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Name: Download About a Dirt Revolution
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   fish
Version: 31-Jan-2009
Released: 31-Jan-2009
TMX id: 852205
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:30.93   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:39.77   craxx <3+ 0:08.84-
1:41.76   Pancreas.aR+ 0:10.83-
1:43.47   tib.maxwell+ 0:12.54-
1:59.38   DaBoss+ 0:28.45-
2:00.97   Slartibartfast+ 0:30.04-
2:02.02   syrosteam+ 0:31.09-
2:02.13   LoG.ism+ 0:31.20-
2:02.82   fish+ 0:31.89-
2:02.85   occam+ 0:31.92-
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Author Comments

hey ppl,

I tryed to find some new tricks to build a dirt track with a natural tech flow.
The track is around 2 min long but always with the same speed.
There's no crazy jumps or boosts, a minimal scenery and u will have to improve ur skill everywhere.
I had to mix some blocks but just cause the editor is limited and i really think all signs are here to help u.

- skill mix start
- re-uses
- new smooth jumps
- real tech flow
- At : 2.04.80

uncut version

Have fun


- Thx a lot Etidu29
- Thx Hubaner
- thx r4auetzer
- thx cReative
- thx NoAir
- thx a lot R4a Robble***
- thx sizzla
- thx Psymax
- thx Merze
- thx a lot jimos
- wow empy big thx dude, i'm really happy to see that u notice all efforts done in this one. Was thinking to build a "real" tech dirt and it's perfect if u had feal it. thx again
- mci bcp Beep
- thx Occam
- thx P4GMIRS
- thx Gallardo
- HD... impressive award . what can i say? u need to mix the block if u don't want to see the wall end? I'm really happy if u got this tech feeling all the way, it was hard but really interresting. the most important problem is we don't have so many dirt blocks.. BM help really here. I think we can build nice tech dirts but it needs a lot of time.. anyway, we will see . Thx again bro and... nt
- thx a lot mr'mono
- thx Fitty, right, "colorado" is one of my favorite track
- thx a lot Danish
- thx hitch
- thx Alekos
- thx a lot page
- thx Cyborg
- thx matto, my idea about block mixing is simple: if i enjoy to play the track, np for me. Anyway, as i said, "colorado" is the best dirt track in my eyes so, thx a lot for this award
- thx *TheVIP*
- Big thx Rewiind, i'm really glad to see that u enjoy it
- lol JWH, that's a good stuff cause dirt can really be fun in my mind. Thx a lot m8
- gracias amigo. encore un p'tit effort
- thx Bro, i know u hate it
- thx a lot Triple_shoot¬
- thx a lot Logi and nt
- thx AidenCral, u're right the gps is missing.. i just thought signs were enough.. sry. The old mod was a wank at these good old days but i changed dirty road borders for the track
- thx a lot nesh, i have a life!!!
- thx HawkGer, constructive comment but i usualy don't like scenerys i will try cause u're right, those big holes make no sens.
- mci bcp Stipa
- ... thx BanaaniHai
- thx a lot Vebbo
- thx sebi
- thx Pancreas, i try my best
- yep knone and thx a lot
- thx ladao, we're all the noob of someone
- thx a lot syrosteam
- BIG thx bro, i hope 1 day ppl will love my speedtechs too. anyway, i like dirt and i will never forget who support me since a long time . i miss u and ur terrific skill, for me u're one of the best driver, hard to find good beta test players now.. Thx a lot dude
- thx Calipso
- thx a lot Takashi
- thx Kota, the best is playing so, i'm happy when i see my tracks online, i will join
- thx Mr neo
- Big thx Toob
- thx a lot Metal_snake
- thx arzga
- thx a lot niQ* .add ur replay in the no sc verison if u can
- Thx Homer for this nice
- thx Sandder
- thx a lot °GØD° diplo
- hehe, thx wulu, nice to see u're alive
- thx a lot TB for this nice award .yep, supacross was a test but build in my own style looks nicer. Anyway, a big thx for ur old support
- so, thx u very much KwyK. anyway, i love this start
- Merci Dewe
- thx SimplyGaming
- thx aXn.dec
- ty almostar*
- thx a lot Igntul

Fix cuts was an hard job, hope it will be ok. A special thx to CraxX, Pancreas and Starti for their crazy minds and to Harddance for his precious help.
thx to upload ur ' normal ' replays here :

About a Dirt Revolution - no sc by   fish

User Comments
Showing 36 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  craxx <3 04-Feb-2009
i mean with coppers
  Pancreas.aR 04-Feb-2009
well i could upload the wr but its crappy and i know that it would be beaten within 10 minutes

im working on a new cut, but its soooo lucky

go for 1:3x
  fish 04-Feb-2009
think the best is open the contest here and upload an sc version out there. I will see how many coppers i can give ^^
  Pancreas.aR 04-Feb-2009
i'm only waiting for a marci time here, i wonder what he's doing

that cuthunter he is
  fish 05-Feb-2009
contest is open
  dow|.Dave. 05-Feb-2009
what the fuck CraxX..
  fish 06-Feb-2009
If nobody play this contest i will just give 10% of my coppers !! ...
  HardDance 06-Feb-2009
But its pretty hard to do the cuts right
  Pancreas.aR 08-Feb-2009
here you have a new best time... but its noob time... can be done much much much faster

and i still dont get my new cut properly
will try it again tomorrow^^
  craxx <3 12-Feb-2009
wuuuuuuuuuu tight

but i can improve my run nearly one second

just play our replays together - i made f*ckin late respawns and had a crash at the start - and have a look at the finish so tight xD
  fish 12-Feb-2009
funny fight ^^ deadline, tomorow 00.00 gmt + 1
  Pancreas.aR 12-Feb-2009
me lucky bastard

but ending can be done 2 secs faster xD i actually stopped there -.-
and before the lucky part 1.5 secs less is possible

well... hope this time is enough

edit: omg just crapped -2.13 at the lucky part at about 41 sec

edit2:aaahhh craxx... i thought that this additional cut you made, would be impossible, after trying it for some time... but you proved me wrong very nice

had -1.4 on you though but i'm not motivated anymore somehow

1:35 would be possible i guess if you are the luckiest person on this planet^^ unless there is another cut we do not know of... cg for the coppers^^
  craxx <3 14-Feb-2009

yeah i saw this while seeing your cut xD. Well it's really lucky - i had a 90/100 seconds better run on the cp where you fly through...then made the jump perfect (-2 second) and then i thought it can be faster if i turn in that cp and not respawn - but i was damn wrong -.-...f*cked it up totally

anyway was a nice contest and yep mid .3x would be possible
  fish 14-Feb-2009
so, so... very challenging contest guys, fun and impressive, grats My new track will be ready today and have a cp all 10 metters
Send me ur tmu logins by pm for coppers. Think i will start a new contest tomorow, let's see...
  Pancreas.aR 15-Feb-2009
hehe, since i got only tmnf you cant send me any coppers

but i'm sure you need them more than i do, and anyway i didn't compete here to get any reward, it was a funny fight, about the best cut and lets see, maybe i'll up a better time soon
  fish 15-Feb-2009
lol, anyway m8, the day u will have an acc i will send them to u
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User Awards
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User Award   almostar 17-Nov-2009
Awesome track, fish!
User Award   igntuL 15-Jan-2010
Really nice dirt map
User Award   peteypablo7 03-Feb-2013
great dirt track fish very nicely done, I uploaded a replay on the version without shortcuts great turns, nice transitions and cool mixes
User Award   Mickeye 22-Dec-2016
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