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Welcome to my personal page

-Real name: Cosmin.
-Nickname: nevermind.
-Age: 23.
-Location: Sibiu, Romania.
-Favorite environment: Stadium - driver and builder.
-Interview made by eK: Interview - Nevermind
-My first classic track: "Haunting by   MnM|nevermind'"


Tributes to me:

neVermind by   maximus

n v m by   DxMarillion'


Duo/Trio Tracks:

"Here We Go! by   nevermind_beat"
"Three Steps Closer by   sup-plac-nvm"
"DTC - Think Twice by   nevermind | calum"
"Piece Of Eden by   placket&nvm"

Tournament Tracks:

"TmT - Loud And Proud by   serbi_nvm"
"ESL - Over & Over by   MnM|nevermind'"
"TMM-Identity¬TC13. by   kappa_nevermind"
"TMM-Nevermind The Whiskey¬TC13. by   curto&nvm"
"TMM-Tessuto¬TC13. by   placket&nvm"
"LETMVI SkyNet by   MnM|nevermind'"
"FoM - Goatskirt by   curto.nvm"
"ESL - Headliner by   MnM|nevermind'"
"LETM VI Empathy by   MnM|nevermind'"
"PZ - MockingBird by   MnM|nevermind'"
"ESL - Beatdown by   dadous-nvm"
"STC9/NC8 - Unknown Soldiers by   nevermind&DrKris"
"PZ - Circulaire by   hubby.nvm"
"TmT - Close Call by   nvm-blix"
"TmT - Disturbed by   nevermind_beat"
"PZ - Papillon by   hubby.nvm"
"GC10tmn- Tumble by   placket&nvm"
"ID - 2day's Moments by   nvm.mikkel"
"ESL - Nowhere by   placket&nvm"
"Three Steps Closer by   sup-plac-nvm"
"TMM-Techno Beat¬TC12. by   nvm-blix"
"TMM-Sexy¬TC12. by   placket&nvm"
"CBLanparty - Immersion by   nvm-blix"
"ESL - Losing Hope by   nvm-blix"
"PZ - Upperhanded by   MnM|nevermind'"
"ID - Hangover by   MnM|nevermind'"
"ESL - MotionLess by   MnM|nevermind'"
"XLParty’’Junker by   MnM|nevermind'"
"SNTML - SpeedLane by   MnM|nevermind'"
"SNTML - Flash by   MnM|nevermind'"
"SNTML - Masquerade by   MnM|nevermind'"
"TMM - The Catalyst¬TC12. by   MnM|nevermind'"
"NGT-Electronic Symphony-A by   MnM|nevermind'"
"NGT-HellRaiser-B by   MnM|nevermind'"
"TMT - PainKiller by   MnM|nevermind'"

My Hunters:

"Endless Hunt '5 by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Endless Hunt '4 by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Endless Hunt '3 by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Endless Hunt '2 by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Endless Hunt '1 by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Heaven's Hellside by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Far From Home by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Don't Stop The Party by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Brain Twister by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Renovatio¬ by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Sunrise Feelings by   MnM|nevermind'"
"LostProphet by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Unleash The Fire by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Haunting by   MnM|nevermind'"

Tracks Built For TMX Competitions:

"IBC - TMX by   MnM|nevermind'" IBC 2013
"[5x5] Compressing . . . by   MnM|nevermind'" Superduper Builder Compo 2nd place
"tSC - Out Of Range by   MnM|nevermind'" (1st place)
"WBM'12.2 - nevermind' by   MnM|nevermind'" World Best Mapper 2012 R #2
"WBM '12.1 - nevermind by   MnM|nevermind'" World Best Mapper 2012 R #1
"FruitMania Forever by   MnM|nevermind'" (Superduper Builder Compo)
"Darkness by   MnM|nevermind'" (Superduper Builder Compo)
"BTB - Sounds Of Life by   MnM|nevermind'" Best Tech Builder 2012 (1st place)
"CCP#18 - Dat Reindeer by   MnM|nevermind'" Christmas Calendar Project 2012
"CCP#22 - Frozen Evening by   MnM|nevermind'" Christmas Calendar Project 2011
"MTC - Londinium by   MnM|nevermind'" November 2012 (1st place)
"MTC - Speedy Gringo by   MnM|nevermind'" June 2012 (1st place)
"MTC - Green & Blue by   MnM|nevermind'" April 2012 (5th place)
"MTC - Cooldown by   MnM|nevermind'" March 2012 (4th place)
"MTC - Fail Cake by   MnM|nevermind'" February 2012 (4th place)
"MTC - Diplomacy by   MnM|nevermind'" January 2012 (5th place)
"MTC - Compact Mini 1 by   MnM|nevermind'" December 2011 (3rd place)
"MTC - Compact Mini 2 by   MnM|nevermind'" December 2011 (3rd place)
"MTC - Compact Mini 3 by   MnM|nevermind'" December 2011 (3rd place)
"MTC - EyeBall by   MnM|nevermind'" October 2011 (2nd place)
"MTC - Hell Pole by   MnM|nevermind'" August 2011 (2nd place)
"MTC - Yellow Sunshine by   MnM|nevermind'" July 2011 (7th place)
"MTC - Cutting Edge by   MnM|nevermind'" June 2011 (5th place)
"Memories (MTC) by   MnM|nevermind'" March 2011 (4th place)

My PL Track:

"[PL] Pain Lovers by   MnM|nevermind'"

My Dirt Track:

"Dirty Morning by   MnM|nevermind'"

My Old School Series:

"Old School #5 - Tribute by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Old School #4 by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Old School #3 by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Old School #2 by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Old School by   MnM|nevermind'"

My Full Speed Tracks:

"[FS] New Republic by   MnM|nevermind'"
"[FS] Echoes From The Dark by   MnM|nevermind'"
"[FS]SpeedFury by   Shadow-OFF"

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