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Track Name
Name: Download It's My Life DoubleS
Pack: Download It's My Life
By:   Sharky^
Version: 13-Mar-2009
Released: 13-Mar-2009
TMX id: 978711
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:34.05   Sampi.Kappa+ 0:00.12-
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0:34.19   GTX+ 0:00.26-
0:34.20   Ruva+ 0:00.27-
0:34.30   Solution+ 0:00.37-
0:34.34   Sharky^+ 0:00.41-
0:34.37   B@etis+ 0:00.44-
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Author Comments

It's My Life

Friday 13.o3.2oo9

We're proud to present you our new duo track - called It's My Life. DoubleS in trackname means, that it was build by SILL and Sharky (2x first letter S).
This track is mainly speedtech with some challenging drift/slide corners, fast and tight offroads and smooth jumps. We believe that it's ideal for online playing and also for WR hunting. We hope you like this track, at least for a little bit.

Track Details

- Trackname - It's My Life
- Style - Speedtech
- Mod - Sunset
- Lenght - ~34 sec (AT: 34:87)
- Coppers - 15oo
- Downloads - 3413
- Scenery - Light
- Signs - TMX Blue Nighttime
- Billboards - CZE flag and DoubleS billboard
- Difficulty - Easy to finish, hard to master
- Slides, Jumps, Offroads, Respawnable
- Music - Bon Jovi - It' My Life
- Screenie (Competition):
-- 1st vgr (big)
-- 2nd Peteypablo7 (big)
-- 3rd Mon'o (big)
- MediaTracker - Made by AidenCral. Thank you very much.
-- Intro
-- GPS
-- Outro

Thanks List
- Betatesters:
-- Jakub19
-- Joe
-- Sesambrot
-- Turb Rono
-- ZayL
- Screenmakers:
-- MaStEr
-- Mon'o
-- Peteypablo7
-- vgr
- Mediatracker
-- AidenCral
- Special Thanks:
-- AidenCral (for Map for TMX Puzzle Compo #2)
-- SabineGoth (for TMX Puzzle Compo #2)
-- 1o9

Video from TGC4
It's My Life in Video

Now? Test the track . We hope you like it and if you do so, please leave some awards/replays/comments . Any feedback is greatly appreciated. In conclusion the most important thing,


SILL & Sharky

User Comments
Showing 13 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  cranberries 13-Mar-2009
@Xenthrillus - dude remove that spamming ! that's so stupid and lame, using other peoples work to get attention ... pff
  Acer|wells 13-Mar-2009
Agree cranberries
It's not the first time he do this kind of things...
  Sesambrot 13-Mar-2009
Yeah, advertiseing your own tracks in your awards is pathetic!
  Sharky^ 13-Mar-2009
Thanks List

T-hunderbird - ty for your award
Jakub19 - thx, mate
Aaerox - wow, thanks for this awesome award
vgr - thanks, dude
ZayL - díky
Xenthrillus - thx for your award
cranberries - thx for this superb award, btw don't forget Aiden, he made this cool MT
Syncro - thx, man
Sesambrot - thx for your great award
erzin - thx, glad you like it after all

1o awards

thoro - thx for your nice award
Longi - thank you
Merze - thx, mate
AidenCral - thanks for your awesome award and your great MT work
Rafaellive - thx for your great award
Takashi - thx, dude
xr.GPS - thx
Maelstrom - thx, glad you like it
Bl@derunner - thank you,
amnesia - ty for your nice award

WoW 2o awards

psykoman - thx, mate
RIPKE - thx for your great award
baguette-crusader - thank you very much, dude
Be@veR - díky
tchoflo60 - thx
Hubaner - thx for your award
=GT=Joe - thx for your award and help
Darryl - thanks, man
Junavara - thanks
waki - thx, mate

Incredible 3o awards

kappa - díky
Oldo - díkes
Markus10 - thx
HanZy - thx, mate
Hitch - ty
sk8freak - ty
BluEjAck - thx, glad you like it even if it's tech track
luap - thx
diplo - ty for great award
Larz -

Just AWESOME 4o awards

BanaaniHai - thx for your awesome award
Pepe - thx
ben75 - thx, m8
pHO - thx, nice time, dude
Wopz - thanks, mate
NoAir - ty
The'Flowin'Dino - thx
JooR - ty
frost - thx
Katagrama - ty

Never though this will happen, 5o awards

Quat - thx for your N° 51 - thx
prince10bee - thank you for your ridiculously awesome award
Mansemus -
Dawes - thx, dude
Panther - thx, mate
scourge_forge - thx for online award
Der Dude - ty
laguna - thx
meninocristian - ty for 6oth award

Only WOW, 6o awards

darkpuddle - ty, mate
SweSebbe - thx for your big award
jst_cuz - ty
Casper - díky
xxxbot - d
Goldmember - ty
waldfee - thx
k4chna - díky
uetzer - ty for cool award
DeViL - thx

Stunning, 7o awards

darK20 - thank you, great award
anetictac - ty
Cheater - thanks
publicPUBLIC -
LostGamer -
indy_air - ty
Zipperke - thanks
turbo_paule -
nolip - thanks for your great award
Benbe - ty for n80

8o awards

RookieAxe - ty
lightning - (deleted)
The Blizzard - thanks
NeeXuuS - thanks
witooZ - díky
Triple_shoot - thanks
qwerty - ty for your award
joke - dík
D4v1d - ty
vadecium -
KubaYz - thanks

9o awards

Raybuzzz - ty
rocket - glad you like it
Lainen - thx
xadlik - ty, glad you like it
WoodMan - ty
hildedewilde - thanks
Lncr-X - ty!
RockzZ - thx for n99
Showtime - woot
Gecko - ty


5. BOTW, 1o. BOTM, 31. BOAT, SHOWCASE, thank you all

126o dwns/1oo aws

  Takashi (-> In United forever) 14-Mar-2009
It took me 30 minutes to get that time ... Freakin' addictive track guys , cg for that one.
  TimeBreaker 05-Apr-2009
Talk in english, please
  Speedu 05-Apr-2009
Kind of stupid to choose this kind of track to showcase since this tracks has nice attention already.
But hey, dont want to start an arguement here

Anyways, congratz for showcase! Gotta try this one !
  Sharky^ 05-Apr-2009
Speedu, we chose this track after uploading on tmx, I had no idea it will get so many awards until showcased
  Honda-R 12-Jun-2009
Im the 60 !
Excelent TRACK ! My team will edit a video playing this track

???8 | Honda-R
  Sharky^ 12-Jun-2009
wow, thank you, I'd like to see that video when it's done
  Kachna 15-Sep-2009
OMG 100!!!! awards big grats. All of them are well deserved. Definitely one of the best track i ever play. thx and keep going
  Sharky^ 18-Oct-2009
Thanks List

Raptor - thx
Markof-Vaha - ty
Ivo? - thanks
PanK - ty, mate
eXtracT - it was something fresh back in times, thanks
KostjeN - thanks
GTX - ty for this awesome award
habichuelo - thanks
Sean - ty, mate

11o awards

Carl Jr. - sick time

5. BOTW, 1o. BOTM, 31. BOAT, SHOWCASE, thank you all

3413 dwns/113 aws

  GTX 17-Aug-2012
SICK bieber o.o
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User Awards
Showing 115 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Markof-Vaha 31-Dec-2009
WoW . Amazin Track .
Love The Song & The Style & The Speed ....
Im givin 6 out of 5 ...
Keep 'em goin pls
User Award   Pivo 13-Feb-2010
Amezing track
User Award   »panKey. 06-Mar-2010
great and my favorite map
User Award   eXtracT 21-Aug-2010
hmmm ... 106 awards, must have been a lucky upload time, no doubt the track si great, lovely curves, an easy ride, but maybe a tad overrated ... but hey? who cares, i still loved my drive (: well done brother

User Award   KostjeN´ 13-Sep-2010
User Award   GTX 14-Mar-2011
For sure one of the best tracks EVER!!!
User Award   habichuelo 28-Jun-2011
User Award   "Sean 13-Sep-2011
User Award   Shuffler 18-Mar-2012
nice track;)
User Award   ablazios 10-May-2012
One of the bests really

User Award   CvRk - old account 25-Jul-2012
User Award   dignitas/Carl Jr. 17-Aug-2012
User Award   "Dawe. 13-Apr-2013
one of the best maps!!
User Award   Ruva 03-Aug-2013
User Award   PokeR' 15-Apr-2020
i really like this one! well done
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