that you tried a different scenery style
User Award   threading 18-Aug-2020
User Award   craxx <3 05-Sep-2020
claustrophobic atmosphere = i like <3
User Award   AR »Trex 08-Sep-2020
Nice map overall, definitely not what I expected from you
The scenery is nice and not too much blocking the view and gives a cool atmosphere to the track. Reminds me on my first maps on where I build very heavy scenery giving an indoor feeling which was not planned actually. My only dislike is the first wall
User Award   Archiejr 18-Sep-2020
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