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Name: Download [FS]Quantum
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   PagH .xT
Version: 30-Apr-2009
Released: 30-Apr-2009
TMX id: 848794
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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Author Comments

30.04.09 - Quantum

Today I present you another FS. This time its a bit more transitional and original than Numb3rs . . maybe also a bit harder. Well, last time I uploaded a track, people said I was too selfish in my AC, so I'll try to keep a "low profile" xD.

What I can say is, that I really like this one - a lot. My main task while building this one, was to get that action feeling into it which I think I did pretty well. The flow is quite simple and there are no hard coners (maybe the last on, you gotta stear fast to get it bestxD). I also created some quite cool transitions and tried to make them fit great together so I wont destroy the smooth flow. The speed is pretty high thru out the track, and there isnt any place where you loose to much speed (if you don't crash lol xD). Again is all the elements included - dirt, platform, road etc. I think it all fits well togehter. I also think the scenery is better than numb3rs on this one. Its quite "compact" and nice looking imo. I've used some different blocks and well . . I just love it

Well, I hope you like it and also enjoy it. And i dont hope my AC was to selfish this time

- sU.m DeTa.ilS -

Mood: Sunset
Lenght: about 41 seconds
Coppers: around 4500
difficulty: Intermediate
Good for WRH: I guess so !
Walls: 2
Loops: 3
Respawnable: No, I see no sense in that !

- mE.diA T.raCk.eR -

Intro: Made by Darknoob, realy much appreciated mate. Its wonderful !
Ingame: By me and Darknoob, thanks again mate xD
Outro: By brenni, and its really WOW ! ^^
GPS: Ghost !

Loops cams
Wallcams - no! I dont like them very much. So if you want them, press 3 yourself

- Scr.eE.nSh.oT -

This wonder is made by januy. Its really one of the best screenies ive ever seen. Those effect looks awesome ! Thanks mate!

- Vi.De.o -


Produced by Rom the one, thanks a ton mate. Its an awesome vid !

- T.iMe.s .To b.Eat -


- Bet.A tEs.Ter.s -

.. and Thanks for NL-chris my homeboy ! xD ^^
.. and also pwf cause he's a nice guy
..CraxX, for helping with some stuff in the track and beta testing , thanks mate

Sry for having that much lol

- A. Fi.Na.l Com.M.enT. -

I hope you'll enjoy this track of mine. I've worked alot on it so I hope you'll like it

Please leave a comment, replay or even and award



Try this monster . . soo few awards

Protégé by   eXtracT

User Comments
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  ,,Januy 01-May-2009
Why would u want a big version of the screenshot Besides, the brushes aren't bigger then 300 pixels so you would get a very crappy wall.
  rewiind 02-May-2009
Breathtaking screenie Januy
  brenni 02-May-2009
yep, idd, but I cant make such a monster for yur track
  PagH .xT 02-May-2009
  ,,Januy 03-May-2009
c'mon guys the screenshot is not that good, it even has some bad parts
  (\\||//wambo\\||//) 03-May-2009
the thanks list is still very short
  PagH .xT 04-May-2009
yer, indeed . . will make it in the following days
  craxx <3 04-May-2009
where am i? -.-


  PagH .xT 05-May-2009
np mate xD
  nera. 07-May-2009
an better screenshot isn't possible
  PagH .xT 08-Oct-2009
yay 2nd classic
  NLChr!s 08-Oct-2009
1st classic
  PagH .xT 09-Oct-2009
no? Numb3rs is classic too
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User Awards
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User Award   Tompo2000 07-May-2009
very nice fullspeed track
User Award   comedY_xT. 09-May-2009
Amazing track with amazing ideas
Enormous screen with enormous effects

>> -co-
User Award   LostGamer 10-May-2009
nice track....addet on turbo_Speed server

Well done
User Award   Wallaby 20-Jun-2009
It is not a map I saw millions of time
It is a map I saw billions of time^^
Of course it is awesome to drive but you...all of you should learn to be a bit more inventive
I see always only the same transitions / ideas from track to track

>> <<
User Award   R4B.Dark 26-Jun-2009
Very nice track, very tricky, cool for wr hunting
User Award   Quantum.Max' 28-Jun-2009
Very nice FS

User Award   mark04 31-Jul-2009
User Award   Hunter|back 18-Aug-2009
Awesome fullspeeder
Nothing more to say

User Award   rocKz0r' 16-Sep-2009
Best Map ever !
User Award   locos_at 06-Nov-2009
User Award   minimal 15-Dec-2009
User Award   ZoggeR 07-Feb-2010
Hm...a tricky fullspeeder which drove me crazy for some time
but once you got the flow it's much fun ^^
User Award   de.point / off 27-Mar-2010
what a pretty work
i like the start very much

greetz Depoint
User Award   Joko|R4a 04-Apr-2010
Awesome Fullspeeder

Greetz Joko
User Award   X-RazOr 10-Jun-2010
Danish fullspeed maker, good to see!
User Award   tinitus // krow 05-Aug-2011
one of the best, if not the best, fulspeed i ever played
User Award   Sky.esu 27-Jun-2016
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