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Name: Download ForeVer cOmpaghT
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GSA|Cheet
Version: 07-Feb-2009
Released: 07-Feb-2009
TMX id: 876786
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 59,292
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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0:39.39   Spunki+ 0:00.0059,292
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0:39.55   racehans+ 0:00.1657,847
0:39.59   KarjeN+ 0:00.2057,485
0:39.81   tib.maxwell+ 0:00.4255,499
0:39.90   GSA|Cheet+ 0:00.5154,686
0:40.00   luk9r+ 0:00.6153,783
0:40.15   psykoman+ 0:00.7652,428
0:40.21   kiMi!+ 0:00.8251,886
0:40.62   SapphiroN+ 0:01.2348,183
0:40.68   GSA|dynamYte+ 0:01.2947,641
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Author Comments

Hi all

finally I can come up with my new techie...

ForeVer cOmpaghT

I´ve worked hard for it, and I think I can be very content with my result. As the name already shows, this time I decided to build the track for PagH. We don´t know us really long m8, but long enough for me to know that you deserve this tribute, as you are a very nice and helpful guy and of course one of the best builders here in TMX.

The track:
As the name also shows, I´ve tried to get it really compact this time. Moreover, there are no standard transitions but many creative and smooth ones that are not seen really often. Of course I cared about an awesome flow and nice slides again, too, hope you enjoy it. The scenery is a bit lighter this time but still complete and I think it looks cool. And I think this one has the best MT of my tracks by now.

Special thx to:
- Syncro .~zT: Big thx for building such an awesome intro! I really like it!!
- Psymax ~UT': Thx alot for this awesome screenshot, looks really amazing
Big Version!

some details:
difficulty: exp... but quite easy finishable
length: 40 secs
AT: 39.90 ; GPS-Time: 39.95

mod: night
signs: TMN style
coppers used: ~3200

ok guys
I don´t want to tell too much, it´s time to start you engines

hope you like it!
please leave your feedback ... and a replay if possible ...


I give 1000c to the one who beats my AT first! shouldn´t be too hard

winner: maxwell *glw* damn that was quick

thx alot for beta-testing:


big thx for 's:

o1| nikurai thx for fast no. 1
o2| ziemon I´m glad you enjoyed the transitions
o3| janren thx for your short but nice award!
o4| zayl thx alot for your great award
o5| psymax thx alot for your awesome award m8
o6| cayman nice to hear you liked it!
o7| dutchlegend I´m glad you liked most of it
o8| robble thx for this lovely award!
o9| dyna big thx for your awesome and nice replay
1o| maxwell thx for your nice award and incredible time!

yo, let´s get it started thx alot for 10 's / 20 dlds

11| page thx for this awesome shortie
12| mr'mono I´m one of your favourite authors? cOol
13| syncro thx alot for your awesome m8
14| jakub thx for cool no. 14
15| joor omg, big thx for such a detailed & awesome m8!
16| pagh m8 well, what may I say huge thx for this incredible , for sure my longest one I received by now and of course I´m really really happy that you enjoyed the track
17| merze thx for your great and nice replay!
18| weed m8 thx alot for this cool award
19| rush thx for your nice award and good replay
2o| extract nice to hear you enjoyed the transitions

yeah this trend is nice thx alot for 20 's / 50 dlds

continue in comment section!

User Comments
Showing 38 user comment(s) ... Add Comment 07-Feb-2009
lol x2
  GSA|Cheet 07-Feb-2009
anyways, would be cool if you 2 guys tried the track and gave me a short feedback
and besides, a long award is still 1 award and just expresses a detailed feedback about a track...

botw on 1st evening wohoo
  Whizkid | *Gone For Awhile* 08-Feb-2009
lol could of been nice to have a denmark car in screen seems as thats where he is from
  GSA|Cheet 08-Feb-2009
psymax chose the cars as the colours look nice
  JooR 08-Feb-2009
Yw cheet! =)
  GSA|Cheet 08-Feb-2009

21| gallardo thx for your great award!
22| nagi m8 I´m glad you liked it!
23| homer thx alot for your cool award and great replay
24| hoheb thx for your verynice award!
25| euroracer thx for your gr8 award and nice replay
26| eeeee thx alot for your cool and great run
27| dave thx for this awesome m8!
28| hitchy thx m8 for your great award
29| wethal thx for your great and nice time
3o| hubaner thx alot for this lovely and gr8 replay

that´s really cool already thx alot for 30 's /142 dlds
  kwyk 09-Feb-2009
didn't hitch join UT for a while?
  Hitchy 09-Feb-2009
huh, wth are u talking about kwyk???
i've never been in UT or zT and
it won't happend either..
  GSA|Cheet 09-Feb-2009
why don´t you just try the track...

edit: thx alot
  Hitchy 09-Feb-2009
maybe i'll drive a replay tonight
  GSA|Cheet 09-Feb-2009

31| flip thx alot for this awesome m8!
32| kwyk thx m8 for this cool award!
33| dani thx for your great
34| karjen big thx for your awesome and incredible run
35| raphael thx for your verynice award m8!
36| carbonj thx m8 for your great !
37| musatava thx alot for this lovely award!
38| gohpsychobaby thx for your nice
39| foxi cool to hear you enjoyed it
4o| hecke thx alot for this awesome m8!

wohoo, I´m really happy now thx alot for 40 's / 265 dlds
  kwyk 09-Feb-2009
lol hitchy My bad...

Why do you hate us so much? lol
The track rules, deserves it's awards... Even you must say it
  Hitchy 10-Feb-2009
i don't hate u, i just lose my mind sometimes
  GSA|Cheet 10-Feb-2009
first in BOTW wohoooooo
  SynCro. 10-Feb-2009
lol hitch
we all do man....we all do
  GSA|Cheet 11-Feb-2009

41| german_dude thx alot for your cool
42| bubka thx for your short but nice award!
43| baston big thx for this amazing !
44| fitty thx alot for this cool no. 44
45| krow thx for your short but nice
46| psykoman thx alot for your cool and gr8 run!
47| xefik thx for your nice , I´m glad you liked it
48| bajs thx for this very short but still cool award!
  - ziE @ RIP TM <3 13-Feb-2009
Really don't like this shit. It's so unfair. Look at this track, probably the best Tech-track up to date right now, and look at its awards. Then, go check the other weeks. Like 100 awards for a crappy PF that isn't more than usually. Give this track the attention it deserves!!!
  GSA|Cheet 13-Feb-2009
I´m glad you really enjoyed it!

dlds: more than 400

Thank you for No. 50 and an awesome replay, you make my track look so easy, almost seems 38.xx could be done here lol
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User Awards
Showing 50 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   ZoggeR 13-Feb-2009
Super track
Good flow and cool transitions

User Award   bubka.~zT 13-Feb-2009
fuckin' awesome techmap
could write for hours and hours

User Award   Baston 14-Feb-2009
Hey Cheetah

This is one hell of a track.

What a magnificent one, the flow is jus soo tasty

Awesome transitions, great speed and very nice for hunting!

Lovely to drive, it's just another great tribute to Paghie

Lovely, I'm speechless. Keep it up like this!

User Award   Fitty | Standby 14-Feb-2009
Nice track mate.
Really cool transitions, as said a hundred times before me.
Perfect speed and a pleasant flow.

User Award   Krow 21-Feb-2009
like it, alot!
User Award   psykoman 08-Apr-2009
nice challenging track

User Award   xefik24 16-Apr-2009
Good one
flow.-*-. slides.-*-.jumps.-*-.start.-*-.
all is amazing
User Award   Bajs 09-Jun-2009
nice one
User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
User Award   Spunki 04-May-2020
Well done.!
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