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Registered : 16-Apr-2008
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My best track (75 's)

This is Life. by   GSA|Cheet

Hi all
welcome to my accountpage

Name: Cheet
year of birth: 1992
Home Country: Germany

Played TrackMania for: almost 3 years
Member of GSA esports since: 09/2007
Member of .~ zT since: 12/2008
Completely inactive since: 08/2009

TMNF login (mapping only): cheet
TMUF login (driving online): bernie

.~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+.
I started playing TMN on LukesFunArena, a great server that contained fullspeed tracks mainly. So I played and played and with the time I got quite good at driving fs so I decided to join the GSA esports clan and later started hunting classic wr´s on tricky fullspeedtracks on TMN-X, always trying to improve myself. Moreover, I started to discover the editor and built about 10 simple fullspeedtracks. Then I started to learn sliding and had great fun with driving speedtech, too. When TMNF was released, I continued hunting on TMN-X for a while but of course people slowly left there so I had to change to TMNF, too (although I actually liked TMN better). First I didn´t really want to build TMNF tracks, but I continued because I slowly realized that the new editor offers some really great possibilities. At first I built some nice TMNF fullspeeders, and then I mainly created speedtech... always trying to get a perfect combination of flow, creativity, smoothness and difficulty. Having built several effortful tracks, I lost fun at creating new ones. In summer 09, I quit building and even driving, so I´m inactive ... at least for a very long time.

(classics: 4)

| speedtech |

"This is Life." (75 's)
"ForeVer cOmpaghT" (48 's)
"Monday´s Revenge" (41 's)
"Predatory" (41 's)

| fullspeed |

"Perfect Smoothness" (41 's)
"Flash Attack" (30 's)
"For Dave" (30 's)

| duo |
Takin´ Back by   GSA|Cheet + GSA|Joker

| The Big Brother Program |
I coached syian as a big brother, helping him create a well-flowing speedtech challenge. It was a great experience.. hard work but a lot of fun also. I think we got a great result and he definately improved himself
building thread

| Tributes to me |

"For Cheet" is a great speedtechie, created by carbonj thx alot!!
"For Dave, Cheet and Dynamite" is a really cool fs track, created by mikoto great one!!
"»DeL!c!ous?" is a brilliant tech/speedtech track, created by robble thaanks!!

| video |

greets from Germany!!

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