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Originally posted by Lovva ...
typical simo style. havent tried but saw video, too hard to me.

Caffeine [Trial] by   simo_900

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Authors who've inspired me the most:

"The Floating Island [RPG] by   reahx_simo"
"Nihkjyhiljkji-nijjhal by   simo_kill"
"CCP#25 - Go Home, Reindeer! by   Joost&Simo"
"[mtc] Slithering by   Joost&Simo"
"Taking the hobbits to Isengard by   reahx_simo"
"AquariaL [RPG] [CTC] by   igntul_simo"
"DTC4 - Initio Principatum by   Simo_&RaµL"
"- MTC - Aguateca - by   dismo"
"[PF] Pleiades Formation - MTC by   ChadoXSimo"
"The Floating Island II [RPG] by   reahx_simo"
"[PN] Proxima Nova by   simo_900 & ThunderClap448"
"Lavender Town [Trial] by   igntul_simo"
"MTC - Start Again by   Simo&DisGo"
"Deadlock [Trial] by   simo_manu"
"DTC5 - Origami. by   Simo & Dule"
"DTC5 - Artifact by   Simo & Sparco"
"[MTC] See you at the marketplace by   Trian & Simo"
"DTC6 - Galaxy Collapse. by   Simo & Dule"
"[PF] Skyline [1024x32x32] by   simo_900 & ThunderClap448"
"DTC7 - Hearts of Iron. by   Simo & Dule"
"Crimson Realm [Trial] by   simo_nixion"
"DECIMATION [Trial] by   simo_loe_nixion"
"DTC8 - Crestfallen. by   Simo & Arien"
"DTC8 - Extraction Zone. by   Simo & Dule"
"CCP#24 - Vivacious. by   Simo & Arien"
"2020 by   simo_loe"
"DTC9 - Circles of Death. by   Simo & Dule"

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