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J a k e R a y

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12.15-2o13: JakeRay released his third track for the CCP: "CCP#15 - Gelid Anticipation"!
10.14-2o13: JakeRay posted about his gaming setup!
12.15-2o11: JakeRay released his second track for the CCP: "CCP#15 - Annual Traditions"!
o5.29-2o11: JakeRay made his 2nd donation for TMX.
o1.o4-2o11: JakeRay have beaten KarjeN with 0.01! xD
o1.o1-2o11: JakeRay released a Duo track with Hitchy: "Double Doze"
12.22-2o1o: JakeRay became an "silent" member of the 'P.H.C«.
12.15-2o1o: JakeRay released his track "CCP #15 - Spirit of Giving"
1o.1o-2o1o: JakeRay is updating his account page.

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I was born in 1995, 7th April, and now lives in a town called Elsinor (in danish: Helsingør), which is in the north-east of Denmark. My real name is Jacob, and I am currently taking my 3 years education in a Technical gymnasium. I like spending my free time on TrackMania, though I have lots of homework to do.

About TrackMania, I've been playing this since April 2009, and I haven't regret playing it for a single second. I love spending time on this beloved TM forum, and share thoughts and ideas, and funny moments with many fellow forummembers. I love being creative in this game, so I spend a lot of time creating tracks and make some MediaTracker. But away from that, I'm in a danish clan called Avitox.

I like making videos, though I'm not that good at it yet. You can catch up on some of my videos in My Videos thread.

You can also catch me in TM2 and MX, under the username "jakeray".

Originally posted by how busy am I? ...
o SeviceStatus: N/A - N/A project(s) - N/A week(s) of work.

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o Steam: JakeRay
o Skype: jakeray1995
o Email:
o YouTube: TheJakeRay

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o Tribute(s) for me:
"JakeRay« by   Dule"
"For » JakeRay « by   Verdin-"

o My Duo track(s):
"Double Doze by   Hitchy.JakeRay"
"Renovatio. by   JakeRay&Rafffi"

o TMX Collab tracks I've been a part of:
"Dirt - BASCO2014 by   BASCO2014"
"QuadCore by   TMX FriendZ"

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o My favourite authors:
  Star Productions

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