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My name is Agidd.
The editor has always been the core of Trackmania for me. I see myself first and foremost as a builder, rather than a driver. I haven't been very active inside the TMX Community because I build my tracks mainly for my homeserver, Poets of the Sky. You can find it filed under Finland when online. Currently though I am taking part in a community project you'll see soon!
Anything to ask? PM me!

Sort of chronological confusion of my history here:

2008 - no tracks released
16.4 / TMNF is released and I register here. I deviate from the game for quite a while after old nations is "gone". I never manage to make myself publish a track here.

2009 - 17 tracks released
Exactly after a year, and after a few tryout tracks on my homeserver, Poets of the Sky, I activate a bit here. First track on...
16.4 - 6.8 / Lost season 5. Sixteen weekly tracks dedicated to my favourite TV show ever, which is running its fifth season as I release my tracks.
I enter for the September's MTC in honour of Poets of the Sky. Rest of the year goes by after putting so much of my creativity into the serie.

2010 - 23 tracks released
One single track on January as a warm-up for...
25.2 - 10.6 / Lost, season 6. Eighteen tracks continuing the last year's theme of Lost episodes. I had prepared in advance more this time, so the regular serie was more enjoyable to make this time.
More tracks released by the end of the year as I pick up my inspiration more quickly this time.

2011 - 11 tracks released
I had a more quiet spring here, due to my old laptop getting more and more unstable and unable of running the game. In August I was able to buy myself a new one, but I spent a whole year in the army from July on, so that kept me down as well, by a little.

2012 - 26 tracks released
Some tracks here and there during winter and spring, still in the army.
6.7 / Oh boy, here we go again. Freedom form the army and ability to make tracks whenever I feel like it.
I feel more inspired than in a long, long time. By the end of the year I start to have waaay too many tracks in stock. You see, I usually don't release more than a track per week. I start to plan on a new track serie outside of the Lost series for next year.

2013 - The final countdown?
11.1 - 23.3 / I released 11 new tracks under a uniting title, The Winter Wake.
The pressure of making a new series for my homeserver 3 years after the last one is personally high for me, but now that I've laid everything down in advance, I think I will provide something new with this project.
30.3 - 9.6 / After this, I released 12 more tracks, so that they now add up to a total of 100 tracks on Tmnf-X.
I became captain for the TMX Community Mini Tech '13, which I am quite excited about.

After this I am taking a long break from building, and maybe move on to TM2 Stadium.
I've given it some thought and it seems like a natural point for me to go on.
This game has given me so much and I've given much in return.

- Agidd -


Check my newest track:

Wild World by   Agidd

My duo track with Jonzy:
"Synergy by   jonzy_agidd"

Another ones with Jonttuuuuu:
"Serenity by   agidd & jonttu"
"Ferocity by   agidd & jonttu"

And a trio with the two guys!
"Trinity by   Agidd_Jonzy_Jonttu"

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