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Name: Download ~Electrical sensation~
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Triple.shoot
Version: 25-Jan-2009
Released: 25-Jan-2009
TMX id: 830779
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 50,580
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:40.12   DeeJayzOr+ 0:00.0050,580
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0:40.25   LeG l| Vrba+ 0:00.1349,596
0:40.34   Fake+ 0:00.2248,915
0:40.45   Triple.shoot+ 0:00.3348,083
0:40.57   °BUG°JANY+ 0:00.4547,176
0:40.80   [DFF]Wroom+ 0:00.6845,436
0:40.83   Tomdeos+ 0:00.7145,209
0:40.85   craxx <3+ 0:00.7345,058
0:40.88   Quat+ 0:00.7644,831
0:40.97   Fitty | Standby+ 0:00.8544,150
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Author Comments

Heya all
I'm so proud to present this map
And this one has somethin' different
It's not my kinda style of track
It's a speed-tech with a lot of transitions,with a few drops.more slides,some great turns and there are some really nice dirt parts
ya should play this one,it's really different
I want to thnx for:
DutchLegend | nGine.!
El Cid
OWN vgr

And for screen:
Made by El Cid,thnx again,i really aprecciate your wonderfull screens^^
Biggah' one

Track details:

Dirt offroad-4

Intro-A very great intro with great cams by 18.64 secs
Ingame-yes,there's only ghost drive and some text effects
Outro-Not this time

So i hope ya enjoy this lot
Every feedback or replays ya guys send will be nice
So good luck for this one
Triple_shoot is onfire again!

User Comments
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  Triple.shoot 25-Jan-2009
Thnx for your 's:

o1||ZayL-For ur nice award
o2||Syncro.~ zT-For ur great
o3||Krow.~ zT-w00t,never excepted one award by ya,thx alot m8 ^^
o4||Andrei1-Thnx for ur great one
o5||Gallardo-Thnx for ur great award
o6||eSuba.Sharky-Thnx for ur nice one
o7||Jakub19-Thnx for ur award m8
o8||El Cid-Thnx for your nice award
o9||Showtime-Thnx for ur shorty award
1o||GSA|Hecktor-thnx for ur great award and yes it's too much water

1o is great,thx a lot guys

11||AidenCral~uT'[NO-MT]-Thnx for your awesome and i will do better MT
12||GSADynamite-Thnx for your nice one
13||lupo-Thnx for your shorty and great award
14||°Zypherº-Thnx for ur awesome one
15||DomeX-Thnx for your very nice one
16||Frx Ben75-Thnx for your shorty one
17||cranberries_eeeee-Thnx for ur great one
18||blocksworld-thnx for your shorty and great award
19||DutchLegend | nGine.!-Thnx for ur
2o||FixerFux-Thnx for your shorty one

2o 's awesome

21||Leon-Thnx for your awesome award
22||Peteypablo7 - screenmaker-Thnx for your big and great award
23||Thnx for your shorty one
24||sci°Gülle|new|trackzz\\-Thnx for your short and very nice one
25||Fitty~uT | nGine.!-Thnx for your nice one
26||D4v1d-Thnx for your award
27||Playa-NL-Thnx for your very nice one
28||fish_UT°- Thnx,never excepted an award from ya
29||Hitch-Thnx for your shorty and nice one
3o||SAM || PedroCP29 -THnx for ur award again

3o award is very awesome!!

31||Tomdeos-Thnx for your awesome one
32||Fake-Thnx for your nice one
33||gohpsychobaby-Thnx for your award
34||CraxX ... makes the song cry ='(-Thnx for your nice words

34 's 194 dids
  GSA|Hecktor 25-Jan-2009
Sry too Laggy for my Computer. Too much water!
  Triple.shoot 25-Jan-2009
LOL that's ok
  GSA|Hecktor 25-Jan-2009
I turned down my graphic now I can drive it
  Triple.shoot 25-Jan-2009
-.- i always play in low graphics
my pc only can had 11.4 FPS per sec.
  ~Percuso~ 26-Jan-2009
Hehe guys, you need a new comp that is younger than 3 years
Got 70FPS and my one is 1,5 years old..
  Playa-NL 28-Jan-2009
award will come later

/e: was my first time.. so i think it will be better
  Andrei1 29-Jan-2009
old pc 6 years and high graphs and still not lagging^^
  Triple.shoot 29-Jan-2009
...depends the drive ya had too
  razorbane 30-Jan-2009
This track would get an award if it wasn't so vulnerable for bugs in most corners... 40.59 almost author medal if I didnt get a bug ;(
  El Cid.esu 30-Jan-2009
It's really hard to play with 11fps i think
Usually i play with ~45fps (medium details,no AA) , with AA x2 it goes ~30fsp
I have a 4 yo PC.
  DeeJayzOr 17-Feb-2009
39:xx possible... Bad final jump to the finish! :X
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 36 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 28-Jan-2009
Great map
Awsome flow slides.
Great for play...
Nice ss and scenary

User Award   peteypablo7 29-Jan-2009
awesome speedtech track mate
great slides, offroads and cool jumps / drops
it's really an amazing track with very nice scenery
don't have that much time so my replay is bad XD
anyway, big for you
User Award   SILL 29-Jan-2009
nice nice
User Award   GueLLe|is out 4ever! 30-Jan-2009
wonderful one!
User Award   Fitty | Standby 31-Jan-2009
Nice one Triple.

User Award   PN`D4v1d 31-Jan-2009
Nice speed, nice flow, nice slides!

Here is my !


User Award   Playa-NL 31-Jan-2009
great track you made here
i like this slides,
the speed,
the flow

just great

-> <-

User Award   fish 01-Feb-2009
very nice track m8, enoyable speed tech flow, smooth transitions, i like the drift dirt idea but i hate the pool !! good job
User Award   Hitchy 01-Feb-2009
awesome map
User Award   DeeJayzOr 02-Feb-2009
I wouldn't say that this isn't your typical style, but it's very nice!
Keep going the good work!
Here is my !
User Award   Tomdeos 07-Feb-2009
<3 this map!

massive sliding action
super funky flow
perfect speed
smooooooth transitions
really great for hunting, but your AT is too good for me

the two same slides were the best of this track, so good damn lovely

User Award   Fake 17-Feb-2009
Nice track Triple
User Award   gohpsychobaby 17-Feb-2009
User Award   craxx <3 24-Feb-2009
nice track
User Award   waldfee 30-Jan-2016
User Award   LeG l| Vrba 25-May-2016
Love it! Though the transition before last drift caused me to get a slowdown in 95% cases.
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