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Name: Download The Great Escape [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   fish
Version: 06-Sep-2009
TMX id: 958534
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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17:34.56   mt17+ 2:02.64-
17:58.25   trunks_11+ 2:26.33-
18:29.92   >Dawe+ 2:58.00-
18:33.55   Igntul+ 3:01.63-
19:14.55   Realized2+ 3:42.63-
19:58.37   Voyager006+ 4:26.45-
20:19.11   HawkGer+ 4:47.19-
21:11.76   OLD*Marty+ 5:39.84-
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Author Comments

Hey ppl.

Here something very special for my 100th track. It's a crazy RPG based on a real movie: The Great Escape.
It's a 1963 film directed by John Sturges. Based on a novel by Paul Brickhill, it tells the real-life story of an attempt by Allied prisoners of war to execute a mass escape from a nazi camp during World War II.
So, u're in this camp and u will have to escape as u can. Some parts, like start, need very special tricks, others are like enigmas but u will be in the tunnel all race long.. will u find ur way? In the story, most of prisoners were catch or killed but some of them were free again. will u be one of them?

credits :

no MT and of course, no gps. Even if the best is find the way by urself, my replay is here to help u.

U're an R.A.F pilot so u need a special car :
Put it in : Documents and Settings\...\My documents\TrackMania\Skins\Vehicles\CarCommon ( create this folder if u need )

The sound is from the real movie.
The track will be a lil bit long to download. wait for pictures and mod is necessary.
one thing : look at signs, it could help...

At : 23'46"84

I spent more than 100 hours on it, i used 17670 blocks and more than 2000 block-mixings. Mod and car are by myself.
A very special thx to Occam for his help and his support.

And now, have fun :]

perhaps someone will find a secret room....


thx a lot Occam, for everything
loool thx Hubaner
thx Karso
mci beep
thx cReative
thx Focus and nt
thx a lot NLpwf
yes i am BLiNNeMaNS, thx
thx lia
my computer did it Robbys22
thx Fitty
thx minipeace ~ ins
thx stamp
thx Hitch
lool thx toob
i'm working on a castle and MarsAttacks is online Socius, thx
thx nitro
thx -DexM-
hehe thx Dennis, we're speedtech players right?
thx a lot Gockel
mouahaha thx Acura_RSX
thx baron and nt again
thx Giler
thx p.Sykes
thx a lot Rewiind
thx -ReMiXeD-
thx Leon
thx uk9r
yes cruiser7, thx
thx a lot Hubby
thx trm.xRay
thx nixdadada
hehe thx a lot Larz
escape from a prisoner camp is hard, isn't it?...
thx a lot -comedystreet-
thx u very much B®aadje»LT
thx Max'
thx a lot Blurry89
thx U (((Gutzz
thx a lot Joost
big thx Metal_Snake
thx Raxicator
thx y-not
thx speedu
^^ milk, thx m8
thx Hawk
thx Toxic
thx a lot markie
mci Dab"
thx guillaume
thx McBain
thx Kiko31.F®
thx hugo69530
thx Screwy
thx Marty
thx Strom"
thx >Brutal''
thx MuR° Kiyo
thx a lot Igntul
thx sk8snow4life
nice! thx tossha
thx a lot Maf ~ w00t ~
thx avarice
thx sek` Zaitsev
thx -scorpion-
thx maraboo2000, we were talkin" of it during hours... but it's still there cause i pretend that 1 way is 100% playable...
thx a lot Empy'
thx trunks_11, i think too
thx Realized2
thx logan

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Tenochtitlan [RPG] by   fish

User Comments
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  SEEEDinator 16-Mar-2009
Well, I really don`t understand this track...^^ But nice work!
  RCPlanes59 16-Mar-2009
Wow. I can't even get past the first block.
  occam 17-Mar-2009
Originally posted by RCPlanes59 ...
Wow. I can't even get past the first block.

My little hint got lost amongst all the nice comments, have a look at my little YouTube explanation

YouTube --> How to drive the start

It shows you how to get to 2. CP: It isn't enough, if you bearly make it to 1.CP and then respawn :-> Fishy put the CP facing backwards, so you really have to drive through 1. CP otherwise you will boost back to start :->

The second CP is the first Checkpoint which actually is respawnable (and in these escape tunnels respawning is nothing to be ashamed of :->).

  ~Syian5~ 17-Mar-2009
this is one great track but it was somethinmes little confusing like there was no ground under you,but heynice work.
  PagH .xT 17-Mar-2009
you can expect a great award rom me tomorrow
  occam 20-Mar-2009
YouTube video --> The Great Escape  Part 1
YouTube video --> The Great Escape  Part 2
  Frx ben75 04-Apr-2009
Quote ...
Well, I really don`t understand this track...^^ But nice work!

I agree! I have made a video, but I didn't pass the 1st checkpoint.
However, curiously, it is less laggy that I would think.
  OLD*Marty 23-Apr-2009
Sure my most favorite RPG track, first part of this track is great maze, withl lots of cp , second part is more linear but still nice. And its the best looking RPG map....
  fish 09-Jun-2009
thx a lot marty and beautiful rec i was watching it and i had fun
  OLD*Marty 11-Sep-2009
I am little dissapointed with new version, when i tried to improve my rec, i spent 10 mins in water at the end of the map. THen i give it up
OK. finnaly i understand the water trick, i had to drive more left to do the jump, nice trick . And finally this track is again MINE!
  fish 12-Sep-2009
:[ it's just a trick... take speed from the begining of the dirt and jump a lil bit left.. u will see it roxx ^^ nobody tryed to find something to do in this water before, hope u will have fun ;]
  Tecfan 13-Oct-2009
nt Marty

This track will be played in RPG round 11
  bpk428 19-Apr-2010
does V1 still exist at all?
  occam 12-Jun-2010
Originally posted by bpk428 on 19-Apr-2010 ...
...does V1 still exist at all?

not on Fishy's acount, but thx to an initiative from Hawk, Tecfan and little help by me (i saved many old versions from Kryw and Fish^^) there is an TMX account RPG Archive:

Hawk did 99% of the work (even made the awesome Do-Not-Award pictures), so we all have to thank HawkGer that there is a place where to find the "historic" RPG maps :->

Here (in the "RPG Archive") you can still find TGE v1:
"The Great Escape v1 by   RPG Archive"
  Igntul 23-Oct-2010
i was in a 18:xx run when this bitch water trick killed my time... u cant control ur car enough with the water effect...
edit: found a small cut\safe way for it, finally got a decent time
  trunks_11 24-Oct-2010
Ign, this is my trick
  Flyps 27-Feb-2011
thx for the 10.000.000 wrong ways................
  trunks_11 10-Feb-2012
and again...
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User Awards
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User Award   tossha 22-Jan-2010
Great track, awesome job! Very interesting and challenging
And it forced me to watch the movie (I like it too)

So, .
User Award   mafkees007 17-Feb-2010
best track I know
User Award   avarice 07-Apr-2010
User Award   sek` Zaitsev 09-Apr-2010
very nice !!!!! (just seen Voyager006's replay)
User Award   -scorpion- 10-Apr-2010
great track xp
User Award   maraboo2000 22-Apr-2010
Very NICE updated track>Had FUn with it EXCEPT for that "water bug" of the end whule the car became uncontrollable in the water and made me lost around FULL 10mn to get rid of it!
Lol....Late award anyway for the 99% of that track!!
User Award 28-May-2010
Incredible RPG fish
One of the best I have seen.
User Award   trunks_11 22-Jun-2010
NICE Best version of this track
User Award   Realized2 25-Jun-2010
Epic Masterpiece
User Award   ==>logan<== 21-Jul-2011
User Award   deus.esu 17-Jun-2016
still a fun one
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
never too late
User Award   Xerox. 04-Aug-2016
Great RPG, very long one but it doesn't get boring.
User Award   Padraic 22-Jan-2017
User Award   Maca 07-Oct-2017
Holy fuck what a track!
Great tricks insane length, really impressive build!
User Award   Loe 14-Nov-2017
User Award   TheWestend 09-Jan-2018
Great map and very new/creative for the time.
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