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Name: Download [FS]my one hope
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eXtracT
Version: 06-Mar-2009
Released: 05-Mar-2009
TMX id: 973589
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 41,146
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:40.01   eXon+ 0:00.0041,146
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0:40.12   vencju+ 0:00.1140,467
0:40.17   AR »Down.+ 0:00.1640,158
0:40.22   AR »Liszt.+ 0:00.2139,850
0:40.27   Switch+ 0:00.2639,541
0:40.37   eckmeck+ 0:00.3638,924
0:40.48   Chucko+ 0:00.4738,246
0:40.60   » Ptitnono.F®+ 0:00.5937,505
0:40.61   RKO 90+ 0:00.6037,444
0:40.62   DarkYoda+ 0:00.6137,382
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Author Comments

- TRACK UPDATED - plz upload ya awesome replays again -

~ just some minor scenery ajustments, and a few road/platform changes
~ should find a much better driving line now throughout the track, enjoy

. . . the words FS and eXtracT don’t normally go together. . . until today. . .

welcome to my little fs present to you all > >

6th March 2009

after my many tech and speed-tech maps released here on tmx, I contemplated building a full speeder. But as I found out, it was harder than it looked. I tried over four times to build a flowy smooth start, but again and again nothing I was happy with. But then i found something, and from there, the rest of the track came pretty quickly. I think I blended some old transitions with some of my own new ones, and found myself enjoying what I was building. I hoped to achieve a FS with flow, smoothness, variety, and a nice hunter map. . . and I think I did that.

> Details: <

- Track name: my one hope
- Style: full speeder
- Mood: sunset
- Signs: tmx RN
- Coppers: 5252 ~ quite a bit I know. . .

> Accessories: <

- MT work:
~ intro: approx. 20 sec. insanely cool
~ ingame: hilarious GPS, just a red glow
~ outro: awesome angles and positions taken

. . .all done by Joor, you absolute legend mate. . .

- Screen Shot:
after so many amazing screenies from a comp. it was hard to choose,
this amazing screen was produced by sebi, just look at it. . .
~ amazing simplicity, and awesome colours and text effects

. . .ofc done by sebi, so much appreciated my friend. . .

> Beta- Testers: <
- PagH
- Baston
- Gallardo
- HuGo
- NoAir
- Loeb
- Krow
- fr3ia
- ZayL
- axis.«
- Mon'o
- JooR.~ zT
- Rewiind
- NLpwf
- ThibzZz

. . .without you guys this track wouldn’t be what it is today, thankyou. . .

> chatter: <

enjoy this one guys. lots of replays would be insanely awesome,

oh. . and awards would be flippin’ cool aswell.

From yours truly,


User Comments
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  eXtracT 05-Mar-2009
. . .watch this space. . .
  SynCro. 05-Mar-2009
I have alot to do right now but will absolutely try this later tonight m8
Cant wait to see how this is
  Hitchy 05-Mar-2009
Quote ...
Style: speed-tech

you mean fullspeed right?
  fime | mÒóp 05-Mar-2009
  NLpwf 05-Mar-2009
-.-' I think you forgot a betatester
  NLChr!s 05-Mar-2009
everybody forgets pwf
  NLpwf 05-Mar-2009
  ThibzZz 05-Mar-2009
You forgot me
  NLChr!s 05-Mar-2009
yeah, it reminds me of some other guy who is foolish enough to do that also.... just can't think of the name right now
  JooR 05-Mar-2009
Ohyeah, i forgot something;
in the editor, the gps showed the shadow of a car too..
but in the solo game it doesn't show it. Sorry, i thought, when this track should be released, everybody would see that shadow of a car. 'Cause it looked very nice in the editor! i didn't know that, sorry
  timefound WOW Lover <3 05-Mar-2009
The gps is stupid eX ..
  JooR 05-Mar-2009
thanks -.-' xd
  SynCro. 05-Mar-2009
I think the gps is pretty cool looking with just the shadow
idk about the whole "red light" thing you were going for joor
but i liked just the shadow

-anyway...I'v been tryin to upload a replay here
and everytime I try it brings me to a server error page
any1 have any ideas?
my time is 40.79.....and i want to upload...some1 help xD lol
  Cayman. 05-Mar-2009
when I will get home !
  sj@tmn 05-Mar-2009
Ah, ow, that GPS isn't a foult?
It's ment to be such a stupid prelight shadow?
Don't like it
  JooR 05-Mar-2009
well, when i made it, in the editor, you saw a shadow of a car on the ground.
but in the solo mode you don't see it, and i didn't know that..
  eXtracT 06-Mar-2009
haha i love it ^^ anyways. . track updated, much better now

@ pwf & thibzz: sorry dudes, plz forgive me, i must have forgot, thx

@ hitch: yay, my mistake. . thanks man
  craxx - gone 06-Mar-2009
uhh why update
  eXtracT 08-Mar-2009
soz crax ^ ^ upload another one more replays guys plz
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 37 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Baston 06-Mar-2009

Indeed this track shows your talents in both styles

I gotta say I love this one, it's so much in your style of building, and there are cool new fresh ideas in it!

The speed and the tracnsitions are awesome, it gets very addicting to race it!

I love the flow, it's nice, and the scenery rocks

Lovely to race from start till end, it's soo good for hunting

Once again a crazy job eX!

Love it, so keep it up mate

User Award   Lia - OFF tracks 06-Mar-2009
nice intro + very track!!!

User Award   NLpwf 06-Mar-2009
Ugh Ugh
User Award   nolifer.Roxiie 07-Mar-2009

GreÖtz Roxiie.!
User Award   Ville 07-Mar-2009
Cool track

Nice speed all the way
So smooooooooooth
Beautiful ideas
Very nice flow
Should be great for WR-hunt as well

User Award   PagH .xT 07-Mar-2009
im in such a hurry right now . . will write award for this monster tomorrow
User Award   skyline?! 08-Mar-2009
Wonderfull FSer m8 !

Nice idea's
Good Flow
And a cool SS !

¡ Go0od Job !
-- -- For You

Jordy van boxtel.
User Award   vladish.F® 09-Mar-2009
all is well calculated in this nice race
well done
4 yr work
User Award   nitro.~uT' 09-Mar-2009
Nice track
User Award   mr.hubby 16-Mar-2009
amazin' extract
User Award   » Ptitnono.F® 28-Mar-2009
Impressive skills !!
I don't know by which way I should start, cauz' evrything is nearly perfect. The scenery, the layout, the MT work... Oh yes, just wall is a lil' bit frustrating, but it doesn't kill every time, because you placed it at the start. So, I don't know what to say about Perfect work !

User Award   Metal_Snake 30-Mar-2009
Awesome one !
This one is full of lovely elements, that just give me the envy to see more FS tracks by you !
The flow is fantastic, and all the transitions work so well.. The walls are awesome to drive one !
Insane intro Joor
User Award   iMap // gone OFF4EVER 23-Jul-2010
Hey bro... i was looking around for something special to give away my 100th given award.
I'm glad i found this track - omg what a stunning intro - and the track itself...

Every single peace is just wonderfull... the corners and curves, omg wish i could do something like this - that awesome transitions and speed.
And the scenery is so lovely and gives a great feeling, awesome hunter - i'm just wondering why such an "old" (well was buildt before i was on TM) didn't become classic .

User Award   AR »Down. 24-Jul-2010
Great track
User Award   »RE! Hightower 22-May-2011
nice FS-track
User Award   gaziaris4__ 08-Aug-2011
love it
great job !
User Award   AR »Liszt. 20-Feb-2015
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