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...Services :

-I can test your tracks (LOL,RPG not included )*
-I can do scenery for you.*
-Earn Free Money !
* all of this are for free.


KoKo by   royale

About me

....HelLoO i'm royall and my real name is Memete Radu i'm 18 years old,i live in Romania,i like drinkin',smokin' ,play cards with my go on party's and get drunk .I [b]like romainian girls cause i think they are the most beautiful and sexy girls from around the world...hmm o yeah i like sleeping (is my 2nd love), then i like drinkin' cocktails especially Tequila Sunrise and Sex on the beach and yeah yeah btw i created a special pack here on inspired by combination of Summer and Cocktails if you wanna try it then download it(don't forget to leave a comment or maybe an award .So i think that now you know something about me .
....So about tmnf i play this game from november 2008 and i like it very much .I like tech tracks and some full speed tracks but transitional remains my love even i know that sometime i build hard tracks.


-1 st received from cranberries ( my dude,best from all )
-1o0 th received from -RáW-
-2o0 th received from Billyboy
-30o th received from marpua
-4o0 th received from hockolycyous
-50o th received from mD#Razor

-1 st given to cranberries
-1oO th given to The'Flowin'Dino
-2o0 th given to tzrighi

-30o th given to ns'maXimus



-cranberries : because his maps are really in one style....and that style is "cranny style".This guy have a personal type to build tracks !

-Natzke : as I love to build and play transitions track ... I can't forget this awesome guy with crazy transitionals ideas.

Special Tracks:

-Dedication track for the most creative engineer: Natzke "C r e a t i v e by   royale"

-Winner track (second place ) of Scenery Contest 3 : "SC3-royall by   royale"

-Duo Track with one of most creative builder Natzke : "| Regenesis |" (my first duo )

-Dedication track for my best dude: "cranberries" "» for¯_c®anberr!es º by   royale"

-Special track made for the best server: dfd.minizone: "for_dfd.Minizone by   royale"

-Special track made for my birthday on 21.10.2009 : "Voilà roy... by   royale"

-Tracks made under the name of our team exceed °°° :

..."exceed °°° Jetween' by   royale"

..."exceed °°° Momento by   royale"

..."exceed °°° Rienne by   royale"

-Pack's :

..."Summer Cocktail "

..."Touch me in the ... "

That's me ...

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