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Just reached 200 Awards =)
Thx to all people who have been supporting me, especially Bladerunner, you're the man

My nickname is Fowst, I wont tell you my real name, but I live in Karlsruhe, Germany and I'm 21 years old.
I started playing Tm Nations when I was having some steaks in a allotment garden with some friends in 2008.
I started mapping on the same day =)

Since that time, I was very enthusiastic about mapping. Later in 2008 I had a 3 month offline time, where I also mapped a lot. Me and one good friend were playing a lot of hot seat in that time. I showed him the maps, and he liked most of them. I was mapping FS only at that point.
In April 2009 I entered TMX. I released all the tracks I found good at once, and first didnt get any Awards. I was at the Deepsilver forum, where I got my first Awards from. Then I discovered PPO and loved it. That was where I discovered the art of mapping tech tracks, that im mostly mapping today.

I've made my first duo track in July 2009, my partner was Bladerunner. I don't know if im just lucky, but working with him was very exciting, because we learned a lot from each other. Check out his account too!
We got a second duo track in progress, probably we'll hand it in as an ESL map.

This is our first duo, that was kinda successful because the good drivers liked it, but few weeks later, duo tracks were forbidden.
It took us about 2 weeks of building time and im very glad we could finally release it.
This track is one of the hard ones, because we both like it tricky. Check it out, either you'll love it or you'll hate it.

[FS]Losing grip by   Fowst meets Bladerunner

Currently in the beta area:

Fowstregel by   Fowst

Also try my some of my Techs:

Some tricky parts in here:
Cydonia by   Fowst

A shorty of my "Fowstech" Series:
Fowstech #3 by   Fowst

the first tech I made:
Circuit vs. Tarmac Tech by   Fowst

The fifth Fowstech, with huge jumps and some tricky slides and transitions:
Fowstech #5 by   Fowst

My longest tech track with 50 seconds of race time
ETeRn!tY by   Fowst

I dont like LOL tracks, go hate me kids....

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