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Hi, I´m portuguese and my name is António Pedro but everybody calls me ant (not the animal, xD: ant=diminutive from antonio)
I make every kind of tracks but Right now I´m tired of building tracks so I build less often but I still build tracks
If you want me to play your track, just send PM, I just don´t want to play boring tracks, just tracks under 10 minutes(maximum)

Some informations about me::

António Pedro
Country: Portugal
Team: |'P.H.C«
My track style: Press Forward, RPG, LOL, Fullspeed, I will start to build other styles but not yet!!
Favourite authors: ~ HAKIM ~, Ivica, zdevo, etc.

A Video! of "[PF]Funky!!! by   antpedro100" by   kimbro! Thnkx,

My birthday is at 1st March!! So if u wanna make something.....

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More than 500 rating points in my account

Best LB Scores:
75348 in "Living for the Moment by   GodofWar"
72289 in "Dream is Collapsing by   kimbro"
70552 in "SuIte» by   «PasSion™"
70306 in "[PF] The Iron Fire-Rock by   darkpuddle"

Try my tracks if u want!

My Top tracks:

[PF]Funky!!! by   antpedro100

[FS]Natural Feeling! by   antpedro100

[PR]Puncher!! by   antpedro100

[RPG]Kaffa by   antpedro100


"[PR]Pole contRol by   antpedro100"
"[Px]Psycho by   antpedro100"
"[PL]Fresh Start by   antpedro100"
"[PR]HighSpot by   antpedro100"
"[PR]Pregant Ramadan by   antpedro100"
"You´re almost There! by   antpedro100"
"Brand New! by   antpedro100"
"Going back is a wholle lotta fun by   antpedro100"
"Up & Down(BIG) by   antpedro100"
[bad track link]
"Too cool for this world :D by   antpedro100"
"Jesus In a Blender!!! by   antpedro100"

My favourite tracks:

[PF] ReRupture by   Zenit

[PF] Ph/\ntom Fake by   » Ptitnono.F®

[Px] Wörld (BMP) by   Ongrid.xT

I have a life outside TMX, i just cant remember the password,

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