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... hope you njoy your stay ...

Name: Olli ...
Country: Germany ...
Age: 18
Icq: 455-032-311
Xfire: olli28011992

Latest Map:

Zero Grav!tY by   aQ » Alba.

Former Clans:

RF -> cgt -> tib -> worldreX. -> DiamondZ. -> nGine.


I´m part of a funclan, with my buddy DenSu, which is just driving online and at for fun, coz we don´t have that much time to practice and be prepared for some wars!
The Clan is called nGine. btw

My tracks [ 16 ] :

I try to variate a bit with the styles of my maps, but I have to admit that I love to build some nice tech, wr-hunting maps, which are all based on mud

Mud Maps [ 2 ] :

I´m really proud of those 2 maps coz I think they´re my best, besides somebody told me

Dirty Little Secret by   aQ » Alba.

Deliverance by   aQ » Alba.

Platform Tech TraXx [ 1 ] :

I´m really proud of it, although it seems a bit confusing at the first tries

Flying Solo by   aQ » Alba.

Huntin' TraXx [ 4 ] :

Good & Evil Series vs. Huntin' For Glory Series
One of them even became a classic

The Snitcher by   aQ » Alba.

Huntin' For Glory #2 by   aQ » Alba.

Huntin' For Glory #1 by   aQ » Alba.

The Heroine by   aQ » Alba.

The Villian by   aQ » Alba.

Tribute Maps [ 3 ] :

Three tribute maps to some rly nice guys and friendZ. Maybe some more will follow in the future

DenSaurus reX. by   aQ » Alba.

eXsebition by   aQ » Alba.

A Snake on Fire by   aQ » Alba.

Speed-Tech Maps [ 2 ] :

One of them is a classic and one is pretty good rated with 100 downloads and 30 s

Somebody told me by   aQ » Alba.

Vendetta by   aQ » Alba.

Competition TraXx [ 2 ] :

One for the o3. [1ooocc] Contest and the other one for the ESL

ESL - Espirito Santo by   aQ » Alba.

[1ooocc] Dirty Isle ~ by   aQ » Alba.

Fullspeed Maps [ 1 ] :

One Fullspeeder = One classic , nice aight?

Anima Libera by   aQ » Alba.

Duo TraXx [ 4 ] :

With some rly cool buddies

Tryin' to forget by   Alba_KwyK

Open your Mind by   Alba-CheZz

Into the Sunset by   Alba & Sebi

Once More by   alba_basshunter

Tribute Maps for me [ 5 ] :

Thank you so much for your nice maps, I really appreciate it and I feel very honoured

AlbaLicious by   Sebi.nGine | off

AlbaTross - Flyin' To The Sky by   topf

[bad track link]

For Alba by   Bubble

For a Good Friend ....... Alba by   Low-Cash

Screenshot Services [ 14 ] :

"Out with the Old by   eXtracT"

"Sunset Style by   Firwarre.F® - Inactive"

"Viva la Vida! by   Dutchy!"

"When The Sun Goes Down by   Danish"

"Surprise Always Get Us by   ThibzZz"

"LogiTECH by   MasterNic"

"TMX*Forever by   Low-Cash"

"German Tech by   Low-Cash"

"Evening Drift by   bazz"

"Mornin Hunt #1 by   bazz"

"Mornin Hunt #3 by   bazz"

"Mornin Hunt #5 by   bazz"

"Speed it up by   Acura&LowCash"

"Utopia by   Fytrim."

Regards Alba

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