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I'm Simo from Finland.

Originally posted by Lovva ...
typical simo style. havent tried but saw video, too hard to me.

My newest track:
CCP#05 - [PR] Carol of the Bells by   simo_900

• youtube channel:
• my secondary account:   simo_9002
• TM Turbo account: simo_900
Transitional Building Competition hosted by me

I'm a proud winner of:

UCA 2013
Most creative mapper
UCA 2014
Most creative mapper
Epic track award with "Fasten Your Seatbelts"
Best RPG track of the year with "AquariaL [RPG] [CTC]"
Best fullspeed track of the year with "Fasten Your Seatbelts"
UCA 2015
Most creative mapper
Trackmania legend award
Best RPG builder
Best Trial builder
Best PX builder
Best trial track of the year with "Lavender Town [Trial]"
Best PX track of the year with "[PF] Principal Axis"
Best lol track of the year with "gravity -1"
UCA 2016
Most creative mapper
Best overall builder
Best Trial builder

All of my tracks: (oldest to newest)

Duo tracks:
"The Floating Island [RPG] by   reahx_simo"
"Nihkjyhiljkji-nijjhal by   simo_kill"
"CCP#25 - Go Home, Reindeer! by   Joost&Simo"
"[mtc] Slithering by   Joost&Simo"
"Taking the hobbits to Isengard by   reahx_simo"
"AquariaL [RPG] [CTC] by   igntul_simo"
"DTC4 - Initio Principatum by   Simo_&RaµL"
"- MTC - Aguateca - by   dismo"
"[PF] Pleiades Formation - MTC by   ChadoXSimo"
"The Floating Island II [RPG] by   reahx_simo"
"[PN] Proxima Nova by   simo_900 & ThunderClap448"
"Lavender Town [Trial] by   igntul_simo"
"MTC - Start Again by   Simo&DisGo"
"Deadlock [Trial] by   simo_manu"
"DTC5 - Origami. by   Simo & Dule"
"DTC5 - Artifact by   Simo & Sparco"
"[MTC] See you at the marketplace by   Trian & Simo"
"DTC6 - Galaxy Collapse. by   Simo & Dule"
"[PF] Skyline [1024x32x32] by   simo_900 & ThunderClap448"

Press X tracks:
"[PF] Principal Focus"
"[PF] Principal Axis"
"CCP#05 - [PR] Carol of the Bells"

FullSpeed tracks:
"[MTC] Hurricane"
"Frozen Mind"
"mtc « Pacific Rim."
"Narrow Minded"
"ibc « Neurotoxin."
"Cyclone [32x256x32]"
"mtc « Orbis."
"Structural Strength"
"mtc « Sky Fortress."
"Fasten Your Seatbelts"
"CCP#10 - Stargazing"
"mtc « Glacier White."
"Bird of Prey"
"mtc « Avalanche."
"CCP#15 - Constellations."
"CCP#20 - Snowy Rooftops."
"TDA - FullspeedE02"

Tech tracks:
"mtc « Horror Vacui."
"[SE] Spherized."

RPG tracks:
"~ Action ~"
"Neptunus [RPG]"
"Crusader [RPG]"
"JurassicaL 2"
"Dresden Codex [RPG]"

Trial tracks:
"Rainbow Tylenol [Trial]"
"cuberspace³ [Trial]"
"Black Cyalume [Trial]"
"Krakatindur [Trial-RPG]"
"Rainbow Tylenol 2 [Trial]"
"Final Enigma [Trial]"

Other tracks:
"[128³BW] Backwarped"
"[MTC] Unharmed"
"[Mtc] Creepers"
"- Survivor -"
"mtc « Android."

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