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Welcome to my personal page

-Real name: Cosmin.
-Nickname: nevermind.
-Age: 23.
-Location: Sibiu, Romania.
-Favorite environment: Stadium - driver and builder.
-Interview made by eK: Interview - Nevermind
-My first classic track: "Haunting by   nevermind"


Tributes to me:

neVermind by   maximus

n v m by   DxMarillion'


Duo/Trio Tracks:

"Here We Go! by   nevermind_beat"
"Three Steps Closer by   sup-plac-nvm"
"DTC - Think Twice by   nevermind | calum"
"Piece Of Eden by   placket&nvm"

Tournament Tracks:

"TmT - Loud And Proud by   serbi_nvm"
"ESL - Over & Over by   nevermind"
"TMM-Identity¬TC13. by   kappa_nevermind"
"TMM-Nevermind The Whiskey¬TC13. by   curto&nvm"
"TMM-Tessuto¬TC13. by   placket&nvm"
"LETMVI SkyNet by   nevermind"
"FoM - Goatskirt by   curto.nvm"
"ESL - Headliner by   nevermind"
"LETM VI Empathy by   nevermind"
"PZ - MockingBird by   nevermind"
"ESL - Beatdown by   dadous-nvm"
"STC9/NC8 - Unknown Soldiers by   nevermind&DrKris"
"PZ - Circulaire by   hubby.nvm"
"TmT - Close Call by   nvm-blix"
"TmT - Disturbed by   nevermind_beat"
"PZ - Papillon by   hubby.nvm"
"GC10tmn- Tumble by   placket&nvm"
"ID - 2day's Moments by   nvm.mikkel"
"ESL - Nowhere by   placket&nvm"
"Three Steps Closer by   sup-plac-nvm"
"TMM-Techno Beat¬TC12. by   nvm-blix"
"TMM-Sexy¬TC12. by   placket&nvm"
"CBLanparty - Immersion by   nvm-blix"
"ESL - Losing Hope by   nvm-blix"
"PZ - Upperhanded by   nevermind"
"ID - Hangover by   nevermind"
"ESL - MotionLess by   nevermind"
"XLParty’’Junker by   nevermind"
"SNTML - SpeedLane by   nevermind"
"SNTML - Flash by   nevermind"
"SNTML - Masquerade by   nevermind"
"TMM - The Catalyst¬TC12. by   nevermind"
"NGT-Electronic Symphony-A by   nevermind"
"NGT-HellRaiser-B by   nevermind"
"TMT - PainKiller by   nevermind"

My Hunters:

"Endless Hunt '5 by   nevermind"
"Endless Hunt '4 by   nevermind"
"Endless Hunt '3 by   nevermind"
"Endless Hunt '2 by   nevermind"
"Endless Hunt '1 by   nevermind"
"Heaven's Hellside by   nevermind"
"Far From Home by   nevermind"
"Don't Stop The Party by   nevermind"
"Brain Twister by   nevermind"
"Renovatio¬ by   nevermind"
"Sunrise Feelings by   nevermind"
"LostProphet by   nevermind"
"Unleash The Fire by   nevermind"
"Haunting by   nevermind"

Tracks Built For TMX Competitions:

"IBC - TMX by   nevermind" IBC 2013
"[5x5] Compressing . . . by   nevermind" Superduper Builder Compo 2nd place
"tSC - Out Of Range by   nevermind" (1st place)
"WBM'12.2 - nevermind' by   nevermind" World Best Mapper 2012 R #2
"WBM '12.1 - nevermind by   nevermind" World Best Mapper 2012 R #1
"FruitMania Forever by   nevermind" (Superduper Builder Compo)
"Darkness by   nevermind" (Superduper Builder Compo)
"BTB - Sounds Of Life by   nevermind" Best Tech Builder 2012 (1st place)
"CCP#18 - Dat Reindeer by   nevermind" Christmas Calendar Project 2012
"CCP#22 - Frozen Evening by   nevermind" Christmas Calendar Project 2011
"MTC - Londinium by   nevermind" November 2012 (1st place)
"MTC - Speedy Gringo by   nevermind" June 2012 (1st place)
"MTC - Green & Blue by   nevermind" April 2012 (5th place)
"MTC - Cooldown by   nevermind" March 2012 (4th place)
"MTC - Fail Cake by   nevermind" February 2012 (4th place)
"MTC - Diplomacy by   nevermind" January 2012 (5th place)
"MTC - Compact Mini 1 by   nevermind" December 2011 (3rd place)
"MTC - Compact Mini 2 by   nevermind" December 2011 (3rd place)
"MTC - Compact Mini 3 by   nevermind" December 2011 (3rd place)
"MTC - EyeBall by   nevermind" October 2011 (2nd place)
"MTC - Hell Pole by   nevermind" August 2011 (2nd place)
"MTC - Yellow Sunshine by   nevermind" July 2011 (7th place)
"MTC - Cutting Edge by   nevermind" June 2011 (5th place)
"Memories (MTC) by   nevermind" March 2011 (4th place)

My PL Track:

"[PL] Pain Lovers by   nevermind"

My Dirt Track:

"Dirty Morning by   nevermind"

My Old School Series:

"Old School #5 - Tribute by   nevermind"
"Old School #4 by   nevermind"
"Old School #3 by   nevermind"
"Old School #2 by   nevermind"
"Old School by   nevermind"

My Full Speed Tracks:

"[FS] New Republic by   nevermind"
"[FS] Echoes From The Dark by   nevermind"
"[FS]SpeedFury by   Shadow-OFF"

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