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Hi there
My name is Dušan (eng.; Dushan) ,
I come from Serbia
And I'm a TrackManiac for 10+ years now ^^


Contact Info
in-game: 123dule123
e-mail : dule.rama[at]

Facebook: Dušan Dulje Bireš
DeviantART: dulje

Fun Facts
Born : 2 February 1996
Location : Kovacica, Serbia
TM-er since : June 2005
TMX since : 28 March 2009

Team History
S!mple : 2006 ~ 2007
IN''' (International''') : 2008 ~ 2009
GSA : 15.07.2010 - 11.07.2012
SpeedFreakz (SF) - 01.11.2012 - ?

I was born in the capital city of Serbia; Belegrade,in February 2nd 1996 at 14:35h . I've been playing TM since my best friend introduced to me the old Track Mania Nations (ESWC) . I was playing alot of computer games that year,but that was the best game I ever expirianced. Me and my buddy were making alot of mini's...I grow up on the Swensen's mini's and I was quicly learning how to use the editor. After some time...precisely in spring of 2006 I was 1st time introduced to the MT Editor...that was something different. After almost a year of playing with the MT Editor...I finally discovered how to make some cool text effect ^^ Some moths later I watched some tutorials on Youtube about the GPS, and I learned that too (: And after that...I was discovering the MT and the basic game,so now in present I'm one of the best builders in my country...known for my mt and the maps themself ^^ I can say that I was self-teached track maniac...
Born to do this :3



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