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Why does time fly when you're doing something you love but stand-still when you're doing something you hate? Because life was meant to suck. LOL, JK What should I put here? I love this game. <---I think that'll do.

Update: About me

A = 24 (d.o.b april 1987)
S = M
L = U.S.A

Online Gamertag = Kang420 (I'm not in a clan)

Hair = Brown
Eyes = Green
Height = 6'2"
Race = Caucasian (white)
Skin = Tan
Pretty average looking huh.

Fav New gen authors
#1 Ivica
#2 V.neck
#3 nlpwf
#4 C4 Freak.xT - this guy can be a beast when he wants to, but some of his tracks are a hit and miss thing with me, i've been deemed the picky one here i guess. Try ".Arctic Storm«" if you like afreaka, this is my fav track from freak.
#5 Pascow

Fav Authors before new gen of transitional tracks
#1 Ganjarider
#2 Zhuckar
#3 Defacer
#4 Sebi (can't remember exact name, think 2007)
#5 Shanki

Fav track

Afreaka by   iv!ca' :O

Most played oldschool track
Freeze My fire by   Zhuckar

Other games:
Armadillo Run - try this game if you love the editor in TM. It's a physics game thats so fun.
Just cause 2

Many more

Other facts about me: I'm generally lighthearted, and I speak fluent English. In fact it's the only language i do speak, i understand if you do not speak fluent English it may be hard at times to determine what is sarcasm and what isn't. Chances are, when you laugh at me for being stupid, i laugh at you for taking me literal when i was being sarcastic. Call it a language barrier, but plz Watch for that I'm no hater

Feel free to pm me and tell me what a fag loser or awesome guy i am. It's all good. Now you know a little more about me, and i hope you learned what you came here for. Now leave muh page and stop stalkin meh.

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