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Hey guys

I was born on the 21st of september 1994 in a little place north in Norway, called Narvik, and later moved further south to a town called Kongsberg when I was around 3 years old.

In real life I am interested in sports like football, twintip (freestyle skiing and stuff) badminton, jumping around (parkour, free running etc).

A bad interest of mine is the urge for candy, soda and all kind of tasty, unhealthy stuff. I am not very hesistant to use money on candy unfortunaly, but in some way I don't get fat (which is a big mystery since I don't exercise regularly). Anyway: enough about that.

I am also, and mainly very interested in gaming; I've been gaming since I was like 8 years old when I first got my gameboy advance. I remember sitting out all day gaming pokemon and stuff with my friends (ahhh good times..)

When I was like 10-11 years I started playing Runescape where I after awhile convinced my parents to buy monthly membership. It resulted in me playing waaaay to much whenever I had the chance, instead of going out, so I was forced to quit.

In the age of 12 I started gaming World of Warcraft (in vanilla) where I got many of my irl friends to join. We had a lot of fun traveling around doing quests, instances and all kind of stuff. After having played WoW for some years, I chose to take a break since it influenced school in a bad way (was quite addicted.)

Now, I actually tried Trackmania for the first time after having visited a friend around the age of 12. I remember I was pretty terrible, and crashed in every possible fence I could crash in, but it didn't really bother me since I thought it was fun anyway. After a while I found Trackmania Exchange, and I started uploading some track (which didn't receive any awards or nothing) but I kept uploading for no particular reason (:

Then upon the years I've had alot of breaks out and in of Trackmania, but the game have always had a spot in my heart, and in the list of favourite games. It's just the thrill of hunting tracks, the great community (both ingame and of course on Tmx), and the fun of creating a innovative transition or just building that got me stuck with this game. The concept is genious, and the possibillities is endless!

My best tracks (imo):

1. "[128³ PF] »Pursuing Fear."
2. "» Hysteria"
3. "Watercolour."

My favourite authors in no particular order:

  eSU.shox Builds stunning transitions while still keeping the difficulty at a reasonable level.
  Joost»LT The transition inventer. This guy got the sickest transitions you'll ever find.
  pascow.esu Builds amazingly flowy and smooth fullspeeders.

Awards in average per track:

572 / 17 = 33,65

Small Tech Just_I 1

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