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I am F2theG (real name: Felix), I build tech tracks and my favourite builders are:

«Mr.Zogger: One of the few guys here whom I know a bit closer. He's always there, if I need help. Besides, he's a great techbuilder. I look up at him because of his mindblowing transitional tech tracks.

«Dadam: Impressive tracks, every release again. The most complete trackbuilder I know, masters the transitional and non-transitional track area, building scenery and creating everything which have to do with the mediatracker. I have no other choice than having respect for him. For me, he's the best trackbuilder of this time.

«spn: A true master in building transitional tech tracks. It's always a pleasure trying new tracks of him. He's my example when it comes to transitional tech tracks.

«Rafffi: Legend under cornstruction. One of the most creative brains I've encountered. He's responsible for 1 or more new transition with every single release.

«SapphiroN: Mainly known for his beautiful scenery skills. But also one of the greater track builders out there. Especially his platform tech tracks are of a extremely high quality. I consider him as a TM-God, and he surely is.


No. 16 by   F2.'P.H.C«


«"Follow The Glow by   dadm"

«"Before You Go! by   - ziE @ RIP TM <3"

«"Contact High by   Raffi"

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